eARC for Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints AVAILABLE NOW!

The eARC for Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints is available now:


Saints is the last of the memoirs trilogy written by me and John Ringo.

For those of you who don’t know what an eARC is, it stands for Electronic Advanced Reader Copy. These are the early versions of the manuscript, not fully edited, which get sent out to the reviewers. Baen, being buffed capitalists, understand that fans will pay to get a book early so they make their eARCs available for sale to you guys. (How many people like eARCs? Let’s put it this way. I earned out my advance for Nemesis on eARC sales alone. Because capitalism makes you ripped!).

eARCs aren’t fully edited, so you even get to see all the typos we turn in. Some eARCs or more polished than others, and there are long running jokes about scenes like “insert explosions here”. But honestly, of all my books so far there has never been a major change between the eARC and the final. Other than copy editing, that’s pretty much it.

If you read the eARC, stop by the Monster Hunter International, Hunters Unite page on Facebook, where there is a spoiler filled discussion thread. From the reviews so far, people are loving this one.

The official release date for the actual book is July 3rd.

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36 thoughts on “eARC for Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints AVAILABLE NOW!”

  1. Grrr, about the only time I regret killing my FB account with fire is when I know I’m missing something from you or from John Ringo.

    Based on the end. . .would it be safe to say that Mr Ringo has left room to play around in your universe at a later date?

    1. He left room for 2 more novels and a spinoff series w/o needing a shoehorn.

      Chad’s story arc is complete, but there are some spots that could be filled in ; )

      1. That was pretty much my thoughts as well. I’m eagerly awaiting the introduction of the character for the spinoff 🙂

        I’ve really enjoyed John’s books, so if he decides to write more in this universe you will not hear me complain!

  2. Appropriate somehow that this gets released when Ringo is the latest subject of the 24/7 Hate.

    1. Yup. Just bought the eARC even though I don’t normally do that. And I’ll buy it again when the final version comes out.

      Because eff you, commies.

        1. Wow! I figured it had something to do with a Con, but that was just amazing.

          Thank you! That was a fantastic read while I was enjoying my morning coffee!

          1. Just being John Ringo was enough, apparently.

            Not to worry. Now that John “Multiple NYT best-seller” Ringo is gone, Gerald “Amazon sales rank: 3.3 million” Coleman can come back without being triggered.

            Coleman is guaranteed to have the attendees flocking in. Just flocking.

          2. Of course he isn’t happy. Cry Bullies are never happy. They get their power from being perpetually offended.

            They put the Con in a no win situation. However they proceed, they get screwed. Whatever they do or say is “problematic”. They lost a super popular author with a ton of fans, and they couldn’t even appease this random dipshit.

            Social Justice Warriors destroy everything they touch. They are a cancer.

          3. That only answer is to send SJWs packign wherever you find them. Ejject them from any organization you find them in. If you have one in your company, tell them to pound sand. Their side created the new rule set. None of us wanted it but that is the way it is now and that is what the SJWs insisted it should be. Now it is time to make them live by their own rules until they piss blood.

          4. I’m not sure how these little twits end up getting so much power. Sure, the little SJW types are going to boycott, but what does that actually hurt? Laura Ingraham actually got a ratings hike due to the boycott attempt. I’ve also done my own little boycotts of the companies that decided to boycott her and the NRA. I doubt it’ll actually do any good, but at least I’m not giving them money.

            I’m working on converting all of my tree library to epub so I’ll just prioritize Ringo’s books until I’ve got the rest. It’ll be a really good excuse to go back and re-read some of his older series.

          5. I am deeply shocked to see a bestselling author getting attacked by someone who sells less than I do.

  3. I know Baen says that the eARCs are the biggest “bang for your buck” as far as compensating the authors go:

    >However, speaking in general and in monetary terms, the author will receive the most return from your investment in the following order:
    >Hardcover eBook
    >Trade Paper eBook
    >Trade Paper
    >Mass Market Paperback

    Can you say where buying into their monthly bundles falls in this list?

    1. I can see that being true for individual purchases, but I changed to Amazon a couple of years ago because I heard somewhere that a purchase there, increasing the sales rank, would get it free publicity on Amazon recommended and hotlists. It also gives you the Verified Purchaser flag on reviews, which makes them count more if I understood correctly. If that is not right, then I need to go back to baenebooks, because I know they get more from the direct sales than from Amazon. Anyone know or have solid information on this?

  4. I’m not an eARC reader, but I’ve been looking forward to this book since I read the last one. I’ll pre-order the audio version at audible as soon as it gets listed.

  5. Bought it to read on a plane Sunday .. had finished it by Friday .. read it *again* on the plane .. for an eArc it has scarily few bugs .. and man, that last sentence …

  6. Really enjoyed it. Thought the end of the battle was a bit too deus ex machina for my taste. But YMMV.

    And the last line of the book was a head-scratcher for me. Not in a bad way.

  7. Am I missing something? I don’t think this is a spoiler, so I am going to mention it here. What is up with (DELETED BY LARRY BECAUSE THAT IS ACTUALLY A HUGE SPOILER. AS A RULE OF THUMB, IF ITS A BIG REVEAL AT THE END THAT MAKES EVERYBODY GASP THE AUTHOR PROBABLY DID IT THAT WAY FOR A REASON) at the end? That sounds like a huuuuuge open door for another series…Uuuuuge!

    *edit* and just like this series, I would buy every single eARC for that new trilogy…just sayin…

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