15 thoughts on “Target Rich Environment 2 eARC out now!”

  1. Rules for Survival at MHI/MCB:
    1. PMS jokes – female werewolves – bad mix.
    2. Ditto any jokes involving the word “bitch”.
    3. The word “juggle”, and any conjugation thereof, is never to be in the same sentence as a reference to any firearm.
    4. Not allowed to invoke Rule 3, on Rule 3.
    Further jokes to come when I can think of them (if this is the right place for them).

    1. Yeah, they would be on the pro-monster side, wouldn’t they?

      “Earl, there’s a monster attack at PETA headquarters! Who should we send?”


      “I’m thinkin’…”
      Everything the Democrats do makes perfect sense once you realize that they have given up on getting people to want to vote for them, and are putting all their efforts into making people afraid to vote against them.

        1. I wouldn’t count on that.


          “What part of the building are they hitting?”

          “The one with the freezers holding all the animals that were euthanized rather than put up for adoption.”

          “… Yeah, I think I’m feeling down today, maybe we should just wait for the MCB to clean up. Just shoot anything and anyone coming out.”


          “Well… they might be infected or… something.”

          “Riiight. Can’t be too safe these days”.


          Really, PETA somehow manages to comprise everything wrong with the left. And, much like the left, they’re so past self-awareness about it, they’re just digging themselves deeper since it’s the only way they know.

          As for the cover… might I hope that Volume III will include a certain Krasnovian Waffle Hound happily gnawing on, say, some dinosaur’s femur… still attached to the rather unfortunate dinosaur?

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