Behind the Scenes of Me Filming Gun Stories

I was in Denver yesterday filming for Joe Mantegna’s Gun Stories on the Outdoor Channel. I was on last season, and apparently people liked me so they invited me back. Most experts they use on TV shows are Serious Experts, and I’m more of Not Very Serious Expert. 🙂

Before that though I got to sit down with Michael Bane and do this interview which was posted live to the Outdoor Channel’s page.

I had a lot of fun. The other writer they’ve got on the show is Stephen Hunter, who is a really super nice guy, and a living legend. Yes. His Earl Swagger books are the reason why Earl Harbinger is named Earl.

So if you’ve got the Outdoor Channel, check it out.

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6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Me Filming Gun Stories”

  1. Not-so-serious is good. They’ll get more viewers if it’s fun as well as informative. And you definitely do both.

  2. Not that I would ever endorse watching shows online in a manner that might be less than perfectly kosher, but let’s say that hypothetically I knew a guy who did not have cable, and wanted to see Gun Stories online. Further suppose that this guy was frustrated to discover that there were no episodes posted at a place where one might Watch a Series or two. Where might this hypothetical person find episodes posted?

    1. Outdoor TV has an online network. Gunstories is supposed to be on it.

      Its free for seven days.

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