Dragon Award Nominations Are Now Open

The nominations for the 2nd Annual Dragon Awards is now open:


The awards are open to anybody and it doesn’t cost anything to nominate or vote. There are a bunch of different categories. So if there are books from the eligible period that you loved, go vote for them!

My novel Son of the Black Sword won Best Fantasy last year, so please DO NOT nominate me. I appreciate all the fans who nominated and voted for SotBS last time, but I’ve got my trophy (and it is really pretty), so share the love. There are a slew of amazing authors out there who wrote awesome books last year and this is their chance to get recognized.

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Award Nominations Are Now Open”

  1. It seems weird that they open the nominations so early, when works through the end of June of this year are eligible and you can’t change your vote after you enter something. And since the end of the nomination period is July 24, they even say “We encourage you to get your nominations in early.” Seems likely that a lot of worthy books published between now and the end of June are going to get ignored (and then be ineligible for next year’s award). Why not make the eligibility period end before nominating even opens?

    Also, I can’t believe they have apocalyptic fiction and historical fantasy as categories, but no separate category for urban fantasy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love that these awards exist and I get that they’re new so they’re still finding their footing, but some of these choices they made in the way things are done perplex me.

    1. Maybe it’s more a way to keep people from voting the more recent releases since those books will be fresher in people’s minds.

      Thinking about it like that, a really break out amazing novel can gain enough ground even if it’s published late, but earlier eligibility releases might be forgotten by June/July.

      That’s about the only devil’s advocate way I can work it out. Would love to see an official statement on it.

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