May Update Post

Still lots of stuff going on.

Writing Update 

My next release is the last Monster Hunter Memoirs novel, Saints, with John Ringo. It ill be out June 3rd. The eARC is available now, the reviews are positive, and people really seem to be enjoying it.

Then in September, my short story collection Target Rich Environment comes out. I’ve been going on the page proofs for it today. I’m super proud of this one. I actually love writing short fiction, but since its been published all over the place, most of my regular fans haven’t read most of these.

This is a fun one for me because it’s all over the board, different styles, different genres, going for different vibes. Its got action, comedy, horror, a couple of sad parts, a little bit of everything. And its a fun way to show that I’m not a one trick pony.

It also contains a story I cowrote with my oldest daughter, and that is pretty neat.

House of Assassins is done but I don’t know the release date yet. I keep saying this, and doofuses keep giving Son of the Black Sword negative reviews because they think there wasn’t a sequel. It ain’t like I do an update post every month for kicks and giggles.

I’m currently working on Monster Hunter Guardian. First draft by Sarah is done. I’m 1/2 through it doing my tweaks and edits, but since I had to pause for a different project because of timing, I’ve sent that 1/2 back to Sarah for her to do her next editing pass, while I keep working on the 2nd half.

The other project is for an anthology that I can’t announce yet. I’m one of the two editors for it, and I need to get my story done for it. I’m just waiting for one last contract to come in from an author, and then I can announce what it is and who is in it. (fun subject, and it has got some great authors and really big names).  I’ve got the first five stories already turned in, and they’re great.

I got some good writing related news. Monster Hunter Siege was the #5 bestselling fantasy paperback in the country last week on Nielsen Bookscan.

Yard Moose Mountain

Property developers earn their money. Holy moly. My hobby for two years now has been getting permits, and permits for permits, and filling out forms to get a permit to apply for a different permit, and then paying large sums of money to various people, places, and things in order to satisfy other people, places, and things, so they’ll give me permits too.

In other words, construction on Yard Moose Mountain is proceeding. The primary excavation, trenching, power lines, roads, drainage, geothermal, and septic has been going on for the last few weeks., since it finally stopped snowing on us so we can actually move dirt.

And it is a LOT of dirt. We are bending the mountain to our will.  On the bright side, normally in a project like this that means they’d have to cart off tons and tons of dirt somewhere else, but since I’ve got space, all that dirt is just turning into berms and backstops. My pistol range will now be 50 yards wide and 70 yards deep with 12 foot berms.  All that material only made a dent in the whole.

And that doesn’t even get into the part where we have to bring in a thousand tons of gravel for the road.

People keep asking me how come the house isn’t done yet… I don’t think they realize the magnitude of this process. This isn’t just building a house on an empty lot where everything already exists. It’s taken me two years to create what’s basically an empty lot.

Statement Concerning My Being Disinvited as the Guest of Honor for Origins Game Fair
Further Examples of why in my Opinion, Mike Glyer is a Scumbag and File 770 is Evil.

54 thoughts on “May Update Post”

  1. I love your books and I am currently reading Son of a Black Sword. I will be leaving a review on Amazon when I am done. I love all of your work that I have read so far. Keep it up. Thankfully I get paid on June 3rd.

  2. You are going to invite us all over for a shooting party/barbecue when it’s done, right?

  3. What, no update on the MHI setting for Savage Worlds? 🙂
    Yes, I’m getting those updates, of course I backed it. I have half a table waiting for me to get the stuff so I can run it at cons this fall.

  4. Just don’t tell us you have decided to become a real estate developer. Because that would make manatee’s cry.

  5. Good luck with the property and the house construction. I hope that one of the people you’re paying a lot of money to is looking at the drainage closely. Being on top of a mountain should help you get the water to drain away from the house, but even a slight downward slope towards the house can mean water problems. I’ve had unpleasant experiences with drainage and plumbing issues so it’s a real focus for me whenever I have to relocate. French drains can be a real help….

    Looking forward to Saints. I hope John Ringo’s muse strikes again and he continues to want to join you in playing in the Monster Hunter sandbox.

  6. I have a collection of negative reviews I’ve found for your books and some are really hilarious, but it’s hard to top “This sucks because it doesn’t have a sequel yet.”

    (Well, the one in which someone complained that Monster Hunters should LOVE the government because they help them out all the time was probably the best ever, but unfortunately I lost track of that one.)

