Ammunition and bullets with the MHI Logo

I am reposting this info from November, because it kind of got lost in the shuffle with all the posts around the RPG Kickstarter.

I’m probably the only fantasy novelist who has his own line of ammunition.

The bullets for reloading purposes have been a huge hit. They are still available here:…/9mm-124-gr-rmr-fmj-flat-nose-mhi…/…

By popular demand we’ve added loaded ammunition. If you’ve got any technical questions about the ammunition, please ask the manufacturer. I’m just the writer.  ????

And for kicks and giggles, you can get it in a few different boxes. Collect them all.


And people kept asking about silver bullets, but that means they haven’t check out silver prices lately. But they’ve done something neat there.

Silver Tungsten Bullets 1
SilverTungstenBullets 2

Here is an explanation from the company:

 Experimental AMMO! These bullet jackets are infused with a dry lubricant compound of 99.99% silver and tungsten disulfide. This ammo is still in testing against creatures with vulnerabilities to silver. If they prove to be less effective against werewolves please let us know!

After the 9mm 124 gr. FMJ FP MHI bullet, with the Monster Hunter International logo on the flat point was introduced, lots of folks have been asking for a .45 caliber version. So “Ask, and ye shall receive”! Larry gave permission to do a limited run of .45 bullets! These are .45’s just like the bullets real Monster Hunters shoot, except, well, they aren’t made of silver. If we offered silver bullets we’d have to increase the price substantially, and only real monster hunters could afford them! They still will work great for your normal, non-magical monsters, though.

You are looking at bullets from a limited run of our 230 grain FMJ Flat Nose line that include the Monster Hunter International logo stamped on it’s face. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Monster Hunter International (MHI), it is a book series written by Larry Correia. We highly recommend reading them if you haven’t already. If you’ve already read the books then you know why it’s such an awesome thing for Larry to allow us to use his logo on our bullet. Also, if you haven’t yet read the MHI books or anything else written by Larry Correia, please consider giving them a try. We love his books and I think you will too.

EDIT: Book Bomb postponed! This book is supposed to get bombed in MARCH!
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12 thoughts on “Ammunition and bullets with the MHI Logo”

  1. I bought a bunch of the 9mm slugs a couple of months ago – I thought the face looked a little more defined on them than on the .45s. I wanted to use them for “bennies” for the rpg coming out. I had a bunch of old .38 brass that I cleaned up and epoxied the slugs into the brass. They look great for the purpose.

    I will, of course, now have to purchase a .45 so I have an excuse to get several boxes of the loaded ammo.

  2. So, doing the back of the envelope math:
    230gr bullet x 1gram/15 grains ~ 15 gram bullet
    Spot silver @ $0.55 / gram ~ $8/bullet, box of 50 ~ $400, or $800 after government procurement practices are applied.

  3. Of course, silver’s 10% less dense than lead – so would a bullet of the same size be 10% lighter? We might be able to save $0.80 per bullet!

  4. Sorry if this has been asked before, but is Larry the first writer with his own line of branded ammo?

    I can think of a few historical authors who you could imagine doing something like that (Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill) , but I’ve never heard of such.

  5. A silver ball crimped into the hollow point, exactly like the book describes MHI ammo, would be FAR cheaper. They could also be sold in 5 packs since they are very much a novelty…unlikely to be shot in significant quantity. I wouldn’t want 50, but having one on my desk as a conversation piece, sure!

  6. completely off topic, but is anyone else using FF and having this experience?

    -I like the automatic addition of Frequently visited Sites to the start page, BUT no matter how much I go to MHN, it never adds a link. It adds links to other sites after many fewer visits. Is their ‘add a quick link’ algorithm avoiding MHN?


    1. Contact Jacob over at Rocky Mountain Reloading Supply- last time I talked to him he still had a few rattling around…

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