Target Rich Environment 2 out today! (and I’ve got a new story in Freehold Resistance out now)

The 2nd volume of my short fiction collection–and the greatest cover in the history of all books–is out today!  Stories from MHI, Grimnoir, Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, Aliens, Predator, Joe Ledger, and more!

Yes. That is my wife.  🙂

And while you are there, I also have a story in the new Freehold Resistance anthology.  When a planet that has a professional duelist association is taken over by the UN, all the duelists are put out of work. Hilarity ensues.

The MHI Role Playing Game is on sale now, and I have a book signing in Utah tomorrow
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16 thoughts on “Target Rich Environment 2 out today! (and I’ve got a new story in Freehold Resistance out now)”

  1. Mine arrived this morning, looking forward to it.

    (And we still need some moster hunter young adult novels for my kids, hint hint)

  2. With Noir Fatale getting an audio version I was hoping I’d see one for this release as well. Is it safe to assume there won’t be one this time?

  3. Just downloaded the December Baen Bundle, got Target Rich Environment 2 AND Freehold Resistance. Yay!

    Monster Hunter Guardian is still not there →
    with the rest of your books.

    1. Fine fine- added just for you!
      Every single time I update it, he just comes out with more. Say what you like about Larry, but he IS quite prolific…
      (Also added Target Rich Environment 2 and Freehold Resistance) 🙂

      1. Every single time I update it, he just comes out with more.

        Could be worse. Could be John Ringo!

        Or would you rather work on a web site for a certain other author, still writing the same book after more than 10 years? It would be a much easier job.
        Dukhat: “I have never known the truth or Delenn to speak only when it is appropriate.”

  4. I was reading this story ( ) on the narwhal melee weapon , recently used in London, when I noticed photo in the article included MHI logo 6-sided gaming dice. Sorry I can’t load the photo. Where did these come from? Have never seen these in the CorreiaTech store. These are almost as nice as the MHI logo ammo produce not long ago.

    1. Those would be from one of the wonderful Monster Hunter International Role Playing Game Kickstarters I do believe. Noble Knight Games.

  5. I was unsure on the greatness of the cover of TRE II based on your posts. I mean, not a bad cover by any means, but great??

    Got my copy today – my apologies for doubting the cover’s greatness. I didn’t realize Wendell was on the back.


    By the way, is Invisible Wars only out in Paperback? I can’t find it in Book Depository (sulk) but Amazon only has paperback (and for Larry’s books, I want hardcover, because of how I reread his stuff. Just in case I missed something. I’ll pay the “Wrong side of the world, sucker!” shipping happily.

    Also, the Kickstarter package arrived, just in time for me to wrap stuff up for Christmas. I can’t WAIT to see my son’s face when he sees the challenge coin and patch I got him ^o^ Had a yipes moment when he offered to open it up for me earlier today.

  7. Is there a collection of the Tombs and Santos stories somewhere? Or where to find each of them? Loved Son of Fire, Son of Thunder and want to know how it all ends.

  8. I agree with TL. Has Steve Diamond written other Tombs & Santos stories? Didn’t see anything in Amazon. Know you’re working with him on a novel, but in a different “universe”.

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