13 thoughts on “Simon Says by Bryan Thomas Schmidt”

  1. Oddly enough, when I went to the Amazon page, and ordered the kindle version… it suggested “Hyperion” to me. That made me chuckle.

  2. Can you do a ask me anything on funnyjunk? Just set up an account, (you don’t even need an email for that), make a post announcing it, then in the comments section, type my username, privatejack, and I’ll let people, who I know are fans, know what’s going down.

  3. Curse you, Larry. My ‘To Read’ list is never going to get shorter if you keep doing things like this.

  4. Off topic, but good:


    Free novel. I am about 5 chapters in. The reason for the fermi paradox is that Terra is a level 12 deathworld. No one in his right mind would even land.

    Poisonous pollen plants? Insects? Animals that kill? How in the hell do plants evolve poison? Shudder.

    1. “Deathworlders” is loads of fun, and addictive. The scene where the Hunters attack the hockey game (early on in the series) is just hilarious.

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