Kickstarter Update: For the People Who Don’t Play RPGs

Just a little update. We are coming up on the halfway mark of the Kickstarter for the Monster Hunter International, Savage Worlds game.  We’ll be unlocking the challenge coin add on soon.  We’ve already unlocked expansions adding info about playing the 1890’s (Bubba Shackleford’s original monster killers), the 1980s (from Grunge/Sinners/Saints), and an additional adventure from RPG legend Shawn Carman.

But right now I want to talk about what is in this project for those of you who don’t play role playing games.  My original goal with these projects is that they’d still be worth it for you guys too.

If you aren’t into gaming, let me give you some terms that gamers use. We divide game books into “crunch” and “fluff”. Crunch means all the rules stuff, numbers, tables, basically all the things that you use to run an actual game. And Fluff means all the world building information that the players and the guy running the show need to know in order to build immersion. Fluff is all the groovy backstories, trivia, and general info that flesh out a world to make it feel real.

So this book is filled with Fluff.  For the RPG back in 2012 I teamed up with RPG legend, Steven S. Long (and yes, I have used RPG legend already in this post, but that’s because I don’t dink around. Why hire scrubs when you can hire pros?).   And Steve went through all of the existing books and made copious, exhaustive notes about everything. Every monster, company, and character mentioned.

Then he proceeded to write about pretty much everything that I would let him, and the things that I stopped him from writing about where things that would be revealed in upcoming books (some of which came out in Siege, and will be coming out soon in Guardian). That’s the tough part about a game book vs. regular fiction. For a game, the guy running it needs to know as much as possible. In fiction, I reveal that stuff as slowly as possible. So this will be a compendium of info, but don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil any future books.

So Steve is onboard again for this new addition, and will be updating all that fluffy goodness with a few more books, a spin off, and an anthology worth of short stories, worth of info. As an added bonus, whenever I team up with another author in the future because they are writing in the Monster Hunter universe, I can send them a copy of the RPG to serve as the world guide.

Then there is the artwork. We’ve hired some really good artists. So even if you never actually play the game, I want people to be able to enjoy the book because it looks cool.

We’re doing something a little different this time. On the 2012 Hero edition we hired a bunch of different artists, and they were great. However, having so many different artists meant that there were a bunch of differing styles in the book. It wasn’t really cohesive. There were great pieces, but they didn’t all match. Some were serious, some were cartoony.

So when we were planning this edition, Alan showed me a bunch of different RPGs that had come out over the last few years (seriously, the dude has a room full of RPG books) that were done in a manner so that the art was cohesive in style. It is a subtle thing, but when you realize what’s going on, it does make the book look cooler. It sets a vibe. So that is our art direction this time. And looking at the suggested styles, this is going to look great.

So there you go. Even if you aren’t a gamer we’re trying to pack this thing full of fluffy goodness and cool artwork. I hope you enjoy it.

MHI RPG Kickstarter Update: Only 9 days left!

13 thoughts on “Kickstarter Update: For the People Who Don’t Play RPGs”

  1. This actually helped. I wasn’t thinking it would be worth it because I already had the last one, but it sounds like this one is a significant improvement. And I didn’t get the last one for the rules, either.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this. I pledged on the first day and managed to get a friend from a gaming group I’m part of to also pledge so we can add this to the queue of games we’re going to play. Also, I blame you for the extra money I ended up pledging for a couple of other games I would not have known about if I hadn’t been on Kickstarter in the first place.

  3. You should totally add the Luska patches to this kickstarter too. I’d love to get one but wasn’t following you at the time of the last campaign

  4. I gotta admit: I check every day. I’m seriously excited about this! I didn’t get the previous MHI RPG (missed out) but I’ll scrape the funds together for this one!

    1. I checked the Herogames website a couple weeks ago and as of them it’s still available. They also have a good supply of the MHI-themed dice still available.

  5. Because of this Kickstarter, I got a copy of Savage Worlds. Turns out, I really like it! Using it for Pendragon at school and Star Trek at home. And already have a couple players all-in for when MHI comes out …

  6. Larry!

    Awesome game idea and just ordered the next Tom Stranger volume.

    That said, could you email me?? Couldn’t find a “contact” section on your site, so forced to harass you in comments. baus44ATgmailDOTcom. Thanks,



  7. Alright, now I’m in. It’s not the PUFF exemption coin (alas, timing was… suboptimal… hey, when you look like a minotaur, can’t be taking chances).

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