6 thoughts on “Salt Lake City FanX this weekend”

  1. I know the super booth is probably just large and fancy but I got a picture of the booth fighting crime at night.

    Its banners unfurl with JUSTICE.

  2. Totally off topic, but Michael Z Williams “Crazy Einar” is not available for etiquette advice. Figured somebody here could help…..
    Is it OK to drink OctoberFest brew on Saint Patricks day????
    Very Concerned Jerry

  3. I am just finishing a book and I hope.

    One of the things that you and Sarah Hoyt go on about is getting the right cover.

    I’ve been trying to contact ‘Jack Wylder’ because he shows up as a cover artist. If he’s real, would you please have him contact me?


  4. It was great to see you there, highlight of the con for me. Even though I’m a new fan, just found your books a couple weeks ago, I’m glad to be.

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