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Recently I was approached about using my logo on on bullets. Long story short, it was right about when Houston was flooding, so I agreed, but that my share would go to the Houston Food Bank. (Houston is the home town of CorreiaTech’s marketing daimyo Jack Wylder, so he picked the charity). 

As of the end of last week they had already sold 60,000 bullets, and that was off this post on Facebook. I just realized I forgot to put this on the blog. (but on the bright side I got a ton of writing done last week!) 


Here is the post from Jacob Wilcox of RMR:

Just finished the first batch of these! For those who are just joining, we at RMRbullets have collaborated with Larry Correia to bring you this new 9mm 124 grain Match Flat Point MHI bullet! Larry requested that we sell this bullet for a little more than our regular flat point and donate the extra money to the Houston Food Bank. So, not only are they awesome in looks and quality, but when you buy these bullets 10% of the total sale will go to a good cause. I want to thank Larry for being so generous and giving us this opportunity to help others. Furthermore, I want to thank him for giving our small company this opportunity and for letting us ride his coat tails to get the word out. Also, please feel free to share this far and wide. The more that get purchased -the more money that goes to the Houston Food Bank. This is a great way for you to help out and still get something awesome in return.

You can purchase them here.…/9mm-124-gr-rmr-fmj-flat-nose-mhi…/…

Prices are as follows
$92 for 1,000 shipped
$52 for 500 shipped

Larger and smaller quantities available. The more you buy the more you save.

These are just bullets for handloading. This is not loaded ammunition. Also, be aware that this design is on the front of a 9mm bullet. It is VERY small and serves no purpose other than being really cool. Please do not expect anything magical or supernatural from them. They are just bullets with an awesome stamped logo. Though the lead we sourced does contain trace amounts of silver, it isn’t enough for serious hunting. They are to be used on nothing larger than a gnome.

*For those who do not load their own ammunition we have loaded ammunition in the works. Packaging is slowing us down but we expect to have some for sale in the next two to three weeks.



And to save time because I’ve seen the kinds of questions that popped up on Facebook, no they don’t have other calibers or grain weights yet. And no, these aren’t made out of silver, though there is trace amounts if that makes you feel better. 🙂  If you’ve got any technical questions direct them to RMR because I’m just the dude with the cool logo. 

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38 thoughts on “MHI Bullets for Charity”

  1. Dang, might have to get some even if I don’t have a reloading setup yet.

    And thanks for helping Houston. Thankfully escaped anything myself, but the devastation is crazy. The apartment below mine had two feet of water in it and had to evacuate by boat. Amazing how people are pulling together, but still depressing to see an entire home’s worth of furniture and dry wall in a pile out front with totaled cars in the driveway.

  2. Well for being the ILOH you are truly one of the better people I know of, keep on doing what you do. I for one will continue to support you.

  3. As soon as they offer loaded rounds, I’ll chip in. Both for the good cause and to see the look on my wife’s face when she finds out I’ve swapped her Federal HSTs for these.

    1. Wanted to thumbs-up that comment, but the thumbs-up system is apparently not working (I just get “You are not allowed to vote for this comment”, for no reason that I can figure out). So have a verbal +1 instead.

    1. Seconded. Floods suck. They’re messier than tornados, if not so desctructive as wildfires (as there’s so much that *might* be salvageable, but requires so much work and man-hours to do so that a lot ends up scrapped for the cost in time).

      Thoughts and prayers to the readers out in Texas and Florida. Wish I could do more than send cash via donations, and the above.

  4. Not sure I’d use them for self defense. I can just see a plaintiff’s attorney fapping the second he saw that pic.

    1. Why in the world in the year 2017 would you willingly use an FMJ instead of a hollow point for self defense? Outside of living in some hellish gun control dystopia, FMJ is for paper, HPs are for people. Sheesh.

      1. People buy .45/.410 revolvers for self defense. Do not underestimate the stupid.

        And yea, I agree, I’d buy them for targets.

  5. C’mon, up the silver content to make them more effective, and offer them in God’s own caliber–45 ACP. Great idea though.

    1. Copper jacketed silver alloy in .45acp. Don’t want all that hard silver depositing in the lands and screwing up your barrels. For HP the logo could be on a polymer tip set into smilar alloy with copper jackets. Zombie green polymer tips. egads, more zombie green…… Lol.
      Gonna be too pricey to actually use on paper, but Earl would be pissed if he caught one in the leg.
      Oh, WTH. Lets just go straight to 12.7mm. 50 cal or bust!

  6. I am so in once loaded ammo is available. I might actually make a logo’d wooden box to present some to my brother as a Christmas gift.

  7. I only shoot 10mm, but those would probably come with an MCB stamp that I don’t want. Nice gesture and I hope the hurricane victims benefit.

  8. We had trouble feeding a large mfg’s flat-tip 9mm in several of our sub-guns, but semi-auto pistols had no prob. Might have to buy a few and try those in the subs. Heck buy a few to pass out to friends for key fobs, heh, heh.

  9. I’m planning on ordering some after payday, since I hate to spend money on bullets that I can’t use. Can you convince them to make some in .452 diameter? Preferably in 200-225 gr. size? That way I could use them in the 1911s, and the .45 Colts.

  10. That’s a great idea and a kind gesture.
    I would love to see these in o.458″ at about 405 gn. My Guide gun and my Sharps would eat them like candy.

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