I’ve got a story in Aliens: Bug Hunt

Available now.

Aliens: Bug Hunt

There are a bunch of great authors in here. It was fun to play in the Aliens universe. I’ve also got a story coming out for Predator. I get to write for all of the cool things from my childhood.

My story in this one is a little different though. Lots of other writers were already writing Colonial Marines fighting various things, and several were writing about some of the cool Colonial Marine characters we’ve seen before, but really, what is the coolest thing in that whole movie? If you are a gun nut you automatically said the M41 Pulse Rifle.

There are a lot of authors in the world, but I like to think that I’m the best choice to write a future Gun Stories/Tales of the Gun style script for an iconic sci-fi weapon.  😀

(speaking of which, I’m a regular guest on Joe Mantegna’s Gun Stories now. We’re filming Season 7 this month)

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21 thoughts on “I’ve got a story in Aliens: Bug Hunt”

  1. The coolest thing in the movie are the M56 Smartguns Drake and Vasquez used. The M41 is the second coolest. Of course, the M41 has the benefit of lots more screen time.

    1. I’d say that the second coolest thing was cut from the regular edition of the film- that’s the robot sentry guns.
      But yeah, the M56 Smartguns rule.

      1. No one in the military likes trusting smart anything. Hell, they hate it when the gun doesn’t have backup irons for its scope.

      1. WFTO is one of my automatic pick-ups when I find a copy at a garage sale or thrift store – purely so I can give it away to someone else. 😀

        There’s a few authors/books I do that with, actually… MHI would be a lock for gifting, except I can’t *find* it like that. Gonna have to try for a bulk-rate and get a case at a time, I guess.

  2. Available now? Sad…Amazon tells me I can’t have my copy until Next Tuesday. Of course, maybe it’s me, because they’re also telling me that my leather-bound copy of Vendetta will be delivered late.

  3. I always thought the big, bright, red LED ammo level display on the side of the M41 was a major design flaw.

  4. Predator, Aliens; which franchise are you going to go all bacon bits on next?

    I ask because (as we all know) bacon bits make everything better.

  5. I’ve always thought that the scene where Hicks introduces Ripley to that “personal friend of mine” is one of the best love scenes ever made for an action film.

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