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Just as an illustration of how incredibly screwed up we are, this week on the social media:

I saw somebody declare that it was good they had stripped Campbell’s name from the best new writer award because we had learned that his views were “problematic” (he was guilty of being alive when he was alive, and not a woke time traveler from 2019) but then to back up how/why Campbell was a horrible bad thinker who should be shunned once we learned of his sins, she linked to an article by novelist Sam Delaney… who supports NAMBLA.

My personal opinion on the Campbell controversy (and I was actually nominated for one of those when I was a newb!) is that these people are hysterical idiots, and the “Astounding Award” sounds like it should be a paper star you pin on the best behaved Kindergartner. But in a completely unrelated note DragonCon should get Bruce Campbell to host the Dragon Awards, and that year they should add a Best New Author category, which people could then refer to as the Campbell Award for short, but which would in no way have anything to do with anybody else’s estate or trademarks. Groovy.

Then I saw morons declaring that Dave Chappell is a white supremacist now, and we shouldn’t watch him because he’s a hatey hate person of hate (so I’ll probably watch it this weekend because I love Dave).

In a FB hobby group that I’m in, where I never ever go political because I’m not an obnoxious twit (I’m just there for the mini painting) people were talking about how in this imaginary few hundred years in the future sci-fi war game setting, they didn’t like how Islam was being portrayed (and ironically, this is a world where every faction does bad stuff, they’re fairly decent). One guy said he was happy with it and that if he wanted a realistic portrayal of Islam he’d make all his female minis were burkas and hit the gay ones with rocks. He was immediately attacked as a racist, bigot, islamophobe, so on and so forth. The ironic part? The guy who said it was a Muslim immigrant from Iran, joking about the problems in the culture he came from, who then got screamed at and told he needed to “get educated” by a bunch of white American liberals.

Also, the Hong Kong protestors are white supremacists now. So Dave is in good company.

I saw everybody freak out one day about how Trump was stripping birthright citizenship from military babies, and 24 hours later like maybe 1/10th of those people who freaked out posting about how the articles they shared the day before had gotten it wrong.

I learned that my new house is bigger than Barack Obama’s (but I’m still not a *real* writer, sigh), only mine is up high in the mountains, and his is a terrible investment because it will be underwater within 12 years… I actually don’t know which did more damage to the catastrophic global warming narrative this week, Michael Mann’s inability to show his homework, or Obama’s house. Probably Obama’s house.

Because I’m Mormon and a gun nut, I had a lot of people ask me about the news articles that were going around saying the church had banned guns from church buildings. It’s a stupid policy, but not new. They just updated the general handbook (that’s like the binder for how to run a ward). They’ve already banned guns from church buildings since back when I was teaching CCW ten years ago. A multitude of us ignore it and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The handbook also says I’m not supposed to use foul language, and you can see how well that has stuck.

I had lefties randomly screech at me for a wide variety of topics. That’s so common I can’t remember most of them. You kind of tune them out after a while. I get a lot of rando strangers showing up to scream at me every Hugo season. It’s the annual running of the Chorfs.

But in the spirit of bipartisan fairness, exactly one week ago I got screeched at by people on the right because I said if you are an American and any politician says they “Hereby Command” you to do anything, whether you agree with them or not, your response had better be a reflexive Fuck Off or you are a sorry excuse for an American and need to quit being such a pussy.

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103 thoughts on “This Week On The Internet”

    1. So, this week the Progressive Left has been going batshit on a number of stupid topics.

      And this is different from any other week, how exactly?

      These people turned their backs on sense so long ago they can’t even see it in their rearview mirrors.

  1. I saw some jackals with a checkmark on Twitter last night getting giddy at the thought of Mar a Lago being damaged by the incoming hurricane this weekend. Never mind all the people who are about to be hit by a huge storm, it’s to the good that the Tangerine turd is about to be mildly inconvenienced.
    These people are fucking scum who think anything is justified in service of their so called “progressive” agenda.

      1. I’m sorry Phantom. But I draw the line at assuming responsibility for Canada. But I still own the M&M color imbalance, along with the 3s, Es, and Ws.

          1. What I loved was her inability to remember how many snowbirds in Florida are Canadians who vote. And her non-apology to them.

      2. …and Canada must be erased.

        I saw her apology on twitter, and am not inclined to care what she said.

        Florida and hurricanes are a legitimate excuse to discuss climate change; if we don’t kill the South and Central Americans, the Earth will make the Sun explode.

