What I got done in 2018, and January Update Post

2018 was a really busy year at the Correia house.

Book Stuff

Target Rich Environment, Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints (with John Ringo), and Tom Stranger 2: A Murder of Manatees were all released in 2018.

I wrote House of Assassins, which will be out in February, edited Noir Fatale (with Kacey Ezell) which will be coming out in May, and wrote Monster Hunter Guardian (with Sarah Hoyt), which will be coming out in August.

I also wrote the first part of Destroyer of Worlds, but don’t know the expected release date for that yet, as well as a few new short stories that will be coming out in various places. I’ve got two collaborations in the works, a sci-fi with John D. Brown, and a fantasy with Steve Diamond.

Target Rich Environment 2 is also mostly done, I’m just waiting to hear back on two particular stories I want to use to see if I’m able to reprint them or not. (they both tie into movie franchises so they’re a little tighter about that kind of thing than on most anthologies).

The Dead Six series (with Mike Kupari) is going to get rereleased as an omnibus.

Despite my career repeatedly being declared “irreparably damaged” I’m doing awesome. My last royalty check for 2018 was the biggest I’ve ever received, because it turns out that Monster Hunter Siege was the biggest launch that I’ve ever had. Siege did extremely well in its first royalty period.

Also, The Monster Hunter Files anthology did shockingly well (of the many anthologies I’ve been in, I can count on the fingers of one hand how many earned out and paid royalties) and I was able to send a nice check to every one of the contributors right before Christmas, which was pretty darned cool.

Game and Tie In Stuff

The Monster Hunter International role playing game using the Savage Worlds system should be shipping sometime in the next few months. We needed to wait for Savage Worlds to do their new addition, and they kickstarted that at the end of 2018.

Sometime in 2018 I will be releasing Gritty Cop Show, the game. The very first test game of it was a year ago New Years. We did another test game on the 28th, after brutally murdering Pat’s character, I’m tweaking the rule about minor bad guys adding bonus dice to knife attacks  😀

I’ve got another exciting game thing going on, but can’t talk about it yet.

I optioned the rights to Monster Hunter International for a TV show several years ago, and it’s still sitting out there “in development”. Which basically means that I’ve got no idea what’s going on, I just cash the checks.  Hollywood is weird.  But I do like cashing option checks, so if anybody wants to option any of my other stuff, let me know. Grimnoir would make such a good TV show.

Appearances and Book Tour 

I’ll be doing a book tour in February for the release of House of Assassins. I’ll post the final schedule and stops in the next few days. I’m hitting several cities that I’ve never been to before.

In 2018 I traveled way too much. Between the travel days and the event itself, every con I attend kills the better part of a week’s writing productivity. Last year I went to DragonCon, GenCon, LibertyCon, FanX, LTUE, Salt Lake ComicCon, and I think I’m forgetting some others.  (and that’s not counting the Origins debacle, which though I didn’t travel, dealing with the fall out of their unprofessional stupidity was still a massive time suck).  Plus I did a couple of research trips for various projects.

For 2019 right now I’m only planning on going to LTUE, SpikeCon, FyreCon, and FanX. And notice that all of those are in Utah!

Personal Stuff

There were a few big things that happened to the Correias this year.

We have been building a house. Because of the location and size, it has been an epic and time consuming process. (if you follow me on Facebook I’ve been putting up construction photos the whole time).  Last January we had put in a bunch of infrastructure (it required a half mile driveway just to access the construction site) but hadn’t broken ground yet.

Now we’ve got most of a house. We got buttoned up (roof, windows, and doors) before the winter, so they’ve been working on it all year. They got the insulation in before New Years, and right now they are working on the drywall.  Fingers crossed, and we’ll be moving in sometime this spring.

My oldest daughter moved off to college. Having adult kids is weird. She’s doing fine (and has a story in the upcoming Noir Fatale anthology).

I lost 60 pounds in 2018. I went from size 44 waist pants to size 36. I’ve not worn size 36 pants since high school.  I was 335 at my fattest and I’m 275 now. I’ve posted about this in more detail before, but it has been a combination of low carb and intermittent fasting, so it really hasn’t been too horrible.

And I got a Sig 365 for Christmas.  🙂

Future Stuff

As of right now I’ve got a pile of books planned. Two collaborations in the works. Another Grimnoir trilogy. A bunch more MHI and Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, as well as a few other things that I want to try out.

Hopefully we’ll be moving to Yard Moose Mountain this spring, and then selling our current house.  So it is going to be another busy year.

Last and most importantly, I want to thank you guys, my readers, because you are awesome. I’ve got the best fans of anybody in this business. I hope you have a great new year.



