Audible Narrator’s Greatest Hits Collection

Audible is doing a promo right now for their most popular narrators. I’ve been so damned lucky getting good narrators.

For Bronson Pinchot Hard Magic is the chart topper. (Seriously, the audiobook sales numbers on the Grimnoir series are amazing) Dead Six is also on his top 10 list. I’ll tell you, Bronson is such a pro to work with, and he brings the performances to life.

And Son of the Black Sword is up there for Tim Gerrard Reynolds. He’s got this really cool voice that brings gravitas to an epic fantasy series.

And the one that started it all for me, they’ve got Monster Hunter up there for Oliver Wyman. Oliver has such an incredible range, and he’s just gotten better and better narrating the MHI series as he’s gotten into the characters.

Ray Porter is also up there as one of their best narrators. He is the guy who did my Warmachine novels, but those are my least known books, and didn’t make his top ten list. I’ll tell you though, if you’ve not read them, they’re really pretty good. And Ray is an extremely fun narrator.

Now I just need to write more Tom Stranger so we can get Adam Baldwin up there as one of their top narrators.

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12 thoughts on “Audible Narrator’s Greatest Hits Collection”

  1. Bronson Pinchot is just amazing. He’s got a lot of range and does an excellent job of bringing out the proper tone and emotion.

    Also, the Warmachine stuff is pretty good. Into the Storm and Into the Wild are great fun. I particularly like that Into the Storm is one kind of story, while the series is a different kind of story. That’s…dare I say…nuance, you don’t get everywhere.

  2. I used to have mixed feelings about Pinchot performing Larry’s stories. His books tend to have a multi-ethnic international cast and Pinchot doesn’t even try for authentic accents. Then I realized I was having the time of my life in the palm of his hand and stopped caring about it. Then I realized it was technique on Phincot part because if he was using an authentic accent for his characters I wouldn’t understand what he’s saying let along be having the time of my life.

  3. There’s another sale on now: MHV is on it, along with a bunch of other stuff. I ended up buying 10 books, ranging from Fellowship of the Ring to the first Dragonriders of Pern book, as well as two post-apocalyptic classics “Lucifer’s Hammer” and “Alas, Babylon”

  4. “…Now I just need to write more Tom Stranger so we can get Adam Baldwin up there as one of their top narrators.”

    Yes, this. Also, I second the idea of having Mr. Baldwin narrate “The Christmas Noun” series. 😀

  5. I really like Bronson Pinchot’s rendition of the Grimnoir chronicles. Unfortunately, sometimes he has a bit too much dynamic range to be easily audible in the car. I wish my current car stereo had a compression button.

  6. For Christmas my hubby is getting a pile of audiobooks by you. Including Tom Stranger. I’m not sure I have the Dead Six set yet (I think there wasn’t a CD of the last volume at the time.)

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