March Update Post

Lots of stuff going on, which is why very little blogging.  I’m swamped, so this is going to be a quick update.

First up, personal business, this week was our 20th anniversary.

As you can see, I got fatter and balder, and Bridget still looks awesome.

In other personal news, physical therapy is a time suck. I miss weight lifting and I’m having to shoot left handed, but my stupid elbow is getting better.  So yay!

Next up, book stuff:

I have a few things releasing this year, up next will be the third and final book of the Monster Hunter Memoirs, with John Ringo, Saints, which will be out in June. Then in September will be my short story collection, Target Rich Environment.

I’m working on the edits for House of Assassins, sequel to Son of the Black Sword. It will be out in 2019. Kurt Miller is doing the cover. I teased an early look at that on Facebook, but I’ll post the final up here as soon as I’ve got it.

I’m also working on Monster Hunter Guardian with Sarah Hoyt, it will also be out 2019.

Then I’ll be working on Destroyer of Worlds, the book after House of Assassins.

I’ve also got the collaborations with Steve Diamond and John Brown in the works.

There is another project where I’m one of the two editors, but I don’t think we’ve got all the contracts in yet, so I won’t say anything about that yet. But it’s pretty awesome.

Yard Moose Mountain Update:

We are moving right along. Up next is a bunch of road construction so we can get heavy vehicles up and down safely. Half a mile of driveway up hill is serious business.

The plan is to break ground for the house in the next few months, and then it is full speed ahead. This project will still take a while though, because its a pretty big structure.

Appearances and Cons:

I’m going to be a guest at Origins, LibertyCon, and Salt Lake FanX. I’m also going to GenCon, but I’m not planning on being a guest. I’m going as a regular dude to play games, buy stuff, run the new MHI RPG, and do demos of it and hopefully another cool project.

House of Assassins Cover Reveal
BOOK BOMB! Sins of Her Father by Mike Kupari

24 thoughts on “March Update Post”

  1. Awesome. Can’t wait for House of Assassins – that’s a great story line so far. Good luck on the construction.

  2. Congratulations on 20 years!! That is awesome!! Best of luck on all the projects you have going on! Hopefully you will make it to something in the East Texas/North Louisiana area so I can go!

  3. I’m actually thinner than I was at my wedding. However, that’s only because I huge then, and now I’m just fat.

  4. Really looking forward to House of Assassins; that can’t get here soon enough.

    Any chance you could run a game of Gritty Cop Show at GenCon?

  5. Earlier this week, Frank Cho posted that has was listening to MHI on Audible while drawing.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to get him to do the cover for Guardian.

    1. Forget the cover, Larry should do a comic with him! Oh, and he should also have him do the cover, so forget what I wrote about forgetting it.

  6. When you are at Gen Con, if you would like a personal tour of our beautiful Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral, let me know. Jporter at indy dot net

  7. Meanwhile, don’t get started on that ultimate time sink Kingdom Come Deliverance. You’ll never get anything done.

  8. Happy Anniversary you two! Yay on the more books projects, its like you know what we want from your devious mind. Thank you for the updates, period, always interesting and of course as Jonathan said, your Fisking articles are gold standard as well.

    Yard Moose mountain, wow what a project! Hope you have a line item in there for “awesome snow plow!” Or just get that Tank you were talking about and use that. Or a tracked bobcat? Ersatz tank?

  9. Congrats on 20 years. You both look better than you started. 😀

    Nice to see that classic building still there, too.

  10. Please, I need more grimnoire, sir. More shorts? I love everything you do but that is my favorite series of all time. I know monster hunter is the money maker(Heck, that’s how I was introduced to you) but I implore you to do more grimnoire! I check this site weekly hoping to see you give any news on that universe!

    You’re great, though. Thanks for years of great books!

  11. On an unrelated note, today (March 28th) is apparently Manatee Appreciation Day. I just wanted to give a shout-out to Wendell on this special day and let him know that I appreciate him.

  12. Congrates on 20. On MH Saints Baen has it listed for July. And I have Her Brothers Keeper and it was fantastic. Looking forwards to the next book and to Saints. Thanks for all the great books.

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