September Update Post

Okay, lots of stuff going on this month.

Usually I link to my blog posts on Facebook, but I’ll just have to count on you guys to share this one for me because I caught another 72 ban.

It wasn’t even for my last blog post where I once again point out that Mike Glyer is a scumbag parasite shit weasel. It was for a brief post the night before, after Jesse told me the idiots were talking about me on File 770 again, I tagged Richard Fox, and asked for the details of Glyer pirating him. All I said was “Glyer needs to learn to keep my name out of his whore mouth”.

Boom.  Reported for hate speech. 😀

These people are very predictable.  As I’ve said before the biggest difference between the right and the left in America is that the left wants to silence everyone who disagrees. The right wants the left to keep talking so you can see how crazy they are.

On that note, if you haven’t yet, read through the comments of the last blog post. The only reason I haven’t banned the extremely unctuous Canyonero Featherduster yet is whenever he shows up to debate (in a place where he can’t later go back and edit his comments) he is a wonderful display of just how full of shit his side is.  Rule #1 of Internet Debate, you don’t do it for your opponent, you do it to sway the audience.  His worm tongue nature shows how scummy they are far better my blog post ever could.

EDIT: I just realized what today is! But apparently at File 770, every day is Talk Like a Pirate Day! 😀 

So, now onto the update:

Book Stuff 

I’ve got two releases coming up soon, both of which I’ll put up their own Amazon preorder post shorty.

Invisible Wars is the omnibus collection of all three Dead Six novels (Dead Six, Swords of Exodus, and Alliance of Shadows) that I wrote with Mike Kupari. It will be out October 1st.

That series is my least known work, I think mostly because they get stuck in with the thrillers all by themselves, instead of with the rest of my stuff over in sci-fi and fantasy. But they are really good. Think thieves vs. mercenaries fighting each other in the shadows in a 3rd world country that is melting down into a military coup. And the series just gets crazier from there.

I write one character (Lorenzo) and Mike writes another (Valentine) and it’s these two poor bastards on opposing sides, trying to kill each other, because they are both pawns of these gigantic global conspiracies. We had a lot of fun with it too. Basically Lorenzo works for the organization that is every right wing conspiracy nut’s worst nightmare, and Valentine works for the organization that is every left wing conspiracy nut’s worst nightmare… Only if you’ve been watching the news for the last few years, we got way too much stuff right, so maybe those guys aren’t nuts after all.  😀

Target Rich Environment 2 will be out December 3rd. This is the second volume of my collected short stories, and has quite possibly the best cover ever due to the presence of the Lovely Mrs. Correia in a fur bikini.

I kid you not.  But even without the cover it’s a collection of a bunch of really fun stories from my various universes and some belonging to other IPs. It has Agent Franks teaming up with Joe Ledger, stories from Aliens, and Predator (but not Aliens & Predator!), a Warmachine novella, more MHI, more Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, more Grimnoir, one of my first short stories ever Son of Fire, Son of Thunder, AND TOM STRANGER 2: A MURDER OF MANATEES.

The eARC for TRE2 is available from Baen right now:

On the writing front, my deadline for Destroyer of Worlds is October 31st. I am working on that currently. This is the 3rd book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, and picks up a few months after the end of House of Assassins. It is bad ass.

Then I need to do a short story for the Libertycon Anthology that Baen just announced, in honor of the amazing Uncle Timmy Bolgeo, who was a great guy.

After DoW is done I will be turning all of my attention to the sci-fi collaboration with John Brown. John, being a professional, has been done with his first part and waiting patiently for me to do my thing. Building a house, moving, and fixing the old house to sell it has put me several months behind where I should be for the year.  But John is a good dude, super talented, and I am really excited to dive into this one (think space pirates who specialize in stealing giant fighting robots).

After that I’ve got a really cool top secret project that I can’t tell any of you about. 😀

I’ve got another collaboration pending too, and that’s the Steve Diamond, dark fantasy, WW1 eastern front with fairy tale magic project.

After that I’m not sure which project I will be working on, but I’ve got a giant pile of contracts to fill. (basically when my contract pile starts getting low, Toni calls, and says, hey Larry, what else are you excited about?) There is lots more MHI, more Forgotten Warrior, and another whole Grimnoir trilogy (starting in 1954, Bombshell in Noir Fatale and Tokyo Raider in TRE2 are previews of that one)

Related to Book Stuff 

The new Savage Worlds MHI RPG is ALMOST DONE! Yay! Everybody involved in that has been getting the update emails, so you know where we are at. Very soon you should have the books in hand. I’ve got my proof copy. It looks phenomenal. And the Savage Worlds Kickstarter is fulfilling now, so I just got my core book from them a little while ago.

