Banned Again. Facebook Gets Even Dumber, Part III: The Saga Continues

So first I got banned for pretending to be from an imaginary country, insulting the livestock dating tendencies of our imaginary enemies from a different imaginary country –

Then my fans had a whole lot of fun with it and I got to do a prison break photo shoot –

But that offended a bunch of assholes who decided we were having fun wrong –

Which brings us to today:

And they didn’t even tell me what I posted that violated their “community standards” this time.

There are a few issues at play here.

First off Facebook is a garbage website run by idiots.

Second, scumbags have learned to weaponize Facebook’s lax stupidity. They simply find someone they don’t like, and then report their posts. Nobody with a brain ever checks to see if the complaint is legit or not, so they just block the bully’s target. It’s a wonderful tool for dickless cheese weasels to feel powerful.

How do we know they do this? Hell, they brag about it. Here is a screenshot from Fandom’s Pile of Cancerous Buttholes, File 770.  I tried to warn you how slimy these people are.

That pic right there demonstrates exactly what’s going to happen with Red Flag laws. Only with a SWAT team shooting your dog.

The other day well known actor (and conservative) Nick Searcy got banned from Facebook for three days because he posted a link to an article that mentioned him, and it got flagged for violating community standards on “nudity”. There were no pictures.

Of course this stuff only ever seems to go one way politically, with the conservatives and libertarians being the ones constantly banned, kicked off various platforms, demonetized, and censored for stupid shit. It’s no different than all the gun channels getting kicked off Youtube or last month’s attempt to remove all the non-liberal fiction authors off of Wikipedia.

The reason for this is twofold. Big Tech is overwhelmingly infested by hippies who figure they can forever get away with playing mind games with half the country.

But more importantly on a basic philosophical level, the left is always compelled to try and silence the right, while the right usually prefers the left to keep talking so that everybody can hear how stupid they sound.  So the whole deplatforming tactic seems alien to most of the people on my side.

But enough of that serious philosophical stuff.

As for me personally, I figure that the scumbags of File 770 will now go through my Facebook history and report quite literally everything I’ve ever written for violating community standards, so that I’ll be continually banned forever. It’s a perfect hobby for losers.

I’m not worried about it though. What scumbags never realize is that you can’t stop the signal. And the more they try all it does is make them look exactly like the pathetic, petty assholes we say they are. I’ll just go back to blogging more, and ask my now pissed off and motivated fans will do the signal boosting on there for me.

I did the same thing when Twitter was shadow banning non-liberals a few years ago. When I found out most of my followers couldn’t see my posts, I bailed out of there. Now I only go on Twitter to drop blog links and life is much nicer.

I’m on social media for one reason. That’s to sell books and interact with my fans. Everything else is a distraction (arguing with idiots mostly, though it does help me come up with snappy dialog). I used to primarily talk to the fans here, but for a while there it seemed like Facebook had killed blogging (people go wherever it is easiest to communicate) but now through their ham fisted, censorious ways, blogging might make a comeback. Why stick around on a shitty page where you can get randomly shut down by any idiot with an ax to grind?

On that note I really look forward to the day when after they’ve destroyed themselves through their hubris we talk about Facebook the way we talk about MySpace or AOL. The only thing more deserving of ignominious failure is Google, which is trying to be a straight up, ShadowRun style evil mega-corporation. My kids all laugh at Facebook, calling it a “boomer page”, and say that they don’t know anybody under 20 who uses it willingly. Everybody my age thinks it’s a joke, but they’ve stuck around because of inertia and they’ve not found something better. Counting on inertia is one hell of a business plan. I’m sure it will work out splendidly for them.

Honestly the biggest downside of this is that I do a lot of signal boosting for other writers on there. I’ve got a solid fan base already. The people I Book Bomb don’t. I’ve got a Book Bomb scheduled for Tuesday for two awesome authors who deserve the exposure (mark you calendars) but if I was to lay odds right now I’m betting I’ll be banned for something else by then (some of my old mini pictures will be hate speech or something).

Oh, and since I’m getting reported by the shitheels from File 770 here’s another author’s experience with what a lying scumbag Mike Glyer is, where Glyer was so dishonest that he pretended to be someone else to post a bunch of slanderous nonsense, but also so stupid he did it from his home IP.

