A Podcast Interview Where I Talked About CCW in Schools on the Tom Woods Show

I did a podcast interview Friday morning on the Tom Woods Show. https://tomwoods.com/ep-1101-how-to-respond-to-school-shootings/   We mostly talked about CCW in schools. It was a good interview. I’d not heard of Tom before this (even though he’s got a huge audience, so that’s on me) but his show came highly recommended by some of my fans so I went on. And I think the interview went well. I’ll be checking out some more of his work.

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10 thoughts on “A Podcast Interview Where I Talked About CCW in Schools on the Tom Woods Show”

  1. I really enjoyed the interview and have been sharing it around. Tom is the best, glad you found each other and I’m happy to be introduced to you and your work.

  2. Excellent presentation of the facts as usual, Larry. The importance of immediate response on site is even more obvious now.

  3. The “you can’t stop everything, so why bother” is what makes me mad. The anti-gun crowd is afraid and helpless, and they want everyone else to be afraid and helpless too. The only people who will benefit will be mass shooters.

  4. You mentioned crime in Europe statistics and said you were in Praque. The Czech Republic is actually pretty big on personal firearms ownership (You can get an original MP40 for under 2000 USD legally with a shall issue permit.) and CCW (Weirdly though they don’t allow hollowpoint bullets in pistols for some reason, though they are allowed for PCC and SMG), AND it’s one of the safest nations in the world. If you wanted to be as disingenuous as they are you could also bring up San Marino which is also big on personal gun ownership and has ZERO murders most years.

    As for Disney, remember that the Pulse shooter DID consider Disney and abandoned that idea because he feared their security and picked the gun free zone instead.

  5. I jut heard you (and discovered you) on the Tom Woods podcast. What a great, common-sense analysis of the guns/mass shooting/CCW landscape!

  6. I’d highly recommend you check out his book “Nullify” and “Rollback”. Really, all of his books are great.

  7. Hi Mr. Correia, really loved your interview on the Tom Woods Show. Tom has on some great guests and you did not disappoint. Loved hearing your analysis and knowledge, enjoyed it so much I had to check out your site. Looking forward to following your blog and hearing your commentary.

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