Vault Books still has some of the leatherbound, numbered, Hard Magics available. They are working on Spellbound now. It is truly the best looking book I have ever seen. I sold a bunch of them at Salt Lake ComicCon last week because everybody who touched the demo copy wanted one… until they saw that really fancy books cost more than the regular books. 😀

Personal Stuff – Krasnovian Waffle Hound Edition

Having just gone through a very busy period of life, with building, moving, and selling houses, we said, life is starting to calm down again… I KNOW. LET’S GET A PUPPY.

Sure, I know it has been three years of chaos, buying a big chunk of land, developing it, roads, wells, miles of trenches, and then building a gigantic friggin’ house, and then moving all our crap, and then fixing up the old house, you know what would be really amazing? Sleep deprivation. 

He is Faust, the Krasnovian Waffle Hound. At 8 weeks old, he is 3 pounds of vicious Krasnovian fury, born and bred to hunt down Pinelanders. But until he finds any Pinelanders, he spends his time waking up at really weird hours of the night needing to go outside to poop, and attacking our shoes.

If you’ve seen the pics and videos I’ve put on Facebook (at least when I’m not banned because telling the truth about China Mike is “hate speech”) Faust is adorable. Luckily he is even adorable enough to make up for the fact that potty training a puppy is a giant pain in the ass.  And last night he actually slept from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM, which is most uninterrupted sleep I or Bridget have gotten in the last two weeks, which was AMAZING.

How his name came about is kind of funny. My youngest son really wanted a German Shepherd. This dog is a mutt. Meaning his dad is a poodle, and his mom was an Australian Shepherd. So we told my son that the Shepherd part of Shepherdoodle, meant GERMAN Shepherd (obviously). So when we got him, my boy insisted that he needed a proper German name. Which made us list off all of the proper German names we knew for the ride home, such as Blitzkrieg, Rammstein, Luchs, Murder Turtle, Hetzer (gonna Hetz), Klaus, Fritz, etc. When older son threw out Panzerfaust, that kind of stuck, and got shortened down to Faust.

So now I have a 3 pound puppy whose name means Armor Fist.  Hopefully he will continue letting me sleep, because I’ve got books to write.

Another Example of Why Facebook is the Abusive Trailer Park Husband of the Internet
Not a Book Bomb, but the next book in a series I Book Bombed just came out

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  1. All the book information is great… but the puppy is the BEST!!! Thanks for sharing! Also… is the Warmachine Novella part of or off of, the Malcontent series? Because the Malcontents were AWESOME and I want more!!

      1. I’m very partial to all the Warmachine material you have written, though sadly with the rule changes to the game, I don’t play as much any more. Bu I love the fluff and the Iron Kingdoms TTRPG.

        P.S. All German dogs must have German names. Its like a rule or something. Our black and tan dachshunds (I refuse to say ‘dashhounds’) are named Fritz and Siegfried. And they are mighty warriors who are much longer than they are tall.

  2. Feel ya on the dog. I got a Siberian Husky puppy at the beginning of 2018. And, after having my couch destroyed over a year ago, I finally replaced it.

    I will say, that since I got back from my deployment, he’s been extremely well-behaved, which is nice.

  3. Well, good luck on the puppy front. Even though I foster rescue dogs I have a firm NO PUPPIES rule.

    If you consider crate training him, put the crate in someone’s bedroom. Dogs are social animals and need to be with their pack. But I’m sure you’re getting bombarded with puppy raising advice. Sorry about your shoes.

    1. I’m just waiting for the inevitable “Life of Faust” updates.
      That and the “Dad and the Dog” memes. Such as:

      Dad: *wants to sleep and write awesome books*
      Family: *gets dog anyway*
      Dad and the Dog: *dad sleeps, dog sleeps on top of dad*

      But yeah, good luck with all the challenges of dog ownership, I hope you either have tiles or waterproof floorboards… and a ton of spare mop sponges.