      3. You could always emigrate to the states. I think that Texas would be a little too warm for you. In any case we’d welcome you!

  2. Remember when people said that writing was an easy stress-free job?

    Boy did they lie!

    I wonder if it’s always been like this, and we just didn’t notice because we weren’t in the industry.

    As for my own mistakes this week, I mentioned on a twitter comment that showed up on my timeline why Trump made the ‘offer’ on Greenland. Didn’t take sides, just pointed out what the news media wasn’t saying. You’d think I killed the baby Jesus (oh wait, the left is okay with killing babies, and they don’t believe in Jesus) err, you’d think I’d misgendered someone. Seriously, I had to block like 50 people – I don’t think I have 50 followers! 😛

    1. Being universally accepting of the sexual choices and preferences of consenting adults got me yelled at for a solid week.

      Specifically, while I agreed that lesbians mostly preferred biological females, I wasn’t going to argue with a hypothetical couple who was a lesbian and a FTM transgender or yell at them for being in a mutual consenting relationship between adults. The acceptance of the mere possibility of the latter -more accurately, I don’t care and it’s not my business- was the cause and got me accused of bigotry. And since there ARE supposedly feminists out there who say they’re lesbian and are in such relationships, what was I supposed to say? It really puzzled the hell out of me.

      Yep, being accepting of the outlier individual adult relationships that run contrary to group commonality is bigotry in their clown world now. I don’t really understand, (nor do I want to) what it must be like to live as an identity politics obsessed lefty. It’s all catch-22s.

      1. I suspect the politically correct way to define that relationship would be heterosexual, because clearly a lesbian attracted to an FTM transgender should be classified as straight or bisexual, because an FTM transgender is clearly already a man and… and I’ve gone cross-eyed.

        Really, given the actual rarity of transgender people, I reckon the reason they’re brought up so often is that the topic allows pinkos to engage in some Room 101 level word-wringing, in order to “prove” that the person they’re speaking to is transphobic or some such. That, and it allows all kind of generally unstable individuals to appropriate a politically acceptable reason for their behavior and identity issues. It’s kinda like how back when “House M.D.” was on, a bunch of people online diagnosed themselves with Asperger’s, as an excuse for being general purpose assholes.

        And don’t get them started on transgender conservatives. Because again, clearly, having a gender not related to one’s biological sex must also entail supporting gun control, illegal immigration, tons of business regulations etc. It’s almost like they’re saying these people are born to be liberals, and any other political identity for them would be unnatural.

        All in all, like with libertarians, for instance – who generally support liberal social attitudes and mainly oppose their government policy – the extremely hostile attitude of liberals toward conservative minority members easily indicates what they really value, and how low they’d go to get it.

  3. This has been a fun week!

    I didn’t know about the Michael Mann thing, though. Just looked it up. Somehow the guy is on Twitter trying to spin this as a victory for himself. Because of course he is.

    Personally I find it insane that in the US you damn well have a lot of money, time, and energy to be able to fight off lawsuits from the left wing like this. Nine years to get this cleared? That right there is complete BS.

    1. But this wasn’t in the US. This was in British Columbia. When it comes to trying to suppress free speech, the Canadians beat us all hollow.

  4. I see the removal of Campbell’s name from the award as similar to the removal of Lovecraft’s name from that other award: as showing that in both cases, the group giving the awards (and its present-day crop of nominees) should be praised for making what amounts to a public admission that they are not worthy of Campbell’s or Lovecraft and their work can’t hold a candle to his.

    1. I suspect that the Mystery Writers of America’s The Edgar Allan Poe Awards will be the next to go. I don’t know anything much about Poe’s social or political views, but the guy was born in 1809. The chances that he never wrote or said anything that would be considered offensive today are virtually zero. Hell, the guy married his 13-year-old cousin when he was in his late 20s. That’s probably enough in itself.

      1. > I don’t know anything much about Poe’s social or political views, but the guy was born in 1809.

        His foster father was not only a slave owner, but a slave dealer.

        So, yeah.

      2. Sexing up a 13 year old is totes back in style among our progressive betters these days.

        1. Of course, in 1809 you almost had to start trying for children as soon as physically possible because of maternal mortality rates and child mortality rates.

          Not to mention that a 13 year old back then was more prepared for adult responsibilities than a freaking 26 year old today.

          1. “Now apparently it’s unreasonable to expect that of 30 year olds.”

