House of Assassins (sequel to Son of the Black Sword) eARC AVAILABLE NOW!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, an eARC is an Electronic Advanced Reader Copy. The actual book release isn’t until February. These are the things which normally would only go out to reviewers, but Baen makes the ebooks available for customers who can’t wait.

House of Assassins picks up right after Son of the Black Sword. I’m really proud of this one. Jim Minz has been my editor for a bunch of my novels. He told me that in his opinion, he thinks this is the best book I’ve ever written. I don’t know about that, but I really am proud of it and this series. Book three is Destroyer of Worlds, and I’ll be working on it for the rest of the year.

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27 thoughts on “House of Assassins (sequel to Son of the Black Sword) eARC AVAILABLE NOW!”

  1. Damn you Buckaroo Banzai, damn you to the hell. I already got a large pile of backlog, now this will have to move to the front.

  2. I’ve never commented here or on your FB… I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this book! I enjoy everything you’ve written, but Son of the Black Sword was my favorite of your work so far. I’m gonna wait until February, though. I want the final, paid for version ????

  3. I’m very excited for this book. Patient enough to wait for the audiobook, though. Definitely something to look forward to for February. I’ll need to make sure to re-listen to the first one before it comes out.

  4. This is handy. Tonight, the wife is off to dinner with her sister and her mother. Just me and my 2 month old son. Given what 2 month olds do, which is mostly eat and sleep with brief moments of exciting diaper changes, I know what my night is going to look like!

  5. Well, crap. Better step up my timeline for re-reading Son of The Black Sword.

    Well, listening to it on audio book. But I DO have about 1000 9mms that need to be handloaded, so I guess it’s time to get busy.

  6. Hi Larry
    Just finished reading House of Assassins EARC, enjoyed it, more please. Hope you get a big chunk of the $15, I figure you and John Ringo are worth the expense. 🙂

  7. That was fucking awesome. Stole glimpses of it at stop lights, most dangerous driving I’ve done probably ever. Looking forward to finding out what’s going on with *i feel like mirror is cryptic enough to not be a spoiler* and hoping you’ll need several more books to explain it all

  8. Ohhhh, that’s good news! My son’s inhaled all of anything I’ve got that’s MHI related, and devoured the Target Rich Environment anthology… was asking me last night if there was anything else of yours he could read. I was holding off on Son of the Black Sword, but now I can hand it to him when he gets home!

  9. Huh, I could have been reading this 4 days ago. Well, at least RDR2’s main campaign is done and I can put off the epilogues for a day or two.

  10. been long enough that I need to reread SotBS first. I’ve been looking forward to this more than anything except MHI core series stuff.

    maybe more. early series stuff usually has more punch than later series stuff.

  11. Aaannnd finished it. It is excellent. Mr. Minz is right, it’s probably your best writing. You managed to avoid the problem so many writers have with the second book of a trilogy being the weakest link; the characters and the world they live in continued their development, the plot twists were (mostly) truly unexpected, and the writing…I don’t know if you’re just getting better with practice or you have some special affinity for this material, but it is your best.
    Damn, now I have to wait for Destroyer of Worlds.

  12. I know that this is way off base Mr. Correia, but I have to ask.

    How can there be Mormons like you, and then Mormons like Harry Reid and Mitt Romney? No offense but Reid is a duplicitous lying piece of shit and Mitt Romney, while being a thoroughly decent man, is a wimpy milktoast who just won’t or can’t fight to defend normal Americans. He’d rather lose gracefully than fight.

    And then there is you, to whom none of the above descriptors apply.

    1. How can their be Popes like John Paul II and like Francis? How can their be Jews like Ben Shapiro and like George Soros?

      We’re all made from the crooked timber of humanity. I think some religions are better about encouraging their members to straighten out than others are, but I’m almost positive none of them have discovered the secret sauce to making all of their believers awesome.

  13. But…but…I can’t have real thing until February??????


    No offense to Baen and their eARACs, but I want to hold that shiny black book in my hands, and I was kind of hoping I could ask for it for Christmas.

  14. Not to put too fine a point on it, but SotBS is the best story arc I have read in the last decade.

    Can you please elaborate on how we “book bomb” for you? There are very few authors for whom I would buy multiple copies/versions of their work, just to get the point home of “THIS. I LIKE THIS AND WILL SPEND LOTS OF MONEY TO GET MORE” and you are the head of that queue.

  15. Awesome Larry. Holding out for the hardcover, but happy to add to my Correia collection.

    Off topic question: since your last printing of challenge coins I’ve gotten into them . Any chance you’d do another run at some point in the not too distant future?

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