MHI RPG Kickstarter Update: Only 9 days left!

We are now in the final third of the MHI RPG Kickstarter.

There are only 9 days left to join.

The challenge coins have been unlocked. All you need to do to add coins is adjust the amount of your pledge.

The next stretch goal will be an additional adventure. I’ll be writing up the one that I ran for the HonorCon charity game that I wrote about here:

We’ve got some really cool stuff coming up after that.

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10 thoughts on “MHI RPG Kickstarter Update: Only 9 days left!”

    1. Sure. you just up your pledge for that amount over whatever reward tier you are choosing. So. If you are choosing the $75 reward but also want two coins you would select Puff reward for $75 but pledge $99 ($75+(2*$12)) =($75+$24)=$99.

  1. I’m assuming if I have backed at $87 for the Puff L3 I’ll be able to use the extra $12 for a coin after the promotion ends?

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