            Sort of. In the liberal playbook, you’re not responsible for your education, occupation, salary, lifestyle and living standards, raising your children, obeying the law, and generally not being a walking nuisance to other people. You are, however, responsible for what your ancestors did (or even just people who somewhat look like your ancestors), what foreign companies do halfway around the world, and for whatever fad diet or token effort cause is in vogue for the day.

            And it’s easy to see why, really. The former kind of responsibilities are personal – it’s pretty hard to hide one’s individual failures when these are concerned. But for the latter kind, you can always limit yourself to said token efforts and moral self-flagellation, with any failure to act having a ready excuse of things being out of your control.

            So yeah, that’s the gist of it – liberals have been raised to believe they’re the bee’s knees, and when their personal failures start mounting up, they look for grand excuses instead of owning up and amending their behavior.

  5. The idea of transplanting modern ideologies on the past is called presentism in the field of history. As a teacher it is one of my biggest pet peeves and something that I will not let my students do. If you tell me X is a bad person you better give me examples from his contemporaries that prove it and not use modern writers/thinkers.

    Christopher Dawkins, in his book The Making of Europe, in response to the idea of writing history infused with moral judgments, says that “this way of writing history is unhistorical, since it involves the subordination of the past to the present.”

    Sadly, most history teachers and professors don’t see it that way. I feel I do a lot of damage control in my classes to repair the harm that activist teachers have done to students. Our society–most recently with the Campbell Award–clearly shows the damage being done.

    1. Thanks Bill. That’s a wonderful explanation of why the immature of today are wrong about the Confederacy and the Founding Fathers. They completely ignore historical context.

      1. Your point is excellent. Abe Lincoln himself said of the Confederacy, ‘Don’t be too hard on them, we’d have done the same thing ourselves if we were in their shoes.’

        Despising the Founding Fathers is simply insane.

    2. Several of my students have been shocked when I point out that people in the past had very good reasons for doing things – because in their time and place, whatever it was made perfect sense based on their knowledge of the world. We today see things differently, but 500 years ago? 200 years ago? I don’t think I’ve broken anyone’s brain yet, but some have been pretty dented.

          1. So, when you get down to it, all their talk of embracing different vibrant cultures is just so much excrement.

          2. In general, liberals seem to believe that a “culture” is little more than a set of exotic menu items and funny hats, and maybe the occasional maraca or bongo in the songs. Actual customs? Social norms? Values? Nah, those clearly must be identical to the enlightened views of Southern California or the New York Metro area. Anything else would be just wrong, mmkay?

            Ironically, at least as regards the former Eastern Bloc, even those of us who do emulate Western cultural attitudes, tend to go for Reagan-era macho men and long-haired hard rockers over the prissy coastal types. And when Sly and JCVD come in every other year to shoot (films… mostly), it’s like the 80’s never ended.

            All in all, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, you’d be surprised just how many friends conservatives can find abroad, in the Eastern Bloc at that, not despite, but because of being brash, loud, flag-waiving, gun-totting, God-loving cowboys.

          3. I can vouch for Poland at least being friendly. I felt a lot more comfortable out in the evenings there than I now do in most of Germany. Yes, there were some drunk and loud young guys, but those are universal. And people like Americans, or at least if they don’t, were polite about it.

      1. I was once excused from an entire trimester of American History because I already knew that people of the Civil War Era did not subscribe to late 20th Century sensibilities. That was the theme of the course for the trimester, and I was upsetting the applecart by insisting, on Day One, that Abraham Lincoln did not have to believe that Blacks were his equals to believe that they shouldn’t be enslaved.

    3. Thank you for this comment. I knew I was frustrated when the mouthy little twit I talked to at work would tell me how historical events were wrong because of ‘insert modern social outrage’ but I didn’t realize there was a word for it.

      So I want to thank you for teaching me something new this evening. It might just be the most productive thing I’ve done all day. That and plotting how to use it in an offhand manner the next time I see the aforementioned twit so he can educate himself somewhere other than Twitter.

  6. Thanks for being a beacon of normalcy in this new age of idiocy. The more I read online watching the decline in realtime the more I hunt for decent hight desert property here in AZ.

    1. Funny you should mention that. I have high desert property in AZ with a fence that I can’t use. So if you relly need about 40 acres of nowhere, let me know.

  7. I learned that if you support free speech for everyone including “Nazis,” that makes you a bad person.

    1. Yeah, I’ve had this argument as well. Also, according to one woman who yelled at me for 20 minutes, Swastikas should be banned globally because they were used by a horrible man to do horrible things. Included on that same list is pretty much every symbol ever created because you would be hard pressed to find any symbol that hasn’t been misappropriated at some point to champion or embody someones pet atrocity.

