Voting for the Dragon Awards ends this week. It’s free, and open to everyone

Voting for the Dragon Awards ends this week:

I’d like to encourage everybody to go and register to vote. If you are a fan of sci-fi or fantasy you really should do it. It’s free. It only takes a minute. But the important thing here is that the Dragon is designed to be a real honest to goodness popularity award for all of fandom, so the more people participating in the process, the stronger it becomes.

I believe the voting closes on Saturday and the awards will be announced on Sunday.

There are some fantastic authors in the running. I’ve got a bunch of friends competing against each other, so I’m not going to say who I’m voting for.

I’m in there for best fantasy for House of Assassins. I did ask my fans to nominate somebody other than me because I’ve won before, but they just kinda do what they want regardless. But anyways, I’m in there now, and honestly I’m really proud of House of Assassins. I think it’s one of my best books.

But I don’t care if you vote for me. I don’t care who you vote for. The important thing is just go vote.

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13 thoughts on “Voting for the Dragon Awards ends this week. It’s free, and open to everyone”

  1. I hope Dragon Con creates a category for which to award a new “Campbell” trophy — given that the old line fen have abandoned the name and tradition of excellence.

    1. I keep visiting this site waiting to see Larry deliver fire and brimstone over that lunacy and the sanctimonious creative typer (I dare not call her a writer) who precipitated the change.

  2. Voted today. Some really good stuff on the ballots, some I wasn’t so enchanted by, but nothing I had to force myself to finish reading. (If only the last academic book I read to review had been so good…)

  3. and the winner is… prematurely announced via the wrong envelope.


    I’m in the audience and
    I’m not telling.

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