FyreCon this week in Utah, I’m teaching a big class in worldbuilding

I’m back from New York City, and this week I’ll be at FyreCon in Layton Utah. It is a new event for writers.


I’ll be teaching a four hour class on world building on Saturday. My publisher, Toni Weisskopf is also going to be here teaching. It should be a lot of fun.


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8 thoughts on “FyreCon this week in Utah, I’m teaching a big class in worldbuilding”

    1. Pretty sure Larry would be better equipped to handle Fyre Festival than anyone who actually attended.

  1. Probably preaching to the choir, but I can vouch for Larry’s teaching. I did the Weber thing in person. He’s infectiously enthusiastic about writing. Like, it makes him so happy to talk about writing it makes YOU happy to go home and write.

    PS I owe you a big thanks for the whole “make good stuff, find people who like that stuff.” Always pretty good at the former but didn’t spend a lot of time on the latter. After that course, I put one of my horror stories on reddit’s NoSleep and made the front page last September. Don’t think I would have gone out there and done that if it hadn’t been for that advice.

  2. Do things like this ever wind up in downloadable formats? I can see a market for resale of these sorts of talks, and I don’t think it would seriously damage the value of the live talk.

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