Free sample stories and eARC for The Monster Hunter Files anthology are available now

The eARC and free samples for the upcoming Monster Hunter Files anthology are available now at . An eARC is the Advanced Reader Copy that would normally be sent out to reviewers, but due to popular demand Baen makes these available to everyone who can’t bear waiting three months for the finished book to come out.

Also the first few stories are available for free, those include stories by me, Jim Butcher, Jessica Day George, and Mike Kupari. Check them out. I think you guys will like them, and they will give you a pretty good idea what the rest of the anthology is like.

I’m really happy with how this anthology turned out.

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18 thoughts on “Free sample stories and eARC for The Monster Hunter Files anthology are available now”

  1. Awww man, first ‘Dog, and now you!

    It’s a plot to demolish my bank account…

    …and I’m enjoying every word if it! :V

  2. I have preordered all your new releases for this year in the MHI world to my favorite local bookshop (the Uppsala English bookshop). Really enjoyed the four stories, particularly the knight of the enchanted forest. Looking forward to getting my hands on the actual books.

    1. You can save your thoughtful emoji. Baen has been doing it for a long time. The publisher was releasing these to critics, and he found that fans were paying stupid money to get copies, so Jim figured might as well sell it to them and cut out the middle man.

      I actually earned out my advance for Monster Hunter Nemesis on eARC sales alone before the book came out. Capitalism is awesome.

      1. it’s a testament to your craft that your fans will pay their hard earned money to get a crack at your work.

    1. Just like the scene with Butters in Skin Game, I’m sure Jim have consulted with his lawyer regarding analog of Robert C. O’Brien’s seminal work.

      1. Well, if you’re referring to the Robert C. O’Brien work I think you are, the ____ of ____ in the book weren’t all that militaristic or warrior-like. All -that- came from a certain animated feature adaptation that took, shall we say, considerable liberties. 🙂

  3. Very good stuff!

    Will any of these creations (besides the novel excerpts) reappear in future MHI books? Brad’s story, for one, is such a suggestive tease.

  4. Would I be right to guess that your story (“Thistle”) and Jody Lynn Nye’s (“Mr. Natural”) have the same villains?

  5. Also wondering: How do Ivan Krasnov and KMCG (Monster Hunter Siege) stack up against Ryan Horst and Briarwood Eradication Services (Monster Hunter Alpha) for ethics and intelligence? And by that, I mean which one has less of each?

    1. Intelligence, hands down, KMCG wins. They’re sleazy, but not stupid. Neither one is what you’d call ethical. Though Krasnov is more ethical than Horst, those ethics are very skewed.

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