  4. Sir, I must respectfully request one thing from you (and your lovely wife:) You and her need to, in person, recreate the cover of TRE2 at Dragon Con 2020. My wife and I (planning to cosplay as MHI Hunters,) will provide security…

    As for the dog, wait’ll he gets older and stops going for shoes and instead goes for things like…
    The couch (our previous dog, since gone to the Green Lands, ate a couch cushion, and she was only ~25lbs of mutt)

  5. As a mechanic, and former rock drummer, I have one of the foulest mouths around, and nothing offends me. That being said, I was disappointed to read your vulgar vitriol in recent postings. It’s too late to do anything about it since the internet is forever, but I’ve always thought of you as an articulate, thoughtful, well spoken individual. Your post on gun control several years ago is one I still refer to when the debate comes up, although I avoid that like the plague now. But, all credibility is erased when you post like you have lately. It puts you in the category of name calling, and while I think it’s absolutely hilarious, it really makes you sound petty and weak. Sure, you can come up with irreverent and awesome analogies, but wouldn’t it have been better to take the high road? These people have won, they’ve gotten to you. Instead of ignoring them, rising above them, you have sunk to their level and accomplished nothing except damaging your reputation, in my opinion. But like I said, it’s too late to do anything about it now. Just makes me sad, in a way.

    1. Bite me, Word Cop. 😀

      As I’ve said a great many times (because I have gotten sanctimonious posts like this hundreds of times now), as a professional writer, words are just tools in my tool box. Different jobs require different tools. Trying to articulate a complex legal issue and aiming it at the masses, I use different tools. When talking about Mike Glyer the main tool you needs is a plunger to get the clogged shit to go down.

      Also, since I’ve been using profanity whenever I feel appropriate, and I’ve been blogging for over a decade, you either haven’t been paying attention, or you’re just another concern troll. Either way, behold my field of fucks, for it is barren.

      1. But just to see how full of it you are, I plugged the good old F bomb into my search engine here and got 18 pages of results, going back to the year 2008.
        “Recent postings” – snort. 😀

        1. The swearing is fine, but what makes a person look weak is when they make forceful demands (“keep my name out of your whore mouth”) that won’t ever be met. I know it’s performance art for the blog followers, but it’s still weak.

          1. Uh huh. I know when I’m looking for advice on what is weak/strong I take it from random anonymous internet pussies and their drive by comments. I bet you are one of those guys who thinks things were better back when wrong thinking authors stayed politely quiet while getting screwed over because they thought shitheels like Glyer actually mattered. 😀

            As for Keep My Name Out of Your Whore Mouth. I say it because it has become something of an amusing slogan, not because I expect Glyer to be smart enough to heed it.

          2. Just so the rest of you guys know, this same fucking idiot has posted in the comments of this post under four different names already. The File 770 crowd ain’t too bright, but they like you to assume they are numerous. They’re not. Their numbers were all Chinese bots. The humans are just pathetic.

          3. Sorry, did you mean me or Rusty? I’ll retract the comment about knowing you are lying if you meant Rusty.

          1. This was for the “I plugged the good old F bomb into my search engine here and got 18 pages of results, going back to the year 2008.”

            I should have replied earlier…

        2. But, all credibility is erased when you post like you have lately.

          Pull the other one. It has bells on. If I were looking to find fault with a modern writer who was on Team Western Civ, it would be for going along with the SJW notion that the first choice sweethearts make is to have sex. Later, if it works out, they get married. Good luck finding a story that excludes that paradigm.

          The cursing is pure quill modern ammo. Everyone knows that wars – including culture wars – are not pretty.

          So yes, it’s one thing to decide that you, personally, won’t add to the sewer of vulgarity that is our public commons. You’ll try to creatively and intentionally eschew ugly, degenerate language. But when you’re dealing with ugly, degenerates such as Mr. Abuse of Logical Terms? How can you ask a fighting man to hold fire? It’s gander sauce.

          Oddly, most folks who swear like a stevedore will eschew racial slurs. Which is an interesting kind of taboo – no bar on any sexual deviancy; just race. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t want to read more racial slurs,: I approve of baked-in bans on vulgarity. It’s just… peculiar.

        3. Honestly, not a huge fan of the profanity myself, mainly because I wish I could share more of your stuff on my social media without getting my old folks all angry at me. 🙂

          Already had them both tell me to lighten up on the F-bombs, and it came from memes… ugh…

          Anyway, you keep doing you dude. Love your writing, and agree with most of your stances on stuff. Can’t wait to see what Destroyer of Worlds, has in store. Such an epic name by the way.

