The eARC for Target Rich Environment is out now

The eARC for Target Rich Environment is out!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with eARCs, it stands for Electronic Advanced Reader Copy. An ARC is what normally gets sent to reviewers months before the book comes out, but Baen realized a long time ago that people will pay to get books they want several months early. In fact, they’ll pay extra, and as devout capitalists, that’s awesome.

eARCs have not gone through the final copy editing process, so a lot of time you get to see all the happy fun bonus typos and author screw ups that didn’t get caught before turn in. Some eARCs have big changes from the final (like the legendary *insert explosions here*), but honestly my manuscripts have all been pretty clean, so I’ve never had a major change between any of my eARCs and the final product.

In this case, Target Rich Environment should be good to go because it is a collection of my short fiction. I’m very proud of this. Being primarily a novelist, I’m not known for my short fiction, but I’ve actually published a ton of it. This is volume one of my favorites.

Many of these stories have appeared in other places before, but most of my fans haven’t read them. Some markets are more obscure than others. There are also some originals where this is the first time they’ve ever been in print, including a Bubba Shackleford story co-authored with my daughter. This was her first ever professional sale (and her 2nd will out next year).

And for the first time ever in print, the complete Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent.

In this collection I’ve got fantasy, sci-fi, horror, action/adventure, and comedy. I’ve got stories from MHI, Grimnoir, Dead Six, a few other people’s IPs, and a bunch of original settings. So it’s a little bit of everything.

So check it out. The regular release will be in September.

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49 thoughts on “The eARC for Target Rich Environment is out now”

  1. Did you break the mobile Baen site?!? I’m having nothing but issues with it over my phone. My PC can access it just fine.

      1. They do that for all their collections. Eric Flint was a wizard. David Drake was a Roman senator. So on.

        1. That cover is badass. I like the honking bigg hobnail boots. You can almost hear the monster teeth crunching. Artist? Big thumbs up.

  2. Pictured on cover: author in the act of harassing innocent cosplayers at DragonCon. Not pictured but also present at the even: John Ringo and his Howling Commandos and a murder of manatees.

          1. I came across all that BEFORE starting his Keldar series.

            It had always confused me ’till then.

  3. Sweet! Is there going to be an audio book version? I love listening to your books while traveling.

  4. Hell, I’d buy it for the cover alone! But I’m also excited about the new Bubba Shackleford story. I’m fascinated by the early history of MHI and the Shackleford family and I always want more of it. Maybe some short stories about when Earl was young, too? 🙂

      1. Oh. Em. Effing. Gee.

        They have options for you to get that on THROW PILLOWS.

        YOGA MATS.



        I know what my extended family is getting for Christmas.

  5. Holy balls, Batman!
    That is the got to be the coolest cover of all time. If it was me, I’d blow it up to at least 3×5 ft and hang it in the bedroom so my wife would see it all the time.
    Side note, where does MHI get body armor that is so “slimming”? Milo must be working overtime.

  6. I saw that title and the first thought that popped into my head is a story about Larry going to a progressive con in full combat debate mode. Paradigm destruction. Balloon puncturing. Pompous ass deflation. Cracking of critics. Superior point control. Dumping the bag of bovine digestion end product back on top of the BS-ers heads. Opponents heads exploding, frothing at the mouth, fainting and uncontrolled twitching as they try to wrap their minds around the real world.

  7. Nice to have some good news. But old fuddy-duddy I am I’ll be waiting ’til September.

    Very, err . . . striking cover btw. -g-

  8. Read the co-authored story.

    The parts that don’t “feel” like Larry puts me in mind of the better new authors on Amazon I dredge for.

    She’s got a future reader.

  9. I saw that cover and immediately thought advertising:

    “AUDIT? NO PROBLEM! Go Correia or get eaten by a grue!”

  10. In an alternate universe, Larry Correia decides there’s more then one way to get his three hundred dollars back!

  11. Glad that they forked out for the (basic) refund, but it still leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. 🙁

  12. “Dead Waits Dreaming” gave me the chills. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sit in a dimly lit room, holding a Teddy bear and weeping for an hour or 52.

  13. I’ve been wondering for a while and this seems like the best place to ask this: Did Milo Anderson ever do the standard-issue Mormon missionary trip? If so, where, and how did it go?

    1. Not being Larry, I can’t give a *definitive* answer, but there are cases where the usual expectation for young men to serve a mission has been waived. Not common, but not unheard of. Considering a line in the first book which suggests that at least some general church leaders know Milo personally and are aware of what he does for a living, I think it’s not unreasonable to assume that somebody down the line decided that Milo’s time was better served ridding the world of unearthly creatures rather than proselytizing. But those are just my thoughts.

    2. According to what Monster Hunter Memoirs said, Milo got recruited into the company while being a young teenager. Not sure how that affect his ability to take a long break away from the company to fulfill his religious obligations.

      1. I feel like Earl would be the kind of guy to allow it, at least in Milo’s case. But like I said in my other comment, I’m not sure if it would be necessary.

  14. I skimmed your blog and didn’t see where you addressed this question, so apologies if I missed it. (And this may be the wrong venue to ask it so a second apology if that’s the case).


    I’m curious about whether downloading an eBook from places like Barnes and Noble or Amazon or buying a paper copy (hard or soft) is better for an author. The internet seems a bit wishy-washy on the subject and I’d put more stock in Real Life Experiances from an author/accountant/owner of a mountain than random sources. Are the numbers counted as the same when a publisher looks at buying another book? Aside from self-publishing, does one format pay out better than the other for an author? I suppose the simple answer is just buy whatever you like or that it depends on the contract, advance, and other issues, but the question popped up because if I’m going to support an author, I was wondering what’s the best way to make them more money (and yes, I know… buy every book in paperback, hard cover, audible, and eBook format and then send certified funds to his Swiss bank account).

    1. Depends. Who is the author doing business with?

      Self-pub through Amazon? Depends on Amazon’s TOS, but ebook probably is more, due to not covering cost of printing.

      Small honest publisher? I don’t know what Baen’s terms are.

      NY trad pub? May not even count the sale on the royalty statement.

    2. This is a FAQ on the Baen Bar.

      eARC, ebook from Baen, ebook from elsewhere, hardcover, trade paperbook, mass market paperback.

      But the normal response is to just buy what’s convenient, and if you want to get the author more money, buy an extra copy and give it to friends. That not only gives the Author more money from you, but it also grows the fanbase which gets the Author more money over time

  15. (like the legendary *insert explosions here*)

    I really hoped that John would have had the time to add all the gooey wonderfulness of the description of an OMFG missile strike in its place at the end of Chapter 14. Alas, it was not to be.

  16. B’ham gnome spotted.
    The first pic at the following:
    pitsnipesgripes dot blogspot dot com/2018/05/random_29.html

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