MHI Kickstarter Update: Final Stretch Goal Added. FREE PATCHES!

Okay guys, we’re in the final countdown.  (I’ll refrain from singing the song)!

We’ve added one last stretch goal. A limited edition Professional Monster Killers patch.

Bubba Patch


Pretty cool huh?

If we reach $125K then we will add one of these patches to each of the physical pledge levels for FREE!

However you can also order extras at $5 each right now. Even if we don’t make the $125k goal to throw in the freebies, you can still buy copies of this patch now.

These Professional Monster Killer patches will only be made for this event, and then they’re gone. The last KS we did the original Bubba patch. Those are collector items now.

The Kickstarter is closed. 2,058 backers and $122,985 pledged.
MHI RPG Kickstarter: The Final 24 Hours!

14 thoughts on “MHI Kickstarter Update: Final Stretch Goal Added. FREE PATCHES!”

  1. I am terribly confused.

    Do you get the coin and patch at $30?

    I don’t see them in the “what you get” text.

    1. I also am confused. I want the coin and the digital material. Pledged 27.00 to that effect (Coin + PUFF 1). Result leaves me confused as to whether I’m getting the coin or not.

      1. CR, yes- the PUFF 2 level is $15, the coin is $12. After it all wraps up, they’ll send you an email where you get to specify which add ons you’re wanting (so you get a coin instead of 12 dice)

      2. Coins are extra. Patches are extra. You pledge for what you want. What comes with the pledge is listed on that pledge. If you want to add something to that pledge, then you bump up the total by that amount. A survey will be sent to everybody later where you can specify what extras your money is for.

    2. At the $30 level you get Softcover book, the action deck, the wild die, the PDF, and all the DIGITAL stretch goals. If you want a coin, add $12. If you want a patch, add $5. If you want both, add $17.
      Note: since you’re already getting the physical softcover book, if they meet the final stretch goal you will receive a patch for free. At the ‘Digital Only’ PUFF 1, you would not.

    1. We don’t know about the free patch. We didn’t hit that final goal. If we get enough late orders to take us over, then yes, there will be a free patch. If not, then no.

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