      She chewed me out about my wrongthink (wanting to allow continued use of the swastika for prior religious uses or just because someone though it looked neato) for so long and with such volume that I took my headset off, walked 10 feet away to make cook food on the stove and could still hear her in from that distance.

      1. No leftie has so far been able to answer why the mere act of calling people a Nazi immediately justifies violence against them but the communist’s greatest hits such as the Holdomor, great leap forward,Khmer Rouge are overlooked when the Dems invite communists to stand right up front at their events.

  8. I appreciate your comments on the gun policy. As a Latter-day Saint and a newbie gun nut, for whom gun rights is probably my number one political issue, I was having a hard time determining how to react to it. I remind myself that we’re all imperfect people trying to follow Christ to the best of our ability, and policy is not the same as commandment.

    1. By the way… Joseph Smith was against everyday carry. He believed that if you carried a gun around, sooner or later you were going to use it. Same thing for knives, which is why he only carried around a pen knife. For sharpening quills.

      Of course, he also carried around Porter Rockwell, who was death on two legs…

  9. “Also, the Hong Kong protestors are white supremacists now.”

    That’s a new one. Sounds like the Chicom psyops weenies figured out how to talk to the Baizuo (White Left). What idiot said that? Even Jeannette Ng was gung ho for the HK protesters.

    In other news, Steve Davidson [spit!] is praising Hugo Gernsback with faint damns. There’s (obvioulsy) a new push to ditch Gernsback as the namesake for the WorldCon award. (Hugo was a white dude, that’s enough right there.)

    Davidson wants to be on both sides of the fence at the same time so he can run with the “winners”. Good luck with that straddle, Stevie. Don’t get nuthin’ stuck on the barbed wire.

    1. Re the HK “White Supremacists”, I haven’t seen that as an actual quote anywhere, but would not be surprised as the protesters have been photographed:

      Waving American Flags

      Holding signs that stated they needed a Second Amendment

      And they are going against the Butchering Barbarian Bastards of Beijing, who are beacons of fairness and good government according to the NYT and the rest of the SJW crowd.

      As an aside, I find it sad that the protestors in HK need to invoke the US and not their former countrymen in the Formerly Great Britain as inspirations.

      1. Great Britain sold them out to the Chicoms in 1999, and the British Navy ain’t going to come down there and fix it.

        The USA might actually do something useful.

        1. Given the comments on history and its abuse up thread, I wish people wouldn’t keep doing this.

          The UK had a 99 year lease on 86% of Hong Kong’s land, which expired in 1997. Failing to hand back the land to its RIGHTFUL OWNER would have been an act of war, which the UK wasn’t prepared to undertake. Sorry if that offends you.

  10. Hang on… people on the right think you’re not right enough because you told off Trump for trying order businesses around? Is there anyone you haven’t pissed off this week? 🙂

  11. Interesting about the handbook policy update. I haven’t seen that yet and find it fascinating because a couple of months ago I was specifically requested to carry a gun at a temple open house.

  12. I hereby command everyone to point and laugh at anyone who thinks Americans can be command hereby, thereby, or anyby.

    Fortunately under our system of government my command has exactly the legal force of Trump’s.

  13. I gave up jumping at the command of the government (or agents thereof) the day I retired from the military. Well, I actually did that a few months earlier, but then I had to have justification to be able to do it. Now I can do it just because I can.

    1. I felt that way about the twice a month haircuts (once a week while in command). So I stopped. Then CINCHOUSE put her foot down and I’m back on best bud terms with my barber.

  14. I’ve been waiting for the Delany thing to blow up for some time now. One of these days, probably after Delany is dead, someone will come forward and things will get very . . . interesting.

    1. That was the thing that revealed all of their beliefs to be a lie. Like if someone belies something I disagree with, fine. So long as they’re being genuine I have to give them credit. But now I just see it as a group of people with untreated borderline personality disorder run amock.

    2. I’ve had a queasy feeling over Delany ever since Jo Walton at Tor_dot_com praised his book that depicted child molestation positively as “Challenging but SO worth reading,”….what on -Earth-… 🙁

      There was also the interview five years ago where he stated he felt a child of six or seven was able to give meaningful consent to 40-something adult….

  15. And posts like these are why I’ve sworn off of social media, well, except for book blogging, but a blog doesn’t count as a social media does it?