      2. FWIW, I don’t care about profanity or whatever, but personally I’m getting pretty bored of Internet drama. Obviously this is your blog, and you feel pretty strongly about this Glyer guy, so I get it; buy personally, I tend to just skip over those posts. I do enjoy your takedowns of SJW articles like “five reasons straight white men should not write fiction” or whatever, but watching you yell at some Internet loser for three pages straight isn’t all that interesting.

        Obviously, I’m not telling you what to do, it’s just my own personal opinion.

        1. Glyer is a bit like a Hugo clique Hedda Hopper, a terrible person who likes to make and break careers.
          One of the nice things about Larry having the position he has is that he can be an advocate for those authors in the midst of a slander campaign.
          Think of it as pro bono work.

        2. The problem is that Glyer isn’t just some Internet loser. He’s a loser but not a random one. He has been responsible for spreading lies and misinformation about Larry and his supporters for years, so much so, that it even got Larry and his son uninvited to a con.

      3. You mean fucks don’t grow if you plant them?

        How disappointing.
        I guess I’ll just have to abandon my dreams of having a forest of mighty fucks to send people to when they are butthurt and need solace….

        Keep on writing, Larry!

    2. How about you Sod off, Swampy? Does that work for you? I love Larry’s profsne rhetoric. Almost at the Lee Ermey levelm

      1. I’ve seen it put as something like “vulgarity is the attempt of the weak to appear strong” or some such. But in this case, I find another fortune-cookie line – one of my design, at least from what I’ve seen – to be more appropriate:

        “Civility toward the uncivil is an insult toward the civil.”

        Initial good faith notwithstanding, whenever one persists in treating vile and duplicitous scumbags in the same manner as polite and courteous interlocutors, it’s disrespectful to the latter. Why – because it disregards the fact that being polite and courteous takes effort and attention, especially in matters of contention. Anyone can voice disagreement (in non-liberal speaking grounds, at least), and it’s fine to have a discussion when opinions differ. But whenever one speaker showers the other with slurs and slander, they can’t expect being met with anything but the same.

        1. One time, a long time ago now, on Althouse’s blog someone had a complete hissy fit because she said something similar to “that’s bullshit” instead of saying something civil and academic like “you lack basis for your claim.”

          The guy who got upset was an academic (who was full of bullshit) but clearly felt that his status entitled him to dignity, no matter how baseless his claim.

          Personally I sort of like vulgarities. Not in the sense of profanity (which we have the very serviceable word “profanity” to describe) but vulgarity in the old sense of not putting on those airs while saying really horribly offensive things and then pretending that you never did it.

          Our culture is full of people who say profoundly hateful things but claim not to have been hateful at all because they used a certain set of language (and weren’t *mad* when they did it.)

    3. Language is a tool for communication. How it is used depends on what you are trying to communicate. If you are conveying, “So-and-so is more worthless than the shit-stains on a disposable diaper” then polite diction would detract from that message.

      I thought Larry got the message across very effectively.
      Normal folks: “Shit happens. Be an adult, and deal with it.”
      SJW’s: “Shit happens. Be a whiny baby, cry, and blame it on everybody you hate.”

    4. Arrogant, supercilious, concern troll is concerned.

      I love how the language police shows up to gently chide you on your language, Larry, while ignoring the very real damage that this thieving, lying, obese fuckbag of pig diarrhea has inflicted on you, your family, and others.

      Eat a bag of dicks, dude. Larry has zero obligation to tailor his language to what you find to be socially acceptable.

      1. We of the entitled fan boy complaint department are ourselves disappointed at the quality of said fan boy’s complaint….

    5. Writing Larry to complain about profanity is about as lame as writing heavy metal bands to complain that the tempo and distortion is overwhelming the melodies of music, and shouldn’t they dial it down a bit.
      Or complaining that the food at a Thai restaurant uses too much spice in their food.
      Or that the engine noise from a Ferrari 365 Daytona is a bit much.
      Or that a jazz band spends too much time improvising. Or that the blues is too depressing.

    6. Rusty/Yeoman omitted the following two tactics, which is disappointing.
      1. “You’re better than that, Larry.”
      2. “To understand why [whatever the speaker is bitching about] is so offensive you must first learn about [self-serving victimhood mythology story goes here].”

      R/Y sounds like an idiot who showed up on Raconteur Report a few weeks ago.

