8 thoughts on “Charity Gaming Event on March 30th in Draper, Utah, with Me and Tracy Hickman”

  1. Apologies for the ignorant question, but I don’t see any mention exactly of what game or games will be played. Magic:TG? Warhammer? D&D? Do we bring pre-rolled characters or make our own there? Or it this any and every game welcome, bring your own and find people to play them with you?

      1. Thanks for replying. So, I’ve looked up their website, but I can find no mention of the event. Their weekly calendar doesn’t list it, and their special events calendar is blank. Will they accept walk-ins or do I need to reserve a slot?

        1. The game store’s website is new, and they are having technical difficulties right now. I went by earlier today and was able to get some details on the event, which I’ll list below for any who are interested.

          There is a door fee of $5.00 to get into the event.
          The event is based roughly on D&D 5 rules.
          The campaign is extreme survival. You gain points for surviving for more than 10 minutes in the dungeon. You also gain points for style and how well you can role play your character.
          You can play multiple times. It costs $10.00 per turn to play.
          There will be other board games set up around the room for you to use while you wait for your slot to open up, or while you wait for the end of the event.
          The awarding of points will be announced at the end of the event.

  2. Larry, thanks for coming out to the charity event. This barbarian will always cherish the owlbear encounter!
    Also, the terrain that was used there can be found at terrain.pymapper.com, if you are interested in seeing more.

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