Updates, Christmas Noun tomorrow

Today was supposed to be the Christmas Noun post, but I actually had fun this weekend instead of finishing it. 🙂

Also, Jack asked me to mention tat we are currently offering $10 off shirts in the MHI Swag shop to make room for new swag in 2017! Offer valid while supplies last. https://mhiswag.myshopify.com/

Christmas Noun 9 will go up tomorrow morning.

After that I am going to mostly be offline until New Years.

The rough draft for Monster Hunter Siege is almost done. It will be getting edited in January.

Then I’ll be working on the 3rd Memoirs book and compiling the collection of my short fiction for Baen. After that is House of Assassins.

EDIT: Just saw that it was posted, I recorded an interview with the Baen Podcast last week. http://www.baen.com/podcast

Straight Out of Tombstone

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