        1. No, we are saying that you have started off with the ISO Standard Concern Trolling Handbook cold open.

          If you follow the usual script of how people Concern Troll, those are likely your next comments.

        2. No. You are an idiot because you’ve posted here as Ferro, Ryan, and Yeoman to try and make it look like your stupid bullshit isn’t the minority opinion (and oddly enough, you’ve only posted in threads relating to Scumbag Mike Glyer) and though you used four different IPs, you were dumb enough to use the same distinct email account.

          You people really are pathetic.

          1. I’m big on allowing people to argue. Usually the only blog comments I delete are obvious trolls and spammers. Turns out Yeoman has several different identities, four IPs, and only posts short, snippy, drive by comments in threads where China Mike is mentioned.

            Hey China Mike, how ya doing? 😀

            To demonstrate my commitment to free speech, I’ve only got 12 IPs blocked here now. 4 are new from this asshole, and 5 of the old ones are from Clamps. 😀

          2. Like I said, at least I know you are lying, or possibly don’t understand how to interpret the IP data.

          3. You know I am lying? About you being Ferro, Ryan, and Yeoman, with the same email address,, who sounds exactly the same, and only pops up in threads about Mike Glyer? Yep. That sure does make a compelling argument as to your truthful nature. 😀

          4. So you downloaded an IP Switcher, so now comes the part where you make up a bullshit email and a new name, to come back pretending to be someone else who also claims I’m a liar and Mike Glyer is just misunderstood? 😀

            You File 770 guys really are pathetic. You should get a hobby. May I suggest running back and forth across busy freeways?

          5. It’s pretty clear you don’t know what you are looking at from wordpress or understand how IPs/routers/isps/etc… work. No IP switcher here, just posting from the same computer every time.

            It seems like a “right-wing blog” thing predominately, although the lefties have their “Russian bots”, but what is the deal with needing to believe anyone critical is part of a conspiracy?

            Apparently, you’ve tried unsuccessfully to block me, and I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary to avoid that, but I will respect that and not post anymore.

            But you really need to grow a thicker skin. And stop being a paranoid pussy.

          6. Uh huh. So your same computer has six different IP addresses now, and a bunch of complete strangers all happen to have the same email address, sound the same, and only comment on posts concerning Mike Glyer.

            Sounds totally legit. 😀

            As for thicker skin, bitch please, I’ve been taking all comers for 11 years now and only block people who are disingenuous shits or psychopaths. I even keep those around until they get boring. I can’t help it if you are really bad at trolling.

          7. Have you considered the possibility that China Mike’s botfarm has gone sentient and is trying to protect itself with these comments?

  6. Faust is super cute, and I approve of the name.

    Holy crap you are juggling a lot of stuff. I am never gonna catch up with reading all your stuff at this rate. Which makes me happy because I have so much stuff to look forward to.

  7. Whatever else, do not leave a model or pic of either a T-34 or M4 on the couch. Place them outside to distract Panzerfaust. Great name.

    The secret project had better not include manatee engineers working in a Krasnovian lab. The devastation left and forest razed by their Mark III Fusion Spatula – shudders at the images.

  8. My wife wants a min pin puppy. Like two dogs isn’t enough. She keeps getting dog adoption event information from some horrible Pinelander that I have yet to locate and subdue.

    1. As an aside, we had a karaoke event for Showdown this year, and one of the UT ARO guys is German, so he, of course, had to sing Du Hast in the original… AWESOME.

  9. Nicki, Larry, this guy is a variant on the old “Concerned Christian Conservative” dodge David Axelrod came up with for his phone trolls, “i.e., ‘As a Concerned Christian Conservative, I’m worried that this Republican doesn’t have the moral character to be President…”

  10. About training a puppy;

    Daniel Pinckwater has, he claims, a foolproof method. He details it in both SUPERPUPPY and UNCLE BORIS IN THE YUKON. Of the two, I suggest UNCLE BORIS; it’s funnier.

    Pinkwater is mostly a children’s author, and he is Left enough to have had a regular spot on NPR for a while. It doesn’t keep him from being genuinely funny, and his method (which I won’t quote, since I don’t have it in front of me) sounds like it should work.

  11. Enjoy the puppy, and buy plenty of rawhide bones… Just sayin’ Great news on the writing front, and glad the move is finally complete.

    1. Rawhide, or those filled bones. The filled bones keep my furry meathead occupied longer, but they’re a bit more expensive.

