The Kickstarter is closed. 2,058 backers and $122,985 pledged.

The MHI Savage Worlds Kickstarter is over!

2058 people pledged $122,985.

We blasted through all of our stretch goals.

We funded in the first 3 hours.

What a crazy success.  This surpasses the previous edition of the the game by over $40,000!

We did not hit the last emergency stretch goal we hurried stuck on there yesterday, but good news, Alan was crunching the numbers this morning, and late orders when we send out the backerkit survey will still count toward the total, so we might still make the cut off to add free patches. We’ll see what happens.

I want to thank Alan Bahr for running this project, Jack Wylder for whipping up emergency patch art, and the good folks at Pinnacle for the Savage Worlds setting and help promoting this project. And most of all I want to thank all of you awesome fans who jumped in on this. We love you guys.

Up next Alan will be taking care of KS business, and putting together a backer kit survey to send out to everyone who pledged so you can specify what exactly if is you want. We’ve already assembled a team and will be working on the book. We will send out updates to the emails you pledged with. It’s going to be awesome.


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MHI Kickstarter Update: Final Stretch Goal Added. FREE PATCHES!

8 thoughts on “The Kickstarter is closed. 2,058 backers and $122,985 pledged.”

        1. @Shadowdancer and Glen:
          They’ll be using Backerkit to manage pledges. In ~2 weeks, Kickstarter will withdraw the money from all pledged bank accounts, after which they will send something to Gallant Knight Games to create a survey.

          Said survey will be set up on the Backerkit website and sent out to all those who pledged, from there you will have credits in an Amazon-like shopping cart from which to select your pledge level and any extras you want. You’ll also be able to add extra money if you want more extras than you initially pledged for.

  1. Awesomeness breeds awesomeness!!
    Can’t wait to get the book, just got the Savage worlds basic book and working my way through it… Going to suggest to my regulars that we give a try to Savage Worlds : MHI once we are done with Curse of Strahd! 🙂

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