Mr. Trashbags & Cuddlebunny T-Shirts

Hi all- Jack Wylder here.
The stars have finally aligned and we can finally share the latest- the Mr. Trashbags & Cuddlebunny T Shirt!
Available for a limited time (this time).

We’re only going to take orders this week before we shut this design down, but only temporarily– the design WILL be back! (This week is just for folks who want them before Christmas.)
Of course, we can’t make any promises- we’re confident, but not stupid.

Target Rich Environment 2 out today! (and I've got a new story in Freehold Resistance out now)
The Audiobook for Sakura is out now!

18 thoughts on “Mr. Trashbags & Cuddlebunny T-Shirts”

      1. Jack, have you considered the flat rate envelopes? They’ll enable youth shave a couple bucks off of the shipping price. Downside is, you’ll probably be able to maybe fit two shirts in them, depending on size.

  1. I wish that he could’ve met Mr. Stricken. But alas, Stricken is so good at manipulation and Mr. Trashbags is so simple that he would’ve been putty in his hands. Maybe Agent Franks is going to meet him sometime?

  2. I love it! There really is a resemblance to the Calvin and Hobbs drawing style and that just adds to the appeal!

  3. Doesn’t anyone see that Mr. Trashbags has kind of a ” phallicy ” look to him/it/whatever? Love the shirt. Just saying.

  4. There is currently a game called ‘Carrion’ in development where it’s a ‘reverse horror’ game. That is, you play the monster; an amorphous blob creature trying to escape while devouring those who imprisoned you.

    The reason I bring it up is because currently on Steam there is a a discussion about what to name the monster. I have suggested ‘Mr. Trashbags’ in homage to the Julie’s favorite shoggoth. It’s an unofficial thread so it’s unlikely to become the canon name. But it might be fun to have a few other Steam users from here post in the thread and raise awareness of the MHN. 🙂

  5. Doh, I forgot to ask the main question I had. Is there a way to get a print (suitable for hanging) or maybe even a custom shirt printing if I were to supply the shirt? (I tend to wear overly large shirts not available in virtually all shirt shops)

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