Number One in Customer Service, new Tom Stranger audiobook narrated by Adam Baldwin available for preorder now

The new Tom Stranger is available for preorder on Audible now.

This one is a complete collection. It has three new stories, and also includes the first two. Adam Baldwin narrates once again, and they even got me to record the introduction.  Don’t worry, you only have to listen to my goofy voice for the first few minutes. 🙂

New Adventures of Tom Stranger, narrated by Adam Baldwin, out today!
Target Rich Environment 2 eARC out now!

16 thoughts on “Number One in Customer Service, new Tom Stranger audiobook narrated by Adam Baldwin available for preorder now”

  1. I’m sure the goofy voice is only because you’re translating into English from Manatee. Wasn’t Wendell originally slated for that?

    I need to raid the change jar for this. November surprises, AKA adventures in home ownership.

  2. I must admit that the idea of the author reading part of their book makes me cringe. Probably trauma from listening to Ray Bradbury read Farenheit 451. Dude could write, but his voice was awful to listen to.

  3. Larry,
    I was priveledged to meet you a couple years ago. It was at a Portland book signing you did.

    I’m the guy that sent you the Polar Bear/ 4-31 Infantry pics from the Russian expedition.

    Anyway, I’ve played the Tom Stranger audiobooks for friends and co-workers.
    Every time resulted in more purchases.

    Already preordered. Looking forward to making you more sales.

    This book is gonna be awesome.

  4. Are the new ones the same length as the previous stories? I’m curious what percentage of the book is new content. Also, do you know if this is going to be the last of Tom Stranger?

    1. This had better not be the last of Tom Stranger.
      Much as I like MHI (and it’s the only current series I buy on release), Tom Stranger is actually better – and Adam Baldwin was perfect for the voicing – I hear this every time “You know what the chain of command is? It’s the chain I go get and beat you with ’til ya understand who’s in ruttin’ command here.”

      Tom Stranger is so good even my lefty retired teacher Mom loves it (and I’ll bet it’s cathartic as all hell to write), as did my adoptive father green beret sniper (who passed earlier this year, and so doesn’t get to hear it).

      Funnily enough, my wife (who’s said she’s very glad Mr Trashbags came out alright last night – she’s a bit behind on release dates) doesn’t really like it.

      3.5 year old twins sure do though.

  5. I stumbled upon a recording of Roger Zelazny narrating “Courts of Chaos” recently. This was the first time an author sounded exactly like I imagined they would.

    1. His reading of the Amber series is great (except for 10, which he didn’t get to in time, unfortunately), but A Night in the Lonesome October is his beast audio reading, IMHO.

  6. Way off topic but I just got a copy of “Blood Heir” by Amelie Wen Zhao in the mail. I’d forgotten that I’d ordered it.
    Maybe you remember Larry’s mammoth rant about what happened to her (/2019/01/31/to-the-book-community-go-fuck-yourself-an-anti-apology).
    Haven’t looked yet to see if she rewrote it to satisfy the scolds (as if they can ever be satisfied).

  7. Really enjoyed the story and especially Adam Baldwin’s outstanding narrating – really love his voice acting – you should make him read all your new books/stories !!

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