June Update Post

This one is going to be brief, because there’s a lot going on.

The new house is almost done. We’re putting the final touches and cleaning it up now. We have started packing our current house and moving. That’s sucking up most of my time, and probably will for the next couple of weeks.

We bought Yard Moose Mountain three years ago. This has been a giant project, but we are almost there.

Book Stuff

Monster Hunter Guardian will be out in August.

Target Rich Environment 2 will be out in December.

I just finished Tom Stranger 3 for Audible. Don’t know the release date yet.

After the move I’ll be going back to work on Destroyer of Worlds. Which I think is a 3rd quarter 2020 release.


I’m teaching a four hour World Building class at Fyrecon in Layton, June 21st.

I’m teaching a basic mini painting class, running a charity game of Gritty Cop Show, and doing a couple of panels at SpikeCon, 4th of July weekend.

Tom Stranger audiobook, narrated by Adam Baldwin, FREE on Audible right now
A plug for Combat Frame XSeed by Brian Niemeier

32 thoughts on “June Update Post”

  1. Figured you were buried with Yard Moose Mountain 2, Electric Boogaloo. Glad to see you surface for air. Remember, sleep is for wimps. Happy, healthy, well rested wimps. But wimps nonetheless!

  2. I misread Layton as ‘Dayton’ and got my hopes up you were going to be in Ohio. 🙁 Looking Forward to Monster Hunter Guardian. I expect to cry a lot.

    1. Matthew, the eARC is available if you can’t wait.

      MHI Guardian is quite good and felt very good as well with Sarah’s voice for the writing. Really enjoyed that book.

      It was on the whole, pretty upbeat, but did definitely have some dips, dodges and dives. If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a vampire? Not sure on that part. Dang good book!

  3. Congratulations on the massive project completion getting close! Bridgette must be exhausted by this point.

    Will the class be filmed and posted anywhere? I’d pay for that on Vimeo for example. I’m no author but I do like watching/reading about the process and crafting for some strange reason.

  4. Home building can be a pain in the ass. Glad you’re nearing the end of the journey. And hey, not many people can say they own a mountain……

    1. Got a disturbing e-mail from Amazon UK saying that MH Gaudian which I had pre-ordered was not available, similarly when you look at the listing you can no longer pre-order just leave an e-mail address for notification should it become available.

  5. When you’re done moving in, I would like to talk to you about coming to our con in Tupelo, MS, Tupelo Con next April 25 and 26.

      1. Nah, you never saw a Mormon Mountain Drive? Makes Amish barn raisings look like peanuts…

  6. Write some more Grimnoir books! I need a good X-Men story and the comics and movies aren’t providing!

  7. Brian, just purchased Xseed a minute ago. I guess the Amazon sample hooked me.

    Looking forward to finishing it and the sequel!

  8. I heard that you were going to be in Thornton, Colorado at Barnes and Noble for a book signing in August. Is that still on and what is the date?


  9. I have trouble reading anymore and listen to audio books all the time. When will Target Rich be available in that format?

    I am quite addicted to your writing. Seems that most of your stuff is now on my phone. Keep up the great works.

  10. Larry
    Long time fan. I got a concerning cancellation notice on my pre-order for Monster Hunter Guardian from Amazon UK. It is now no longer available for pre-order, is there some UK embargo that you or Baen are aware of?This will obviously hit first day sales numbers for ranking.

  11. Hey Larry,

    You may remember our conversation at FanX. We each shared a couple of pics on our phones, in relations to your new storage area and its uses.

    Then we talked about something your daughter was wanting to lug around in her back pack.

    Just thought I’d let you know, mine is almost finished. And I think Milo would be proud.


    By the way, I’m still searching for that copy of MHI for my soon to be here grandson.

  12. I just ordered the August 2019 Baen Bundle with Monster Hunter Guardian AND Terra Nova: The Wars Of Liberation by Tom Kratman. So near, and yet so far away…

    Now, I’m not in a tearing rush to get a good book. I don’t buy E-ARC’s. I don’t download 1/2 of the book a month early. I usually don’t read snippets, or sample chapters because…

    I can only read a book for the first time once.

    Re-reading it just ain’t the same.

    In the meantime, there is other stuff to do. I downloaded the July 2019 Bundle today, so I’ll be reading River Of Night by John Ringo/Mike Massa after I finish Sarah Hoyt’s Darkship Revenge. I’ve got Partials by Dan Wells, and Variant by Robinson Wells checked out from the library on your recommendation. I’m grinding my way through Chapter 9 of my latest Fan Fiction story.

    And for all those pretentious twits that claim you’re not a *real* author, I can only say:

    If you write stories that people don’t enjoy reading, you are a failure.

    You, Larry, are the very opposite of a failure.

    Have fun in your lair on Yard Moose Mountain. I know how bad moving sucks, but the suckage does end eventually.

  13. Okay, so I’ve read my e-ARC copy. Very first e-ARC I’ve ever gotten.

    And I have a problem, something I noticed after binge-reading all of MHI series again.

    Once I finish the latest book… I want the next one already. ;_;

  14. Just discovered the MHI series about a week ago, so naturally I have read all 6 by now and starting Grunge today. I am curious- do you have an idea of how many books you plan to write around the current Pitt arc? Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but the interviews / podcasts I have found so far don’t address this. Loving the series- I am glad I found it!

    1. Yes, it should release on the same day as the tree-ware; August 6, 2019

      Audible is sometimes a bit flaky on release dates before they have the recording finished. At least I believe that is why we see the variety of pre-order windows from them.


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