  7. I am patiently waiting for the day that the kickstarter thing requires paying for, because TAKE MY MONEY

    (Though, I will not complain if this happens end of May/early June. My schedule right now RL is a mess.)

    1. Oh, money has been spent. When I see you in person I’ll have to tell you how much the infrastructure and driveway cost. 😀

  8. Are you 100% sure saints is *June* 3rd? I ask for 2 reasons; Amazon has saints coming out on *July* 3rd, which is a Tuesday. The second reason… June 3rd isn’t a Tuesday.

      1. Thanks Larry. Already preordered all three. Can’t wait to put them up by my Monster Hunter leather bounds.

  9. Maybe you could use all that extra dirt to put in a rammed-earth wall around the property, or part of it. Crenelations along the top to facilitate defense would give it that nice, homey, Lord of Hate feel that’s really timeless.:-).

    Not enough dirt? Dig a moat and use the dirt from that!

  10. Novices don’t realize what a monumental task you have taken on. Good luck and I hope the permits keep coming because this is just the first phase of permits! Some demented evil soul sits in his basement cubicle coming up with ideas for a permit to get a permit so that in 6 months everything expires and you have to come back and you find out they have change a code that now covers an endangered black and orange six legged grass slug so you now cannot use the underpinning you were planning on and you now must source an eco friendly product that costs three times as much and takes six weeks to get there! Sorry, I may have issues. Congratulations on the books!

    1. Mr. Correia Builds His Dream House.

      Don’t worry, Larry. Now that Janet Reno is dead it’s safe to call it a compound…

  11. Ummm…what happens if a highly successful monster hunter decides to build himself a house out in the wilderness to ‘get away from it all’ but finds out after he and his family move in that he’s quite accidentally built his domicile on a truly ancient indian burial ground and/or a place where really anti-social people a long time ago held arkane rituals of an exceedingly unpleasant nature?

      1. That’s what they tell you in school with their revisionist history. But once you start getting into real history the truth becomes quite obvious. Forex, Julius Caesar was pretty obviously a Democrat’s Democrat. There are dated traces of Democrat worship practices as far back as 166 MYA.

          1. Check out Steve Renfroe. It isn’t unheard of for Democrats to lynch one of their own to avoid getting stuck with liability for their actions.

  12. When I built my house it was on a lot in a developed neighborhood, so I didn’t have to go through the permit hell you did, but I still shudder when I remember going through countless catalogs picking out moldings, light fixtures, flooring, plumbing fixtures, wallpaper, paint, cabinets, etc., etc. I don’t envy you that part of the process. You will end up with exactly what you (or more likely what your better half) want, but it’s a major time suck.

  13. Folks I can attest to the description of the joys of developing land for housing. The above description is exact with no trace of hyperbole. Mine was a small project that ended with a $20,000 pile of paperwork, before the final building permit was issued. Government adds 20 percent to the cost of building and years to the process.

  14. “People keep asking me how come the house isn’t done yet.” Yeah, I understand Mr. Khufu had the same problem. Still, if it turns out he was right and you really do get to take your toys with you, you’re going to be really glad you built it.

  15. Looking forward to the ‘House of Assassins.’ ‘Son of the Black Sword’ was IMNSHO an worthy winner of the Dragon awards.

  16. Ya know … in most of Wyoming, you don’t need any stinking permits to build anything …

    But then you have to live in Wyoming.

        1. No. In the late 1990s some tree-hugger got them listed as endangered. Alas. We were finally able to eradicate the little boogers down here, but now there’s a new reservoir up north.

          1. You have to watch out for the flying jackalopes when driving across the northern plains states too. Hit one those at speed and it’ll go right through your windshield.

          2. > Apparently the jackasses all work for
            > Origins…

            Yeah, I just saw what happened with them and Larry a few minutes ago. I have a feeling Origins Games is really, really going to regret their decision.

            This bullshit is needlessly tearing fandom and gaming apart and causing permanent damage. This is not going to end well for the SJWs in the long run.

    1. “But then you have to live in Wyoming.”

      And the problem with this is…?

      ( <—- wants to retire in Ten Sleep, but needs to convince the wife)

  17. Correia rants about getting disinvited from Origins.

    His cross burning fans prove EXACTLY why he was disinvited by running around threatening violence, encouraging violence and doxxing people on his facebook thread.


      1. I just wish he’d been smart enough to post in the correct thread so that everyone could enjoy his brilliance.

  18. “House of Assassins is done but I don’t know the release date yet. ”
    I am excited for this sequel. Hope the release date is known soon.

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