9 thoughts on “Video Of My Speech From LTUE”

  1. Awesome speech. I haven’t conned in quite a while, but I’m going to look up what’s in my neighborhood (Baltimore). My kids’ll enjoy it too, so it’ll be a fun family adventure.

  2. That part about the authors who keep going no matter what is something I really needed to hear today. I got a rejection on a short story I submitted. But I won’t let it slow me down.

    Thanks, Larry.

  3. I personally had a very difficult time following the audio, and the YouTube close captions all seemed to be along the line of “I snort the nose, banana in the parking lot, people are like electric eels,” etc. Ah, well.

    1. I also had a hard time understanding the audio. The room was very echoey due to poor acoustics. They need to hang some curtains or put down carpet. Way too much hard surfaces.

  4. Great Speech. I first went to LTUE last year after hearing about Larry going to be there. I flew down from Seattle for it. I was working on interactive fiction and thought the classes would help me write that. By the end of LTUE I wanted to write a novel, and I did. I put it up on Amazon in kindle and paperback in January. I could have gotten it out a bit sooner but it was hard to balance my time between work and writing. This year when I flew down to LTUE it was with that first book under my belt. I currently have two more in progress. Writing is hard work, but it is so much fun to see where a story takes you. With each book I am getting better at writing. It’s taking what I learned at LTUE and the books on writing I have gone though and finding out what works for me and applying it. I could never had done this with out Larry sharing LTUE here, and my wife pushing me to leave my man cave and going.

    Thank you Larry for sharing your writing tips over the years and being at LTUE.

    1. Oh hey! I got your book on Kindle after seeing the promo bookmark in the LTUE packet. Haven’t read it yet, but very nice cover. (I got probably at least a dozen new books to read by authors at the con.)

      This was my first year at LTUE. I really enjoyed it. Definitely recommended. I was especially impressed with how well organized it was. Well worth the drive from Oregon.

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