And also yesterday I heard from a different author how China Mike put up a pirate link to one of this author’s stories, and when that author contacted Glyer demanding it to be taken down, Glyer got all self-righteous and started bitching about civility again. Sure. He’s stealing from you, but how rude of you to be upset that you caught him stealing from you.

I tried to warn you about these people.

But don’t worry everybody. Facebook takes the concerns of petty, vengeful morons very seriously (and so will your local SWAT team once Red Flag laws pass!). I’m sure this will all work out splendidly.

I’ll be back on FB in a few days. In the meantime a bunch of the fans have gone over to MeWe as a fallback. I’ve set up an account there but haven’t used it yet (see what I mean about inertia?) but I’ll probably check it out after I get the day’s paying word count done.

Facebook Gulag, Day 3. Book Bomb Tomorrow. MeWe is Nicer Than Expected. And Krasnovian Freedom Forever!
The Super Dumbness Continues, Mike Glyer Edition

75 thoughts on “Banned Again. Facebook Gets Even Dumber, Part III: The Saga Continues”

  1. This is admittedly “penny ante” stuff, but that link to Mr. Paonelli’s blog still has the FB tracking tag on it (the “fbclid” stuff). You can cut that off with a lossless compression of data (all of a couple dozen bytes, yeah 😛 ).

  2. This will not stand! I have incontrovertible proof that Zuckerberg is descended from Pinelandian stock! This is just an underhanded pogrom designed to punish peaceful sandwich makers!

    We will fight, we will win!


    1. Pinelandia refuses to acknowledge Zuckerberg and his retarded cabal of yak botherers as its own.

      Let Bogsmackistan take him.

      1. Oh, no!

        You’re not dumping him on us! We got stuck with Hannibal Lecter and Jeffery Dahlmer. We’ve got SOME standards!

        1. Dahmer, like Gein, was in Wisconsin. If they hadn’t already claimed “Dairy State’ they might well have gotten stuck with, “Wisconsin: We eat people.”

          (Full disclosure: I spent decades in WI. However, I have not eaten any people. Not even the irksome few who probably really deserve(d) it.)

          1. The irksome few who deserve it are very probably toxic beyond the simple sterilizing properties of fire.

          2. In the Eighties, Wisconsin’s State Motto (or at least, their advertising catchphrase) was “Escape To Wisconsin”. Two cuts later, the bumper stickers read “Escape Wisconsin”.

  3. Would be a shame if people started fighting fire with fire……

    The dude in the cap above has some terribly offensive and harassing posts on his FB page.


  4. Wow! When I get offended by a post, I don’t go tattling to anyone about it. I usually just scroll on down. If I find the offender particularly offensive, I just block’m. Not my place to censor anybody else.

    Anyway, you are such a nice guy, I can’t see how anyone gets their panties in a twist about you.

    You keep doing what you do best, and your fans will continue to love and support you.

  5. Imagine if Mike Glyer put this much effort into just running a good fan page?

    LOL, I can’t either. His paid Chinese bots don’t care about content.

  6. The only thing i use the Book of Face for these days is 1) checking out the memes on the Hunters Unite! page and 2) scheduling my Pathfinder home games. That’s it. If I find a better app for table-top RPG scheduling that everyone can use (like Slack, for instance), I’m outta there….

  7. So if Facebook is “boomer” (which I find hilarious, because when I started on it ten years ago it was only for younger Gen Xers and older millennials), what do your kids prefer to use?

    1. Anonymous image boards like the ones the the Democrats on the House Homeland Security committee are trying to shake down.

  8. If Facebook is full of people not paying attention, then we should start reporting on the people who do this kind of thing.

    They wanted a dirty war, they’ve got it.

  9. Who knows, at this rate Myspace might just come back.

    Think it unlikely? How unlikely was the following: Tumblr starts as a competitor to wordpress, gets bought by Yahoo for more than a billion, (Verizon then buys Yahoo at some point) and then Yahoo bans all the pron on Tumblr.

    Tumblr was only really known for two things, Woke activists and pron.

