I’m on Epic Mysteries: Bigfoot* on Amazon Prime now (*as a commentator, not the Bigfoot)

If you’ve got Amazon Prime you can watch Epic Mysteries: Bigfoot for free. I was the “culture commentator” which basically means that I love collecting stories about monsters but don’t know a damned thing about actual science. 🙂

Epic Mysteries
One line from the interview that didn’t make it in there, they asked me if I personally believed in Bigfoot. I said that I have absolutely no idea, but I sure hope he is, because that would be awesome.

Regardless, I had a lot of fun. I’m kind of an enthusiastic guy on TV. Enjoy.

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7 thoughts on “I’m on Epic Mysteries: Bigfoot* on Amazon Prime now (*as a commentator, not the Bigfoot)”

  1. I was an investigator in a tiny town in bigfoot country. The sightings would come in waves. Locals would stay indoors while the sightings went on.

    I never saw any evidence that couldn’t be explained another way but talked to a lot of folks who did believe it absolutely.

  2. The issue with extant Bigfoot is a) breeding population b) competing for the same niches as humans. If they can’t interbreed with humans, then you need a certain critical mass to produce enough bigfoot babies to sustain a population. Bigfoot is close enough to human size that lifespan etc… should be roughly similar. Historical records would seem to make it very unlikely.

    tl;dr If the Indians hadn’t killed Bigfoot, the hippies would have.

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