    I don’t have the tough skin you do so what you put up with would completely wreck my day. Good job and keep up the good fight.

  16. That’s it. The lunatics have taken over the asylum, and they’re calling the normal people crazy. Worst part is, they’ve got the keys.

    I said if you are an American and any politician says they “Hereby Command” you to do anything, whether you agree with them or not, your response had better be a reflexive Fuck Off or you are a sorry excuse for an American and need to quit being such a pussy.

    Good advice! As long as you’re not ‘Hereby Command’ing us… [snark!]

    But at the end there, I much prefer the word ‘wuss’. ‘Pussy’ is what us programmers call an ‘overloaded keyword’ — one with multiple meanings, which is thus ripe for misunderstanding and misuse. I also hate to use a word that in some ways has such positive connotations as an insult.

    ‘Wuss’ means one thing. Nobody can misunderstand it, or even pretend to.

    By the way, what office does Bruce Campbell hold on Earth 345-B-98081? Director of BATF?

    1. In that reality Bruce Campbell is the director of the Dept of Education, which merged with BATFE decades ago. At every high school graduation, a DoE representative is on the stage, handing out a brand new rifle to every young man, and a pistol to every young woman. Director Campbell personally attends the graduations at his home town. Well, the part of it not burned down during the Deadite wars.

        1. Men use rifles to protect the nation and their homes. Women use pistols to protect themselves and their families.

          I imagine there would be brisk trading sessions that afternoon, not to mention lots of sales and purchases. The pawn shops and gun stores would stay busy the whole next week. Nobody ever said these were the only guns they could ever have.

          1. Any gun handed out by the government should be stored somewhere where you can hand it back to them, unused. Keep your real guns separate and operational.

    2. By the way, what office does Bruce Campbell hold on Earth 345-B-98081? Director of BATF?

      Isn’t he head of the FCC?
      Maybe Ambassador to the UN? Or did the Reavers make it a smoking hole in the ground?

  17. Grateful I haven’t been on facebook for a while, especially with all this junk going on. Thank you for keeping up this blog as a beaken of sanity!

  18. I have said for years: “If both political parties really believed that education was the key to future success, we’d already have a world-class educational system and a well-educated society who can think for themselves.”

    Unfortunately it appears the political class greatly prefers to churn out useful idiots which reinforces the hoary old maxim: “Great minds think alike but fools rarely differ.”

  19. After a week like this, Larry you need a cookie. Eat one and take a moment to be happy.

    Also everything needs more Bruce Campbell.

  20. But I thought that people on the right were for less government interference? Wrong again I guess.
    “But in the spirit of bipartisan fairness, exactly one week ago I got screeched at by people on the right because I said if you are an American and any politician says they “Hereby Command” you to do anything, whether you agree with them or not, your response had better be a reflexive Fuck Off or you are a sorry excuse for an American and need to quit being such a pussy.”

  21. White progressives are EXPERT at telling people of color how to be CORRECT people of color. They have been since 1619…

    1. The Apparatchiks of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat know everything, Comrade!
      They are not to be questioned- unless you want a tenner.
      Now go back to your labors.

  22. As a religious, observant jew, I have received emails from synagogues in both America, where I frequently visit (NY, FL, IL) and Israel, where I live, to bring concealed weapons to regular sabbath services.

    Yes, that’s the kind of kerfuckled world we live in today.

  23. Have people really become this dumb and bigoted that they don’t even distinguish between a person’s beliefs/origins/skin color/opinions and what that person is doing/saying/writing?
    If someone tells me I can cross the street because the lights are green I don’t wait to cross when they turn red just because I don’t like that someone’s background.
    Such excesses are one of the reasons I don’t do social media.

  24. Just tell the ‘presentist’ jerks that they’re colonizing the past with their attitudes then turn your back on them nd walk away whistling.

  25. I don’t think politicians even get to the “Hereby command” line, before I feel the reflexive “fuckoff” welling up.

  26. what is the point of renaming the Campbell award to the astounding award? The Astounding award is named after “Astounding Science Fiction” an old science fiction magazine which was published by . . . John W. Campbell. So next year they are going to have to change the name AGAIN and for the exact same reason, because John W. Campbell is still a fascist (according to them). What is the point in changing the name from Campbell’s name, to the name of the magazine he ran? You haven’t disassociated from John W. Campbell at all by doing that.

    1. The point is they can get woke twice. First by changing the name and then in a few months when they “realize” that they are still harming the Alphabet Legion by using Campbell’s Title. Twice the warm fuzzies for the same issue.