    So now Verizon has sold Tumblr to WordPress’s parent company… for 3 million.

    Yeah, that’s not a typo.


    Bought it for 1,100,000,000, sold for 3,00,000

    About one quarter of one percent of what they paid for it.

  10. Yeah, I agree that while FB is petty and, in the grand scheme of things, small potatoes, the very real threat of SWATting people with “red flag” laws is much more disconcerting, and the digital gnomes that persecute you today on FB will be quite happy to convert that persecution to calling in SWAT on your position.

    For anyone of stature in a place that’s kinda remote (like on a mountain where one has built a house), it would be advisable to get familiar with the local constabulary (or constabularies) so that they are inoculated against this kind of attack vector.

    Just sayin’.

    1. The other problem with red flag is when it “works.”

      Some guy is on the edge, and he gets a SWAT visit: they kill his dog, ransack his home, take his stuff, and humiliate him in front of his family and neighbors. Then they uncuff him and leave.

      “Look, a ticking bomb. I’ll give it a couple of whacks and see what happens.”

  11. I would like to subscribe to your blog. And in case I can’t figure out how via random clicking around this page, please consider this a formal request.

    1. I get notified of updates to this and other pages (particularly ones that don’t update more than a few times a week or month) through RSS feeds.

      Currently using Feedbro in Firefox which works well. I just check that a few times a day rather than working my way through multiple websites on the chance they might have an update.

      Don’t know if this meets your “subscribe” criteria, but hope this helps.

  12. You may want to get on Nick Rekeita’s youtube cast over at Rekeita Law (lawsplaining the interwebs) – they’ve covered comicsgate and other related stuff and are also covering the #KickVic related lawsuit. Someone on the stream recently suggested you as a guest. I think he’d be interested.

  13. I find FB to be tedious and absurd. The only reason I go over there is to interact with friends in private groups and look at animal photos. I can’t even watch videos any longer, because they’re all interrupted by ads.

    Fuck FB. I do have a MeWe account. Anyone interested can find me there.

  14. I’d actually been wondering if blogs might make a come back and if it made sense to think about how to best use a blog and an author website in an updated way.

    There’s also the back-up back-up plan of email newsletters or mailing list forums. Not that I *want* to have to start paying attention to my email again, but if you’ve got a mailing list, Larry, let us know where to sign up.

    1. I’d wager that a loosely-connected network of blogs and subject-oriented forums might start replacing the current centralized and monopolistic systems. Apart from business-oriented hubs, having a virtual profile for its own sake seems to be going out of fashion. Especially given the double trouble of being monitored and tagged on any public appearance, with or without consent, while having your personal data used as advertiser fodder.

      To contrast, the conventional “alias-plus-hidden-email” approach allows for plenty of socializing with next to no risk of harassment, allowing users to converse on their own terms. At the same time, a more streamlined mailing list system can easily cover the “friends” or “followers” functionality of mainstream social networks, while still offering the flexibility and independence of having separate mail servers. Eventually it might even incorporate video streaming, thus breaking the monopoly of, ahem, another censorship prone monopolistic digital giant.

      All in all, I find that the novelty of having your own unified virtual presence has worn off, with the drawbacks ever more heavily outweighing the initially advertised benefits. The good thing is, alternatives exist, and will probably only grow more popular given the losses the mainstream networks are seeing right now. Sic semper…

    2. Yeah, in self-pub author land, newsletter is tge push because it’s the one message platform authors can control. Social media can cut your visibility, make you pay to be seen, or outright ban you. Google can limit the SEO of your website so it doesn’t show in searches. But people still read email.

  15. The nice thing about blogs is you control the content. With Facebook and other social networks, you’re playing in someone else’s yard, so they get to set the rules (and they pretty much own whatever content you post there). So I personally do hope you go back to blogging more. Personally, I’m not sure whether it’s worth it for me to try blogging. When you don’t have an established audience, there’s always the question of what people would be interested in reading that you’d be interested in writing.

    Speaking of your daily word count, are you still doing 10k a week?

      1. Ha! We know your marksmanship skills – I bet you’re misunderestimating that total.

        Unless you count only words intended for fulfilling contractual obligations, that might be a few less! One good fisking has got to be a couple thousand words.

