Monster Hunter International, Savage Worlds RPG Kickstarter NOW LIVE!

This just barely went live:

For those of you who haven’t heard, we are doing a new Monster Hunter International table top role playing game, this time using the super quick to learn, easy to play, Savage World rule set.

This is going to be awesome.

EDIT TO ADD: Please tell your friends! 😀

MHI Savage Worlds Kickstarter Update, funded in 3 hours
MHI ammunition, now in .45 ACP. Available for Pre-Order

18 thoughts on “Monster Hunter International, Savage Worlds RPG Kickstarter NOW LIVE!”

    1. Ooooh…

      As much as I love the MHI series, which is a lot, I think the world of the Grimnoir Chronicles is Larry’s best work. And Power and how it is a limited reservoir to be managed is ripe for gamification.

  1. Would’ve done the GenCon level, but I’m still looking for work. If my contract comes through, I’ll up my support.

    Now I have to pick up some Savage Worlds lit.

    1. That is a fantastic idea! I just went over to the rocky mountain website (I just want the slugs, not the whole bullet) and bought a batch of the 9mm because you sir, are a genius! The stamp on the 9mm looks better in my opinion than the one on the 45, and it looks like they are still making the donation to the food bank on the 9mm.

      1. I want the silver, mostly because I think one of my prospective players is secretly a werewolf. Perfect way to test it! Plus, they’re available in a lot of 50 (the 9mm is available in 100 at the smallest). I don’t need THAT many, so the smaller quantity is more reasonable for me.

      2. I ordered 100 of the 9mm with this in mind. Make sure you seal the base to prevent contact with the exposed lead.

        It’s too bad that KS is violently allergic to anything firearms related. Alan and I discussed this as a possible add on, but he thought that the risk of running afoul of KS’s ToS was too high.

        1. I’ll probably pick up some model paint like you use for miniatures, color code them for each player or something.

  2. Looks like it’s funded on day one. But that doesn’t mean much. I mean, only two funded RPGs? You have to have at least 174 under your belt to be considered a real writer.

  3. Books are good. I like books. They are cheap, fun, and nice way to get out of your own head for a while.

    Now this… This is awesome.

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