I wrote a story for the Joe Ledger: Unstoppable anthology

Jonathan Maberry’s new Joe Ledger anthology is available now. If you are not familiar with the series, Joe is part of a secret government agency that deals with out of control mad science. I’m a fan.

My story is called Psych Eval, from the perspective of Rudy, the DMS psychiatrist. He has to debrief the survivor of a DMS operative after a mission goes wrong. It is weird, creepy, and I wrote it to the soundtrack of I’m Afraid of Americans by Bowie. I had a lot of fun with this one.

Jonathan has an Agent Franks story in the upcoming Monster Hunter Files anthology. Plus, the two of us teamed up and wrote an Agent Franks and Joe Ledger story which is available in the Urban Allies anthology.

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10 thoughts on “I wrote a story for the Joe Ledger: Unstoppable anthology”

  1. Looking forward to the MHI anthology. But is there any plans for a similar anthology set in the Grimnoir universe.

  2. The story you two did for Urban Allies is a total blast. It was a much needed laugh at a time I needed one.

  3. Why is a real author like Jonathan Maberry asking someone who isn’t a real author to write for his anthology AND listing that non-author first on the cover. And then writing for the non-author’s anthology too. Oh, wait. Is Jonathan Maberry not a real author either? How many non-authors have I been tricked into reading because I like their writing? Er, non-writing.

    1. It is weird. For not being a real author I keep ending up listed at the top or in the first few names on all these different anthologies. I’m assuming it is alphabetical. 🙂

  4. They should call it the Stabby McStaberson anthology. That dude loves him some 3.75″ Rapid Response tactical folding knives.

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