Big Audible Sale on 1st Books in a Series

If you are an member, they are having a great sale right now for first books in a series. They are only $4.95, this week only.

MHI, Hard Magic, Dead Six, Into the Storm, Son of the Black Sword, and Grunge are all part of the sale. And it’s not just me, they’ve got hundreds of others from other authors on sale too. So this is a great chance to stock up on a bunch of audiobooks for cheap.

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11 thoughts on “Big Audible Sale on 1st Books in a Series”

  1. I saw that and approve. The only problem is they’re trying to hook me on series I long ago threw my money at.

    Also, I always wondered about these sales: does the author/publisher agree to them ahead of time and accept a reduced royalty for them during the time of the sale? Or does Audible eat the losses with the knowledge they will make more money off the deal in the future?

  2. Alas, Mr Correia I already have the first books for all of your series on audible. Well except for Into the Storm, but that features the heretical Cygnar who will not submit to Menoth.

  3. I already have MHI on Audible (a few hours into Legion now), and I’m reading Dead 6 on Kindle and already read Hard Magic on Kindle. I did actually get Son of the Black Sword with a monthly credit, but ended up returning it. Not because I didn’t like it, but the narrator’s voice is TOO soothing and I found I had to keep hitting the “back 30 seconds” button because I’d realize I had zoned out. This is on long commutes, where normally I pay perfect attention to audiobooks. I think I’m going to get it on Kindle once I’m done with Dead 6 and Bracken’s Foreign Enemies And Traitors. Maybe I’ll check out Into the Storm though.

  4. There are a bunch at the $1.99 price point too – the Malcontents books are there, as are a few other MHI books etc. I stocked up. I have read them all, and have them in dead tree and mobi, but I am interested in listening too – professional development and fun. Thanks, Larry.

    1. The $1.99 price point is usually a discount you get if you’ve already bought the eVersion from Amazon. Works with free eBooks also. I’ve used it several times to try to lure folks into trying Larry on Audio.

      1. Yeah, since MHI is free on Amazon, you can get that and then get the audiobook for $1.99, I believe, without there needing to be a sale. This is true of many of Baen’s free books. (Also true of many indie books.) But yeah, pretty sure you do have to be an Audible member. Ideally, if you plan to buy a book in all the formats because you know you’ll like it, you can buy the paper book, get the matchbook e-book for a few bucks, then add on the Audible version for a couple bucks more. Not all books have all those neat little connecting discounts, but for those that do, you have to do it in that order for the biggest savings.

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