Noir Fatale, anthology edited by me and Kacey Ezell, eARC is available now!

This came out while I was on book tour so didn’t have a chance to post about it. The electronic advanced reader copy for the Noir Fatale anthology, edited by me and Kacey Ezell is available now from Baen.

For those of you unfamiliar with Baen eARCs, that is where we put the advanced reader copies (normally meant for book reviewers eyes only) up for sale, so if you don’t feel like waiting for the general release in a few months, you can check it out now.

This is an awesome anthology of all new sci-fi and fantasy noir stories from a great crew of talented authors:

Larry Correia
Kacey Ezell
Laurell K. Hamilton
David Weber
Sarah A. Hoyt
Robert Buettner
Alistair Kimble
Griffin Barber
Michael Massa
Christopher L. Smith and Michael Ferguson
Hinkley Correia
Patrick Tracy
Steve Diamond

I would love to hear what you guys think of these.

A Note About Book Bombs
Cyber Nuclear Book Bomb! Sakura: Intellectual Property by Zach Hill

2 thoughts on “Noir Fatale, anthology edited by me and Kacey Ezell, eARC is available now!”

  1. This was a great anthology. Not a single bad or even not great story in the bunch. Got me wanting to re-read Raymond Chandler again.

    Not going to post any spoilers, but there are some deliciously twisted plots in this collection!

  2. I personally can’t wait to see your story in the next Freehold Anthology that comes out later this year.

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