  16. People need to drop the big tech sites and go back to blogs or self-hosted pleroma/gnusocial instances. Concentrating the entire audience in one place that is easily gamed is a problem. I setup my own Mastodon instance for exactly that reason.

    I think the only reason I use facebook is for family and a couple of specific groups where they announce days that a store will be open there.

  17. Mike Glyer posing as someone else to deliver insults is perhaps the least surprising news I’ve heard all week. I wonder how many times he’s done it that we don’t know about?

  18. Larry goes on a bloggspree and Lawdog returns from hiatus?! Christmas in August.

    I kinda dread you getting back into Book Bombs. You have been 100% successful in picking books\authors I enjoy…which is great but sucks up precious guns and ammo funds and adds to the stack o’ reading I’m going to get to someday…maybe.

  19. So two can play this game. Look up the people crowing over reporting our hero to Facebook and return the favor. Claim that they are trafficking in goats.

  20. Still trying to wrap my brains about this one. You could try as a FB alternative, and a lot of more conservative folks I know are already there.

    Also, where do you keep the “Follow” button for your blog? I can’t seem to locate it and I’m dependent on Richard for updating me on what’s happening here.

  21. I really worry that the activists are going to talk themselves into something really, really stupid. Here’s the problem: the theory that if you ignore stupid people they will go away has been proven false. If you ignore stupid people these days, they feel empowered to keep saying more and more stupid stuff until they finally get slapped down.

    Then they repeat the process with a slightly different theme.

    After about a thousand iterations of this it becomes weapons-grade stupid which is so toxic that nobody wants to even slap it for fear of getting it all over themselves. That’s when it becomes its’ own entity wreaking stupidity everywhere.

    So… we owe it to ourselves and future generations to slap the stupidity now while it is relatively mild. We simply cannot risk a stupidity singularity.

    1. I suspect it’ll come down to a what I’d call a “Mr. Rogers moment” – they’ll try to character-assassinate someone way out of their league. Someone with too large a number of social brownie points, so the insults and slander attempts turn back on them. Alternatively, they’ll try and force their speaking point agenda on events that really don’t warrant it, such as natural disasters or personal tragedies, moments where talking out of turn really isn’t a good idea. Only this time, instead of controversy, the response will be that of overwhelming indifference to any further antics. More and more people will just say “I’m done”, and tune them out rather than listen or even argue with them.

      I’m a bit more concerned with what happens regarding enforcement attempts. Ditching certain social networks is all well and good. But when entire governments openly crack down on dissenting voices, I get a real creepy vibe that I’d hoped I’d never see after the 90s in Eastern Europe. This I’d call “the broken stick” – an event where, instead of malice as in the above case, there is a display of incompetence; of weakness. Of the inability of enforcement authorities to defend themselves, all while they’re taking out their frustrations on the weakest forms of opposition. And when that dam breaks, you’re in for tons of fun.

      (Mind you, I’m not worried about the US in this case, but rather the UK, Sweden and the like. You know there’s a serious need of priorities reevaluation when there’s a rape and knife crime epidemic, and the government is more dedicated to stomping out people noting there’s a rape and knife crime epidemic.)

  22. I am sure Glyer’s web host has some terms and conditions that have been broken or abused. Wasn’t there some hay made about websites being responsible for the content visitors supply?

  23. The bonus for us never using Facebook or Twitter folk is your are posting on your blog more lately.

    Which is very nice.

  24. Ox slow. Ox know that.
    Even ox not Facebook.
    Why people Facebook?
    People should be smarter than ox, right?

    1. I’m slow, too, and yet I realized long ago that I wanted to have nothing to do with Facebook. The thing is there are people that I want to talk to who insist that the Internet consists entirely of

      Getting those people to stop using Facebook as their primary (only?) means of communication requires, well, it requires something but I don’t know what it is.

    2. When I first heard about social networking on line, the immediate association was middle school at recess with not a teacher in sight. The very underlying concept of on line social networking offends my taste, so I decline absolutely. Too, the name, “Facebook,” struck me at first hearing as like unto the binders of photos that detectives show to crime victims. Finally, if I cannot do anything about Big Brother (government eavesdropping), I can still starve Little BASTARD Brother (commercial advertising); and such social network sites are ad traps.

