The Audiobook for Sakura is out now!

The audiobook for Sakura is out now!

I Book Bombed this one back when it came out in print. It is an awesome read.

This was my buddy Zach’s final book. He passed away suddenly just after finishing the rough draft. His good friends Pat Tracy and Paul Genesse finished the book for him and then put in a ton of effort to make sure it saw the light of day. All proceeds go to Zach’s widow.

I just used a credit on it myself but I’ve not listened to any of it yet. I loved the regular book though.

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4 thoughts on “The Audiobook for Sakura is out now!”

  1. Hmm. I guess you filter URLs.

    Someone has what’s clearly a first paperback printing of Monster Hunter: Grunge, with an interesting misprint. Spine is Monster Hunter: Nemesis.

    Contact me for the link to the image. If you you and Ringo want to make an offer, I’m sure the owner will be interested.

    I wonder how many of those managed to get sold before it was caught.

    1. Yes, a bunch of those got out. Most of them were snatched up by collectors. Might be worth something at some point, but right now there were enough sold that I doubt the value is all that high.

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