27 thoughts on “Enter to win a leather bound limited edition copy of Monster Hunter Vendetta (outside the US only)”

    1. Oh yeah. Totally. My publishing house donated a couple of books for an internet give away and I had nothing to do with it beyond sharing the link, so I obviously hate America.

      1. Well, you obviously have no fans out of the Good Ole US of A. You’re not a real writer yet, and you’ve never once left the US for a book tour, so obviously, you’ve become communist to try to gain those slightly lucrative European markets, where authors have to give away books but might get a government check.

        *nods sagely* This brad person is wise. Like a latina.

    1. Aww. Come on.
      We already won the great lotto of life by being Americans. Let the foreigners have a little something.

  1. Larry, on my Chrome browser Amazon.ca is having this weird problem where it doesn’t load the mass market paperback option when you select the kindle version of your book(s) (and the kindle version is the default version you get when you click on it after doing a search*) https://www.amazon.ca/Monster-Hunter-Vendetta-Hunters-International-ebook/dp/B00APAE9UM/
    You can see it when it’s loading, and then it disappears. It also does this for MHI #1. Mass Market is the only non-kindle format sold by Baen for MHI #2 so this is a problem; it makes it look like the book is no longer published in print unless you click to see all of the formats – which shows the MMP version.

    *Good news is if you search for Monster Hunter Vendetta on amazon.ca’s search bar the results show kindle and MMP versions. It’s just when you get to the product page to add it to your cart where it loads, and then hides the MMP

  2. Hey Larry did the spam filter eat my earlier comment about your books not properly showing up on Amazon.ca because I posted a live link to MHI Vendetta on ama.ca or did you actually get that comment? Because it was briefly ‘awaiting moderation’ and then disappeared.
    Anyways I made a goodreads account just to sign up for this contest. A fraction of a percent chance to win – I like those odds!

  3. Sorry to post another off-topic comment but I would just like to say that I’ve been listening to Hank Garner’s The Author Stories Podcast on his site and youtube, and I think it’d be great if he could interview you, Larry.

    If the interview process doesn’t take too much of your time you could use it as a profitable self-promotion tool, and I’m sure I’m not the only fan who wants to know more about the guy who wrote the awesomeness that is the Grimnoir trilogy….(and some other books about monsters).
    That being said, anyone can easily find interviews where you give a lot of information about yourself already so maybe this is unnecessary.

    Hank already interviewed Anne Rice and Brandon Sanderson, whom I presume is your Mormon arch-nemesis. He’s sold tens of millions and did a LDS mission in an actual foreign country – who can compete with that?
    Kidding aside, Sanderson’s interview was quite interesting for me. Growing up he had the same problems I had with young adult novels – they sucked and I was too young to understand the authors were truly boring and/or medieval playwrights. I thought I was bored because I was a bad reader. Good thing my aunt gave me The Fellowship of the Rings for my birthday.

  4. Ya’ll are talking about a giveaway and I’m over here wondering when the next MHI book is coming out. I’ve already listened to all of them 3 times at work.

  5. Sorry alittle off topic. I’ve been searching the web to find out if the monster hunter international limited edition from Barnes and Noble is signed. I pre-ordered it and never thought about it being signed. Then Vendetta comes out and it says it’s signed. I want to open it but don’t at the same time. Does anyone one know?

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