22 thoughts on “New Freehold novel Angel Eyes comes out today.”

  1. Bought the audiobook this morning and plan on starting it when I finish my current one. So many great books coming out this fall and I need to re-read the series before I pick them up.

  2. But Larry, you’re promoting a novel with a strong female character. What gives? I have it on the authority of no less than the biggest names in SF (Scalzi, Jemisin, those interchangeable feminist fangirls at Tor.com) that you’re supposed to be against such things.

    I’m beginning to doubt your dedication to the principles of International Hatred.

    1. Yeah. I can see how people believe I hate strong female characters, since I only wrote female characters like Julie, Holly, Heather, Dorcas, Faye, Delilah, Lady Origami, Hammer, Jill, Ling, and Thera.

      1. Not to forget Gretchen and Sue Shackleford both before and after her turn. She may souless undead evil incarnate but she is competent determined souless undead evil. Also Tanya who is bucking traditions everywhere.

      2. Bah! Mere ladyprizes, there only to throw themselves on the manhood of your white male protagonists!

  3. I just finished reading “Angel Eyes”. I’m a fan of Williamson, but I was not thrilled with this one. I probably won’t read it twice.

    (I’ve read Larry’s books more than twice. )

    And I’ve read a lot of Michael’s stuff more than twice. But AE is not up to the same standard. I find it hard to imagine any woman I know enjoying the sex scenes, I don’t either, but basically Angel is a promiscuous gay guy with real lady parts. And a lot of heart, don’t get me wrong.

    But I think of books like they are oranges; you keep squeezing(reading) and you get more of that delicious flavor. AE fails on that score. OTOH, MW got paid. And I don’t feel bad about spending the money. If you are just encountering Michael Williamson I suggest that you read “Freehold” first. Don’t start with “Angel Eyes”.

    1. I don’t typically enjoy promiscuous main characters (of either gender), so it sounds like I’ll give this one a pass. (On a related note, it took me a long time to realize that I’ve been experiencing some serious UF/PNR-fatigue for a while now, largely for this very reason.)

      1. I had to look up UF/PNR and to be fair ‘Angel Eyes’ isn’t like that. BUT, “promiscuous main character” is an accurate depiction. MW could have been writing about bowel movements and urinating. A time filler that didn’t advance the story.

        1. Oh, I didn’t mean that this book is UF/PNR, only that promiscuous characters are pretty common in those genres and that’s part of why I’m getting tired of them (even though in a general sense UF is probably my favorite genre).

    2. I’d had this on my wish list for months. Grabbed it as soon as my credits popped on Audible. At 4 hours in, about a quarter of the book, all I really got out of it was Angie sleeping around the colonies in various configurations. I was excited for the book to finally get into the plot when the station crisis hit, but that was bundled up, tucked away, and we were off to pick up another guy at a bar.|

      There may be more to the story, but I gave it back to Audible. Just wasn’t interested in Freehold: Sleeping Around the Colonies.

  4. OK, just bought it. I’ll start reading it in a few minutes, but I already feel good; I bought it through Larry’s Amazon link, so I’ve just helped two of my favorite writers GET PAID. Now all I have to do is hope that this one is as good as most of MZW’s previous efforts.

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