My House of Assassins Book Tour Schedule
Noir Fatale cover reveal

57 thoughts on “What I got done in 2018, and January Update Post”

    1. That’s all I check his site for. I love all his work but take it as it comes but I’m craving more grimnoir

  1. SWEET. I put a slew of your books on my Amazon wish list and my Mom seems determined to single-handedly buy me all your books. So that’s rad, haha. Looking forward to reading the two I got for Christmas. I can see why MHI is your bread and butter. The writing is great.

    Here’s to another year of badassitude.

    1. Yes, no kidding! Damaged. Huh. Pretty sure that’s the voice of jealousy or just plain spite & envy.

      Keep it up man, yer doing great and we love ya!

  2. I’m so excited about the Grimnoir trilogy. Those books have some of the most interesting characters in SFF as a whole. Can’t wait to get back into that world!

  3. It looks like some of the upcoming book launch tour dates are already up on Baen’s website. Congrats on all the good forune of the past year! And best of luck on all the upcoming goodness.

  4. Larry, as a proper capitalist, I take great joy in seeing you prosper by making my life more fun. Keep up the good work. If you ever decide to travel further for cons, I highly recommend Planet Comic-Con in Kansas City. And not just because I can usually make that one.

  5. I really enjoy your books, Larry, especially the Grimnoir universe. But I also really enjoy that you are out loving life, doing well, and proving the haters wrong.

  6. Congratulations, Larry, on a great year – especially with your weight loss journey. Looking forward to new and awesome stuff in 2019.

  7. What a fantastic year! I look forward to your next Monster Hunter books and very forward to the Grimnoir books! I recommend your books with pleasure to every customer I come into contact with at work. It’s easy to do as they are so much fun to read, and I work for Barnes and Noble. I wish you all the best in the coming year!

  8. Looking forward to the new books. Just out of curiosity do you intend to write any more Malcontent books at some time in the future?

  9. OK, let’s be totally clear, you don’t owe me a thing, and all the free ice cream is appreciated anew every separate instance that it is served.

    But a little clarity, please: Have you drawn a line under the Christmas Noun in Sharpie?

    1. There was a Christmas noun this year? In sharpie? No wonder I couldn’t find it — my computer only does pixels! Must be time to get a new one.

  10. “Sometime in 2018 I will be releasing Gritty Cop Show, the game. The very first test game of it was a year ago New Years. We did another test game on the 28th, after brutally murdering Pat’s character, I’m tweaking the rule about minor bad guys adding bonus dice to knife attacks ”

    You mean sometime in 2019 you’ll be releasing Gritty Cop Show?

    1. No. He’s got a line on some time travelling equipment.

      Eventually that line will read “I released Gritty Cop Show, the game in …” and both your post and my response will disappear.

  11. Congrats , both on your career and the weight loss. A happy productive life is the best revenge against the terminally unhappy, uninteresting haters.

  12. Congratulations on another year of living well and building an Evil Mountain Lair. What are your initial thoughts on the Sig 365? I’ve been looking at it quite a bit, but haven’t pulled the trigger, so to speak, as I’m waiting for the rumored version with a grip safety to come out.

  13. Rights checks can be like that. I remember reading a post from an author named Mike (not sure if it was Stackpole, Resnick, or someone else) on Facebook a few years ago.

    He commented that he had a story that was written decades ago, that someone optioned back in the 90s. The option was for an initial payment for about 5 years rights, a payout of “X” dollars for the finished product, plus “10% of X” per year after the initial 5 years ran out to renew.

    His comment was that the most recent renewal (without a final product even being close to starting filming) had come in, and that he’d now made more from the option renewals than if the original project than if the project had been made in the original 5 years (having reached 16 years since the original deal, or the original payment plus 110% of X from 11 years of renewals). Last I heard, he was still raking in money each year on it.

  14. Looking forward to ‘House of Assassins’ and I hope the new year rocks for Larry &Co, and indeed everyone.

  15. You’ve come a long way from The High Road and your original self-publication of MHI. And done a very well deserved job at it. Looking forward to you doing more of same in the coming year.
    Could you occasionally post pictures here of Castle Correia for those of us who don’t do face…?

  16. I liked your 2018 and I’m going to like your 2019. A lot! Monster Hunters, Grimnoir, and short story collections, woohoo!

    I’d also like to see another of your “business of writing” posts. Something about how the money is handled for everything but normal book royalties (which I think you’ve already covered).

    This post opened up at least two questions: 1) Why is it you who is writing checks for stories in an anthology instead of the publisher? (Or was that poetic license?) and 2) How are you getting money from a work “optioned” to Hollywood when nothing apparently is getting done? It’s not just a first payment for rights, then another when it hits the screens, and then non-existent anything else because Hollywood accounting screws the writers? Or is the dreator of a “property” different from the screenwriter?