  12. We’ve got an Australian Blue Heeler mixed w/ whatever came over the fence, and a Beagle/Lab mix. Both are usually good boys.

  13. “… we said, life is starting to calm down again… I KNOW. LET’S GET A PUPPY.”

    Dude. I feel your pain. Here at Chez Phantom we have a half grown standard poodle. Maximum Maxwell. Named for Maxwell’s demon (of course) he’s all the Maxwell you can fit in one dog.

    My arms have finally (mostly) healed from the constant punctures of the tiny hypodermic needle teeth. Now I have to hobble around after him because if he doesn’t get out and run like a sonofabitch three times a day, he pouts. Poodles are -fast- it turns out.

    On the bright side, I found out that I can throw a dog-ball REALLY far with the ball-thrower thing. What a great toy. ~:D

    Money catapult primed for hurling fat stacks of cash, as always. 🙂

  14. I think I found the reason why Glyer decided to take on Larry: earlier this week, 770 ran an article explaining why the members of the fanfic site AO3 can’t claim to be Hugo winners. HUGE butthurt about it on Twitter. Hampus Eckerman, one of Glyer’s regulars, compared the AO3 people to Nazis and white supremacists. Needless to say, people don’t like being compared to that, no matter their politics.

    Stirring up trouble with Larry Correia might be a deflection of his woes on another front.

    1. Looking at the context, it makes a little more sense–he wasn’t saying they shared politics so much as they were joining in with burning down the Hugos.

      That having been said, it was a ridiculously scummy thing to do, and at least the boys and girls over at AO3 actually create things, unlike File 770, which creates nothing.

      1. I only pay attention to Glyer when he fails to keep my name out of his whore mouth, so I’m not sure what the AO3 thing is about. But my knee jerk reflex whenever that scumbag dislikes something is to root for whoever he hates. 😀

        1. Don’t know what this matter involving AO3 is.

          Do know AO3.

          Nominated several works from AO3 and FFN for the Dragon awards.

          Folks attacking AO3 in defense of the Hugos can go eat rat shit in a cave.

        2. The thing is, I kinda agree with Hampus (don’t tell Glyer!) On the other hand, I think that the penalty for falsely claiming to be a Hugo winner is to be thought of as a Hugo winner. 😀

    2. I only saw a tiny bit and asked and got a one sentence explanation but it does seem a bit of a stretch if a web site gets a Hugo to say that the contributors are Hugo winners… that would mean that all of Glyer’s commenters are Hugo winners… or something.

      But like nearly everyone here, my interest in the Hugoes is close to zero, not *quite* zero but close.

      (Frankly, it’s also why I hope that the Dragon Awards resist the temptation to add never ending award categories.)

    3. There are many, many tweets about this, but this is my favorite by far:

      “I used to think that Mike Glyer was just terrible at moderating comments from the barely-sapient ragemonkeys who frequent File 770. Turns out he’s just terrible.

      For those of you new to the Hugos, Glyer gets nominated for best fan writer every damned year.”

      Welcome to the party, pal.

  15. Haven’t read the comments yet.

    The Dead Six stories are great fun. They have that re-readable quality that makes having them on paper so nice.

    viz Uncle Timmy. I remember when the SJWs decided to go for his scalp. I was GAFIATed and —–all I could do at the time, but if there’s some small comick-y illustration-y thing I can do for the effort, please let me know. No $ or credit required.

    Also: MONSTER HUNTER RPG for the D-20 club. Yay!!!__

  16. The Dead Six novels is my favorite audible book series of all time. As a fan the payoff was so emotionally satisfying which is incredible given the undetstandable amount of time we had to wait between entries.

    I always figured The Malcontent duology was the hidden gem of Larry’s work not the series with two fan favorite writers and a celebrity narrator.
    I know I’m apologizing on the least important part of the update but the series is so precious to me as a fan that it occupying all my thoughts at present

  17. Very cool stuff on the horizon! The sci-fi series sounds fun.

    I do have a quick question regarding Saga of the Forgotten Warrior: Does Destroyer of Worlds wrap up the first story arc? I have a friend who read the first book but wants to binge read the rest of the series.

    (apologies if this is a repeat, it seems my first attempt got eaten by interweb goblins)

  18. I’ve mentioned the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior in a Discord I’m in, and the reaction to this point has been “Who? What?,” It is largely a gathering of fans of the Wheel of Time series, and also of Brandon Sanderson. I’m kind of disheartened this series does not have a higher profile. Yes, the participants on this Discord are likely very young, but you think they’d know about this if anybody would. ????

