RMJ Tactical does something really cool

I just got home from Comic Con and need to do an update post, but I saw this on Facebook and it was too neat not to share. Full disclosure, I’m a fan of RMJ Tactical, they read my books, and I have one of their tomahawks. http://www.rmjtactical.com/

This was the post I saw on Facebook:

A few years ago (like 3) I have Ryan at RMJ Tactical the chunk of mortar shrapnel that the doctors took from my brother Uriah’s leg after he was hit in Afghanistan to make something awesome with. Ryan completed it last night. He hadn’t worked on it because he was terrified of messing it up. Behold…







Here is the vet in question with the piece of shrapnel. I know his brother, but I left their last name off for privacy. That is super bad ass.




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15 thoughts on “RMJ Tactical does something really cool”

  1. Those guys are awesome for doing this. And what a nice job!

    My grandpa walked around with that shit in him until he was 95, from WW1. Its an evil thing, and making art out of it is the perfect way to give it the finger. Fuck you, shrapnel.

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