      1. I have fun with Google/Android devices that might be listening by somewhat randomly declaring, “I know you’re listening. They shoot spies.”

  25. The rub with FB is that is for some reason, where all the eyeballs are. I’m only on there to market what I do. As to actual “social” stuff, my family and I all moved to a private MeWe group over a year ago.

  26. I am one of those who never initiated a Facebook account, so I look forward to more of your stuff here. However, it means that I missed all the Krasnevin-Pinelandia fun. Would you be willing to re-post it here so we can catch up and join in?

  27. Since my “post goes against community standards”, I’m reproducing it here.

    “While, of course, as a Krasnovian barbarian, Larry deserves to be banned from any place that civilized, or even semi-civilized people gather, it is odd that he was given this ban for referencing one of our most treasured Pinelandian cultural practices. We Pinelanders do not share the provincial attitudes of those sandwich crafting Krasnovian maniacs towards caprasexual behavior, and in fact, consider their position to just be further proof of their ultimate lack of true culture. Of course we Pinelanders engage in sexual congress with goats. Where else does Zuckerberg think the fearsome Pinelandian Goatmen who make up our mighty and terrible Goatman Shock Infantry *come* from? The awe inspiring 97th Head Butters (motto: “Butt Heads Forward!”) are the bane of Krasnovs existence. Then again, I suppose we should expect nothing better from a man whose very name means “Mountain of Suck”. So by all means, ban the filthy Krasnov dogs from Facebook, but ban them for being *Krasnovian*, not for discussing the superior mating habits of their betters.”

  28. Oh, and I saw the pics of the Filer meetup this week. For a bunch of people who always wag their fingers at us over diversity, they are blindingly pallid themselves.

  29. I’m attempting to rewrite the lyrics to a popular fill song to “Banned From Facebook” but I think this needs to be a group effort as the original was. For those who don’t know the song look up “Banned From Argo” by the DeHorne Crew.

  30. Larry, if you want to go ahead with the Book Bomb, I’m damn sure we’d all volunteer space in our streams to get it out…

  31. I cancelled my Farcebook page last week. The data-mining is too much for me.

    Doesn’t seem to matter though. I bought some cable-management tracks yesterday with credit card, today all my ads are for cable management and server racks. New purchase, suddenly they go really heavy on the ads. Its creepy, and disgusting.

    Vile 666 is behaving true to form, complaining to the teacher to get Johnny suspended. They are a cancerous wart on the ass of life. They claim Conservatives are everything bad, but let’s just look at who is getting who banned. Cancerous. Wart.

    And China Mike is a shoggoth made of eldritch buttholes. That one is going down in history.

    Just like to reiterate that on Farcebook, you are the PRODUCT not the customer. Time to shit-can that model once and for all. Boycott them until they bleed.

  32. For those trying to regain some control of your digital information foot print, you are going to need some kind of DNS black hole device to intercept web traffic bound for information warehouses.

    Luckily, such a thing exists: Pi-hole. Install it on a Rasberry Pi 3b, point your network DNS at it, and enjoy yourself as all the data Google and Microsoft et al used to collect from you gets eaten by a black hole with NULL at the bottom of it.

    There is even a reddit community dedicated to it /r/pihole.

    As for FaceBook, when it came out shortly after the election that FB was being used to datamine on its users, I killed my account. I have been FB free for a year and a half now. They are enemy controlled territory, are run by people who hate you and would gladly kick you off the internet entirely, and have no service to offer other than the data of their users, so if you have no compelling reason to be there, you should not be.

  33. Facebook’s vulnerability to SJW shriek attacks are a feature, not a bug, as far as Facebook’s converged staff is concerned. Every time you complain here, file 770 weenies declare victory.

    Get off the platform. If you suffered damage, sue those responsible. Talk to Vox Day if you want ideas about how to make the rubble bounce.

    Get off that converged platform.

  34. Funny you mention MySpace. A social media desperate for users plus a group of social media outcasts could make a match. I wonder what would happen if conservatives just moved en masse to MySpace?

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