  27. We really are (for values of “we” equalling our schools, many churches, the entrenched bureaucracy, and nearly all the media) a mess. Corrupt, ignorant, and foolish.

    But this week a group of women organized meals every day for a month for a family whose little boy went in for a check up and was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. I saw a woman who started to cut me off from a parking spot realize what she’d done and by gestures offer to back off. We are visibly different races. Sum Dude (TM) came out of his house and helped me change my tire when it blew. Just because.

    There’s still a lot worth fighting for, and most of it just doesn’t show up on the internets.

  28. So, since Worldcon is giving up the Campbell award, perhaps Dragoncon would be interested in adding a Campbell Award for best new author to the voting next year……….

  29. I’m convinced that the election of Donald Trump drove the entire reactionary left around the corner into gibbering drooling insanity.

    The good thing is that they no longer try to hide their agenda, it’s out in the open for all to see.

    Green New Deal, anyone? Medicare for all? Free college for everyone?

    Leftists don’t know history, economics, science, math or statistics

  30. In the interests of accuracy I’d like to propose a change to the Style Guide and replace #CancelCulture with #BookBurnersHeil.

  31. Fun read allthe way through, but I paused a bit for raucous laughter at,

    “I actually don’t know which did more damage to the catastrophic global warming narrative this week, Michael Mann’s inability to show his homework, or Obama’s house. Probably Obama’s house.”

    Yeh, I’ll believe CACAs (adherents/advocates of the Cult of Anthropogenic Climate Alarmism) are serious when they start acting like it. Just about every behavior or pronouncement by CACAs puts another dent in my popcorn and beer budget. It’s almost always black humor, but always entertaining, nevertheless.

  32. You notice that nobody is proposing that it be renamed the Tarrant Award, after Astounding’s famous and female Assistant Editor, Kay Tarrant.

    I think… a nice iron gauntlet clutching a blue pencil. Yes. Celebrating the contribution of women to science fiction, as well as the annoyability of leftist men.

  33. Hey, you missed one. Some cud-chewing vegan in Australia has sued her neighbor for barbequeing in his own back yard. Oh, and for letting kids play basketball. It’s going on a year, two courts have already thrown out the case, so now Bossy is going to the Supreme Court for a third serving of whine and tofu. (Can’t eat cheese, dontchaknow)

    WAAAAAHH!! They’re cooking MEAT!! WAAAAAHH!! And playing basketball!! WAAAAAHH!! I’m soooo offended! WAAAAAHH!! WAAAAAAAHHH!!!

    By the way, do you have a dungeon? I mean, what self-respecting International Lord Of Hate would build a Mountain Lair without a dungeon?

    1. I thought dungeons are more John Ringo’s thing. (ba-dum-tsss)

      Also, it’s hardly surprising that a complaint about basketball wouldn’t be accepted in a court… … … I’ll go home now.

      Anyway, yeah, it’ll take a post like this not every week, but every minute, to list all the idiotic non-troversies pinkos try and stir. Bar extreme cases, the best responses really do seem to be to tune them out, or just laugh at them, preferably outside milkshake-throwing range.

      1. Actually Ringo has stated for the record that he finds BDSM too much work after some screeching monkey of tolerance accused him of recruiting for his sex dungeon, character is not the author. He had at one time posted his writing hidey-hole which was ugly and a basement but I believe he has movedm since then.

        1. To be fair, I know that. I remember him noting his writings about the practice were based on meticulous research rather than his own actual lifestyle. I imagine the only things he has in common with that particular referenced character are a military record and a taste for Cruxshadows. But, well, a bad joke ain’t gonna write itself…

          In other news, there are apparently plans for a mass barbecue around the aforementioned vegan’s house. Not exactly the most civil response, but I reckon civility in these matters has been on vacation for quite some time now. Still, beats raiding Area 51, I suppose.

    2. Meh, I can sort of see it. I used to have a neighbour that would use like a gallon of lighter fluid on his BBQ, so the entire day, my house would smell like lighter fluid. I was going to go ask him to maybe ease up a bit, but then I moved away (for job-related reasons). And if he (hypothetically) had loud kids bouncing basketballs off my windows until 2am, I could totally see a lawsuit in the future (assuming they refused to stop).

      That said, my lawsuit would be for “hazardous chemical environment” and “persistent noise disturbance”, not “meat and basketball” — but I could totally see some reporter framing it that way, the media being what it is.

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