House of Assassins, now available for preorder on Audible, and other updates

The House of Assassins audiobook is now available for preorder on It is narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds, who did a fantastic job on the first one.

My House of Assassins tour starts next week, and the dates and addresses are here:

If you want personalized, autographed copies of any of my books shipped to you (or you want me and Mike Kupari in any of the ones we cowrote) you can order those here. But you need to do so soon, because I’ll be signing there Monday night.

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7 thoughts on “House of Assassins, now available for preorder on Audible, and other updates”

  1. So, House of Assassins is now out in the wild, with Audible available for pre-order, and we have your schedule for tour.

    What do you expect us to bitch about now? You’ve eliminated all the best topics!

    1. Well, Vaultbooks still hasn’t printed the special edition Grimnoir set, like they were supposed to 2 years ago.
      Not Larry’s fault, but it IS something we can complain about 😉

    2. After reading the eARC, I was going to bitch about the book having not as much world/setting background info as I’d hoped for… but the recently posted Ratul story provided that.

      So I guess we have to complain about the Guardian eARC not being out yet.

  2. YEEEESSSSSSS!!! PRE-ORDERED (to go with the Kindle version, also pre-ordered)

    Thanks, Larry, for being such a fun writer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. What does your compensation look like on hardcover vs audible? Percentage of one versus the other would be fine. Sometimes I worry that by only buying audible I’m not doing a very good job of supporting my favorite authors.

    Thank you for continuing to work hard and put out great content both here and your published works.

    I may not always agree with your stances on everything but I’ll continue to bear the shield against our nation’s enemies that protects your freedom to speak your mind.

    I’m not allowed to have a political opinion in public for a few more years yet 🙂

  4. I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of years now, I got led here by the whole sad/rabid puppies thing and stick around because of the excellent posts. But, I’ve never actually read any of the books. I see you’re coming to Houston on Tuesday and I’m only a couple of hours away and so I am going to brave the insane traffic and come and see you. Looking forward to meeting you and finally getting around to reading some of your work.

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