My House of Assassins Book Tour Schedule

I will put up another post with the addresses for each location (some of the stops are at chains with multiple locations) once I get the final detail list from my publicist, but here are all the cities I will be stopping in next month.

February 4 5:00 PM | Minneapolis, MN
Uncle Hugo

February 5 7:00 PM | Houston, TX
Half Price Houston

February 6 7:00 PM | Dallas, TX
Half Price Books-Dallas

February 7 7:00 PM | Oklahoma City, OK
Barnes & Noble

February 8 7:00 PM | Wichita, KS

February 9 2:00 PM | Kansas City, MO
B&N-Kansas City

February 10 2:00 PM | Edwardsville, IL
Books A Million

February 12 7:00 PM | McLean, VA
B&N-Tyson’s Corner

February 13 6:00 PM | Virginia Beach, VA
Books A Million

Immediately after that I will be at LTUE in Provo Utah.

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44 thoughts on “My House of Assassins Book Tour Schedule”

  1. Cool. I hope you will make it my way sometime. Since my Grand Nephew is now a fan…he wants to see you too..but he lives on Seattle…so hopefully he can get down in time. Catch ya soon my friend.


    1. For the local denizens and visitors coming to Larry’s signing, there’s more than one Barnes & Noble in KC.

      B&N’s website has this location listed for the Kansas City signing:

      Zona Rosa
      8625 Northwest Prairie View Rd
      Kansas City, MO 64153

      (This is what we typically call “North of the River” or North KC.)

  2. I didn’t get a Sig for Christmas but I did get a Tactical Christmas Stocking. Maybe if I hang it up next Christmas Santa will leave me a Sig! Meanwhile I’m trying to figure out who got it and where cause every ILoH should have one (or two!).

  3. VA Beach!!!! Will have to get a copy signed for my Dad! We’re both huge fans! Sadly, he’ll be elsewhere, but I can at least snag him something!

  4. Looking forward to your visit to Edwardsville. Thanks for throwing those of us here in the magnificent People’s Republic of Illinois a bone.

    1. I second Aercho’s comment. I’m excited to see you at BAM in Edwardsville and I’ll pass the word to other fans I know in the St. Louis area!

  5. Edwardsville: A great little town, within commuting distance to St. Louis. Unfortunately captive to the state of Illinois government, run by Chicago mobsters/commies.

    I can recommend La Casa Mexicana, within walking distance from Books-a-Million, but there are other good restaurants too.

    I only go back to visit these days; in fact, I just spent 2 weeks there.

  6. Kansas City, MO:
    Super excited to get to meet you. Love the work, can’t wait for House of Assassins

  7. Awesome that you’re coming to Edwardsville!

    Look forward to seeing you there (airline schedule permitting).

  8. Darn, you’re gonna be down St. Louis way, not up in the Windy City. Alas! (I was going to suggest hitting Kuma’s Corner …)

    Do see the arch. Do have a good tour. Catch you eventually!

  9. So, I own all of your books electronically. Nothing to sign

    Will you be talking with people at Uncle Hugos? Or will it be more “sign, thank you, sign …”

    1. Holy crap he’s coming to OKC. Can’t wait. Now I just have to get a physical copy of something to get signed!

  10. Never been to a signing but cant wait to see you in va beach. This may be a stupid question but will you also sign an MHI book if I bring it along?

  11. You should come to Phoenix AZ as well – there are quite a few Correia/MHI fans here in the south west – Also – if you’re interested, I’ll even spring for a round of Sporting Clays – it would be my pleasure to engage in some percussive therapy with you.

  12. Really…
    Nothing in Ohio…
    After I got every A-hole at WPAFB that could read into MHI…

    For shame!

    Haha, kidding, safe travels Sir, look forward to the next book.

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