Charity Update and BOOK BOMB starts tonight

I got up this morning and saw that the charity red shirting is over $17,000. That’s awesome. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to leave this open, but I’m probably going to have to cut it off soon. Dave is putting together the information for me, but I’m betting this is going to be another one of those five years worth of names things again.

The next BOOK BOMB is for Peter Orullian’s Trial of Intentions. I’ll put up the link tonight because of Amazon’s time delay, so we should be able to see the numbers trending up when we officially start tomorrow morning. Great read, great dude. Big epic fantasy. I think you guys will really enjoy it.

BOOK BOMB! Trial of Intentions by Peter Orullian
Want your name to appear in one of my novels? It's Charity Red Shirt time again!

6 thoughts on “Charity Update and BOOK BOMB starts tonight”

  1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being here these past few years, it’s never to underestimate the willingness of the Monster Hunter Nation to jump in and help. Especially when the chance to be immortalized as dead fry cook #3 is dangled in front of us.

    And, as usual, looking forward to the book bomb!

    1. From the campaign:

      “We are putting this campaign on hold, due to response!”

      It’s currently sitting just about the $20k goal. That’s pretty amazing for one day of donations.

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