    1. On anthologies, the publisher pays the editors, who pay all the authors.

      An option means that a production company has reserved the rights to film that particular thing, and nobody else can. You get paid more for actual production. But in the meantime, as long as they are paying for an options contract, no one else can use that work.

  17. Congrats on all of you many success!I’m sure the Guardian will release a retraction any day now.

    Have you any further updates on the leather bound Vault Books editions? The website said 2018 release and the waiting is killing me.

  18. Just looked at the cover for Noire Fatal. A new Grimnoire story AND a new Anita Blake story, You managed to sell it to both me and my wife simultaneously!!! (Chuckle) Sounds like 2018 was a solid year. Personally I’d LOVE a review on your new Sig P365….(excited by the new Mossberg MC1sc myself)

  19. Congrats on a great year and here’s hoping to a better 2019. Please share on the weight loss program. I’m needing to shag a good 50 for sake of health and type II.

  20. Add me to the list of Grimnoir fans. Boy, I’d love to see HBO-level commitment to making that a series.

    Or Netflix, a’la Altered Carbon (without screwing up the story as much).

    Looking forward to all of your work.

  21. It is great and sad news about grimnoire (if plans have not changed),since my most favorite character of GC, will not make apearence (J. M. Browning).

  22. Yeah, anthologies are usually disappointing, but MH Files was one of the few that did not. And TRE was pretty good too, even the Tom Stranger stuff reads well now that it’s cleaned up.

    Looking forward to more Grimnoir. Felt that was clearly your best work, at least until Nemesis. Anyways, thanks for keeping up the pace of great reads.

  23. “low carb and intermittent fasting”

    Good for you! I also started doing daily 16 hour fasting this year after reading Lee Know’s book “Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine” on MFRTA, for years I’ve done two near-zero carb meals shakes a day (heavy on olive oil and flaxseed) but hopefully the fast is helping to drain the mitochondrial energy channels, I do a medium workout at the end of the fast to really suck them dry. I’ve always had a slender build but I was getting a bit jiggly here and there. Also found a bit of d-ribose seems to ease any angina I experience toward the end of a fast (it’s supposedly only metabolized by cardiac muscle making it a sort of non-carb carb).

    1. btw 36 waist is pretty impressive for a guy carrying 275 lbs around… I’ve been 36 since college but I’m at 190 now after fasting and only dropped maybe 15 lbs… your arms must be twice the size of mine. Going to look awesome for book signings!

        1. yeah 50/36 is pretty awesome… my 44/36 isn’t bad but at 6’2″ I’m basically a stick figure next to you… glad the regime is working so well for you, when you really big guys find a way to cut the results are usually amazing.

  24. Looks like my original comment got eaten, just wanted to say I was not surprised MH Files did well, it’s one of the few really good anthologies I’ve read. TRE was also great, even the Tom Stranger parts read well after being cleaned up.

    Looking forward to more Grimnoir, felt like that was your best work till Nemesis.

  25. Larry, I salute your success of 2018 and wish you more of the same for 2019. May my writing career crash and burn exactly the way yours has. ~:D

    By the way, your auto-fill feature thinks I’m Ben Yalow. Comments are broken again.

  26. “Despite my career repeatedly being declared “irreparably damaged” I’m doing awesome. My last royalty check for 2018 was the biggest I’ve ever received….”

    Oh that we were all so irreparably damaged.

  27. I hope your failure in being a real writer continues to cause your bank account to over inflate and that you keep this old fan entertained until the final chapter of my life. Thank god you and Ringo are younger than I.

  28. Glad that you had a good year.

    Looking forward to a new Grimnoir trilogy.

    Looks like Savage Worlds new edition is planned for a June release or so. I was a kickstarter backer and that was the timeline they stated and updates make it appear they are keeping to that schedule. So the MHI roleplaying variant on the Savage Worlds game might be coming out mid-year 2019.

  29. Oh sweet, more Grimnoir! I finally found where my books were (somehow they ended up behind a row of Star Trek novels) and my son devoured them over the Christmas holidays. When he was done, he asked if there were more, and I had to tell him no.

  30. Larry, In your professional opinion, if NASA sent a werewolf to the moon… would it be constantly wolf? or constantly person?

    1. Being the subject of an experiment like this would be one Hell of a way to earn a PUFF exemption. I would hate to be a normal human along for the ride on *that* mission….

  31. Sounds like a great year! Yay to more MHI & Grimnoir & continued audiobooks by Bronson P & Oliver W. I recommend those books to everyone!! A new house will be awesome & your eating plan obviously paid off. Happy new year & cheers to a wonderful 2019!

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