The MHI Savage Worlds Kickstarter: Exclusive Challenge Coin reveal and pledge

We have now entered day 3 of the MHI Savage Worlds RPG Kickstarter, and we have raised half of what the last one did in a MONTH.

Since we are blowing through stretch goals, I’m going to go ahead and reveal the KS exclusive challenge coin.

This was designed by Jack Wylder, who did all the designs for the last two runs of MHI coins. We wanted to do something that would be in world, MHI company specific, that any employee could have. Jack suggested doing a coin for a Newbie class, to be given to them when they graduated from training in Cazador.

For the front side, we wanted to use the regular company logo. The previous company coins we did were green, so we decided to go with bare metal this time. Because we’d done that with a few coins last time, and they look really good.

These coins are numbered, and are exclusive to this event, so will never be made again.


Then we brainstormed what to do for the back. We needed a shared experience, that all graduating Newbies would have… The obvious answer was the dreaded Gut Crawl.

For those of you who haven’t read the books, the Gut Crawl is this awful experience they put the trainees through to weed out the squeamish. Hunters need to be able to still function in conditions that would make a goat puke. So Milo Anderson invented the Gut Crawl, and it’s even worse than it sounds. Making it through this is a point of pride.


Alan is updating the Kickstarter pledge levels for people who aren’t interested in the game, so they can purchase the coin by itself.

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16 thoughts on “The MHI Savage Worlds Kickstarter: Exclusive Challenge Coin reveal and pledge”

  1. Aw, heck yes. Love this coin, especially the back. ????

    Once the stretch goal is met, what donation amount will be required to get this wee bit of awesome?

  2. Does this mean I need to increase my pledge to get the coin? Cuz I want that coin, but I need to know what to do to get it.

  3. What do I need to do get this coin since I don’t play the game but, have read all the books how much do I need to donate or how much to purchase

  4. According to Alan, you just need to up your pledge by $12 per coin and where that goes is figured at the end…

  5. All y’all are gonna make me the slowest-moving thing out there, what with thirty pounds of challenge coins. Maybe I can use ’em as scale mail… :V

    It’s the $70k and $90k levels I’m hoping for – need a nice coloring book to go with my coinage, yo. (Is it going to be illustrated by the ILoH himself?)

  6. Larry – is it possible to send ral paper $$(as in a check) to support this endeavor? That’s the way I roll every year with Chris Muir.

  7. So… I could purchase the coin without actually DOING the gut crawl?
    (oh…wait…you mean there isn’t really a gun crawl and this is just FICTION!?!)

  8. By chance do you think these dice will be added to the store page at any point? I’d love to use these in correlation with my heresy and Tzeentch themed army in WH40k. But I’d like to get more than what’s coming with the KickStarter.

    If not, would having my own dice custom made, for personal use ONLY, be okay with you?

  9. Hey, can you consider having some extra copies of just the physical RPG guides for libraries to buy through distributors?

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