Tom Stranger audiobook, narrated by Adam Baldwin, FREE on Audible right now

The original Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent is FREE on Audible this month for anybody with an Audible membership.

Time to kick ass and adjust claims.

Have you ever seen a planet invaded by rampaging space mutants or Nazi dinosaurs from the future? Don’t let this happen to you! A Stranger & Stranger policy can cover your interdimensional insurance needs: no claim is too big or too weird for Tom Stranger. But now, in best-selling author Larry Correia’s relentlessly funny Original, Tom faces his biggest challenge yet. Packed with smart cultural references and brilliantly voiced by Adam Baldwin (Firefly), this tale of intergalactic underwriting sees Tom defending multiple alternate earths—and his prized five-star customer service.

(sorry for the lack of blogging, but the house is done, and we just barely moved in, update posts coming)

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16 thoughts on “Tom Stranger audiobook, narrated by Adam Baldwin, FREE on Audible right now”

  1. Relentlessly funny is the correct description. I nearly wrecked my truck while listening to this the first time. I can crack up my group of friends by just deadpanning the line, “We have to run away right now, Jimmy.”

  2. If this was some ploy to make us want to read or listen to more of your work… well played, sir.

    To phrase it more succinctly, Loved it, loved it, loved it! I only hope there’s more to come of the multiverse’s only hope for quality customer service.

  3. I read this in your Target Rich Environment anthology/collection. Man, I just about died laughing! I’m glad there are more to look forward too.

  4. Real Men don’t keep their money tied up in gold bars.

    Real Men invest in AMMO!

    Which will always have value…

    (hope those were the right HTML tags for this)

  5. Just finished listening to it yesterday!!
    Loved it!!
    Looking forward to more Tom Stranger!!!

  6. Dude, I swapped bedrooms back in April and still haven’t gotten it all straight; if you take a couple weeks off from blogging, well I’ve missed it, but I can’t criticize.

    (I still have a shelf in my closet packed so tightly with stuffed animals that when I moved some back to their owners’ bedroom this a.m., more fell spontaneously later.)

    Remember to properly sight in your claymores and check them daily for tampering.

  7. “(sorry for the lack of blogging, but the house is done, and we just barely moved in, update posts coming)”

    Pictures, or it didn’t happen!

    Congrats on the new digs.

  8. I am busy with Tom Stranger & just wanted to say “hell yeah!”
    It’s so funny & engaging. Thank you.
    Can’t wait for more full length books as I’ve listened to most of them…
    Thanks from South Africa

  9. Will Target Rich be in Audible format? I find these novels are FANTASTIC for traveling. I’m so pooped from work my eyes can be too tired for reading at night but being able to lay back and/or drive with the audible is a life saver. Also, I’ve been having hard time finding stories/narrators as good as Larry and Jim Butcher’s. Until I heard these books, didn’t realize how important the narrator was for the experience.

  10. Curious to see more about Mosh Pitt. How is he going to get out of all the lawsuits? I mean, he said every time he earns money, somebody sues him and he has to pay up because MCB will murder him if he defends himself. Financially, he will go from being poor as a rock musician to being poor as a hunter unless something changes.

  11. “That can’t be Barad-Dur. Sauron didn’t have tube artillery, machine guns, or barbed wire.”

  12. Pretty amusing, in a Firesign Theatre sort of way. Quite a lot of gratuitous liberal/nerd bashing and pro-right macho BS, but if you can get past that (or enjoy it) it is worth a listen.

    1. A few corrections to your review if you don’t mind, kind sir-

      1. I have no idea what that first thing is.
      2. There is liberal bashing. Because they deserve it.
      3. I wrote the second, Murder of Manatees, while a republican was president, and there is republican bashing. Because they deserve it.
      4. Basically everybody deserves it.
      5. But not the nerds. There was no nerd bashing. Having been to probably close to a hundred cons all over America, that part was 100% accurate.
      6. That wasn’t pro-right macho BS, it was pro-libertarian macho BS. Keep it straight.

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