February Update Post, Back from Book Tour

I am back from book tour, this will be a quick update and tomorrow I will try to get up an actual book tour recap post with pictures of all the events because they were crazy. Even the smaller ones were good size and we got that many people during terrible weather. In fact, I started calling in the House of Assassins Polar Vortex Tour. The winner of the Larry Bowl this year was NoVa (Tyson’s Corner, VA) with 140 people, followed by Dallas (120), and Kansas City (115). So even though those were one of the biggest, or the biggest book signing those stores had ever had, I’m happy to say I’m still not a real writer. 😀 I’ll try and get the pics up tomorrow, because they are nuts.

I had a great time and the fans were awesome. Some funny stuff happened too, which is why I want to put up a full post, but right now I’m in a rush and playing catch up.

The most important thing to make everyone aware of this week is that the Book Bomb for Zach Hill’s Sakura will be launched Wednesday night and run on Thursday. Tell your friends, spread the word, because I want this to be the biggest Book Bomb we’ve ever done.

In other news the Noir Fatale eARC launched while I was on tour, and I’ll get up another post about that too.

Today I’m trying to recuperate, recover, and play catch up. I’ve got hundreds of comments, messages, and emails to try to read. Plus, house stuff.

But tomorrow, tour pics, and Wednesday night, Sakura BB launch!

House of Assassins Polar Vortex Book Tour Recap, now with Video and Pics
House of Assassins Book Tour Starts Now

21 thoughts on “February Update Post, Back from Book Tour”

  1. AA screwed up Steve Stirling’s return trip, too! I still wonder if they realize just how badly they’ve pocked up?????

  2. It was the greatest to see and listen to you! My grandson and I had a really great time!! Glad you made it home safely.

  3. Glad you made it home safe and sound. It was wonderful getting to finally meet you in person. We really enjoyed the talk and hope to catch you again the next time you are in NoVa.

  4. I’m curious, how do you come by those counts?

    I showed up late to the Uncle Hugo’s signing, and I’d be shocked if there were less than 100 people there while I was there

    1. You showed up late there doing a head count of those coming and going. People do have lives can’t stay their all day they have things like work, family, masturbating.

  5. “The winner of the Larry Bowl this year was NoVa (Tyson’s Corner, VA) with 140 people”

    Yeah, me! My stomach and I were at least two of these people, maybe four! I was in the audience! I spoke out of turn!

    I boo’d Larry! Later, my dead body was found in a dumpster, strangled with my own entrails, with a note pinned through my skull by a dirk, reading, “WOE TO YE WHO INTERRUPTS THE MOUNTAIN WHO WRITES!”

    My dying prayer was this: Lord, if You have cursed Larry Correia to be Not a Real Writer, my heaven blast me with such a curse, and upon me visit mountain-buying mansion-building level of financial failure equal with his!

    1. “The Mountain Who Writes”. Appropriate.

      Knowing how tall he is is one thing. Seeing him tower over a hundred people really takes it out of the abstract.

      I’m just glad he was seated when I got to meet him. 😉

  6. NoVA would’ve been larger had it not been for the freezing rain and happening on a weekday.

    Thankfully I was on vacation, can’t say about others who were just getting off from work and having to deal with the double doozy of bad weather and rush hour traffic.

    It still took me nearly an hour to get there from Manassas.

  7. It was my pleasure to make it out to the Tyson’s Corner signing and witness the winning of the Larry Bowl. This was my first time actually meeting an author of one of the books on my shelf and it was certainly memorable.

    The enthusiasm and excitement in the room was palpable. If this is how these events typically go then I’m certain Larry’s new book will sell well.

  8. I saw the video of the Wichita B&N signing, looked like a really good time. You need to come by Asheville, NC one of these days for a signing, no Polar Vortex here, just mild winters and mild summers….

  9. Just saw the cover art for Noir Fatale. That pistol is huge. If that lady needs to install an arm brace I’d recommend the tailhook or tailhook2.

  10. It was really cool meeting you in Houston. You might even remember me, how many people come up to you at a signing and admit they’ve never read any of your books? I am halfway through Son of Black Sword and enjoying it. I’ve ordered the first couple of Monster Hunter books for when I finish House of Assassins.

  11. I’m glad the tour went well 🙂 As for not being a real writer, maybe it is because you actually interact with your fans, unlike so many of the “real” writers out there. As for me and my sons, we can’t wait for more. And yes, I will be getting Sakura during the book bomb. Any idea if there is going to be an audio book available?

  12. Well…I am eagerly awaiting you coming up this way. My Grand Nephew REALLY wants to meet you..after his evil Great Uncle got him hooked on MHI. He’s in Seattle and I am in Vancouver, WA…so need a little warning so either he comes down or I go up so we both get to see ypu at the same time.

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