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Sorry, haven’t had much time for blogging lately, but to keep you guys in the loop as to what is going on I just got home from the Precision Rifle 1 class at Blue Steel Ranch in New Mexico. The first couple of days were filmed for an episode of Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel. The class was excellent (I learned how, and then actually hit targets out to 1,000 yards), and I’ll do a full write up in the next few days.

I was out in the desert, really busy, with sporadic internet, and now I’m playing catch up, so if you sent me a business email, I’ll get back to you this week.

I have one more event this year, and that’s HonorCon in a couple of weeks, and then I am done travelling for the year.

The MHI bullets were a success. They’re sending me a check to send to the food bank. Loaded ammo is coming soon, and I’ll have another post up soon with details about that.

On the writing front, the Monster Hunter Files anthology came out last week and has been doing fantastic. People seem to be loving it, and that’s because we had so many excellent authors just having fun.

I’m in the anthology Predator: Blood Hunt, that comes out next week. I got to write samurai vs. Predator. It came out really bad ass.

My next release will be for the 3rd book of the trilogy with Ringo, Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints. I believe that is 2nd quarter 2018.

I don’t know the release date for my short story collection, Target Rich Environment yet for sure, but it will be out next year.

Tom Stranger 2: A Murder of Manatees, I should be able to announce a date for that soon.

Sarah Hoyt is working on the rough draft of our collaboration Monster Hunter Guardian and then she’ll be kicking that back over to me.

I’m currently working on House of Assassins, sequel to Son of the Black Sword. It is going awesome. The plan is to have it turned into Toni by Christmas.

The Savage Worlds version of the MHI role playing game kickstarter will be coming soon. That’s one of those I’m running behind emails I mentioned up top.

And finally, for the Yard Moose Mountain update, the road is in. We start drilling the well in a couple of weeks.

So things are really hopping here.

Review of the Precision Rifle 1 Class at the Blue Steel Ranch
The Monster Hunter Files, On Sale Now

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  1. Glad to hear you made it back home with that tire and the storm. BSR was definitely a blast and I’ll be looking into PR-2 as soon as they post next year’s schedule. Still a lot to learn.

    Also, dang, that’s a lot of stuff. Any update on the leatherbound Grimnoir books? I thought they were supposed to have started shipping in the summer?

    1. Shoot. Forgot those. They just sent me the workups of the interior paintings for Warbound. Right now the hold up is all the new paintings, but he should be done soon.

  2. So That’s cool shooting at a 1000 yards but how does that help you get the Franks book done I think you should do a whole series on Franks after all he is the biggest Bad Ass I know he took it easy on poor old Earl

      1. I’ve heard that he considered it, but liberal tears alone would barely provide enough electricity for the XN-1 LaWS, let alone the electromagnetic railgun. I think pebble-bed is the way to go.

  3. Glad that you’re back! I really wish I could’ve made it that precision shooting class, but budget and schedule just didn’t line up. Looking forward to the footage!

    As for the rest, I am also looking forward to that Predator vs. Samurai short story. Maybe that’ll be the start of a whole new meme. Move over, Ninjas vs. Pirates. We’re entering sci-fi land.

  4. Wow, sounds like it’s been seriously busy and productive, awesome news all around! Don’t forget to stay healthy – that’s been what’s slowing me down over here. Ugh. Stupid mutant flu plague.

  5. Thanks for the update.

    Can you say if we will be getting anymore MHI leather bound books anytime soon? Got the first 3 sitting on my bookshelf, hoping for the rest of the series.

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