      1. Maybe post some imgur links, instead ? Just throwing the idea out there — although, you being who you are, you might want to scrub the images of any personally identifiable information, lest the crazy weirdoes find you… Yes, I know you live on a mountaintop like a heavily armed guru, but you can’t underestimate these wackjobs.

  19. Good thing about puppies is that they quickly grow out of the “waking up at night” stage. Children on the other hand…

  20. Can confirm, I haven’t heard of Dead Six until now. I mean, surely I did, but somehow it slipped my mind. I’ll check it out.

    That said, I’ve really enjoyed the previous two SOtFW books so far. Is the next book going to conclude the trilogy ?

    1. Ah, I see you’d answered the second question in a comment above, sorry about the dupe.

      Out of curiosity, how many more books are you planning ? I might want to binge-read them, as well.

  21. My puppy is a year and a half old and I got up at 4am last night to take her out. 🙁

    I’d ignore her and let her wait it out until 6 except that she licks my face. It’s hard to sleep through getting your face licked.

  22. Just adopted Greyhound #3 and am currently in the “What the hell was I thinking?” phase. Thankfully, she’s already house trained and crate trained so we don’t get the odd hours to wake up.

    But I look forward to more pictures of Faust. Along with your books.

  23. Thanks a lot for mentioning the Vault Books editions of the Grim Noir Chronicles Larry. Not sure how I missed this, but I have placed my order for all three. I hope they will tide me over while awaiting the next trilogy. (While of course continuing to read everything else you produce) Just a thought, but have you ever read anything by Joe Abercrombie? I think he may very well be in your wheel house. He writes incredible gritty fantasy that I believe you would enjoy.

  24. Thanks for the update! I think Dead Six is phenomenal and more folks should give it a try.

    And best of luck with your Krasnovian Waffle Hound!

  25. ” (think space pirates who specialize in stealing giant fighting robots).”

    What could go wrong?

    (turns and looks at Afterwar Gundam X on bookshelf)


  26. Larry, having worked in the real world with several Mike Glyer types over the years I can
    sympathize with your need to express yourself vulgarly about him. Can you not just create a really foul character based on him as
    revenge ?

  27. So, somewhat unrelated to the September update. Okay, totally unrelated, other than the fact that immediately to the right of the update is my topic.

    Sakura: Intellectual Property

    Great book, only…. I can only give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Not 5.

    The world building is absolutely top notch. There’s a fine cyberpunk aspect to it that is fresh, not just a rehash. Given that it’s a near future setting, the extrapolation is strong and mostly believable. Characters are engaging.

    So why not the full Fiver? Well, I have finally come to understand the problem that some people have with the MHI books and all their gun-foolery. Simply put, the “richness” of gun-foolery is just clutter if you don’t know or care much about guns. Well, that’s me and heavy metal. The vast majority of the bands I didn’t recognize, much less the songs. In one sense, I feel like I let down the writers. They clearly put a tremendous amount of effort into merging the metal with the story (hey, multiple levels of meaning there folks, enjoy), and most of that was simply wasted on me.

    I am sure that there are plenty of other folks out there who love heavy metal music. If they do, point them to the book, even if they don’t read science fiction. Additionally, there are some folks who simply don’t understand WHY people like metal. Point them to the book, enlightenment may be found. In fact, point pretty much everybody you know to it, unless they don’t like science fiction and heavy metal, or they hate either of them. It IS good enough to recommend to almost everybody else.

  28. Can’t wait for more MHI stuff. I’ve got several people hooked on those novels ever since I discovered them. I also like the Grimnoir series.

    I’ve got you beat in the puppy department. I am the proud parent of two Jack Russells, the youngest 6 months old and named Pandamonium (Panda for short), which really fits her personality. Her name is spelled that way deliberately because her hair color is black and white. She also has massive amounts of “Jackitude.”

  29. Read about 30% of Monster Hunter Guardian I got on a Baen Monthly bundle and it has been fun. As a retired Auburn Prof it is nice to hear a monster story in Auburn.

    I named my miniature schnauzer “Panzer” which fits him.

    I’m excited that there are three more Grim Noir books coming out. Hopefully the next MHI book will focus less on logistics than the last one did.

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