Countdown for Noun!

I’m back from New York City and playing catch up. I just need to point something out. If you look to the right side of this blog you’ll see a counter. That’s when you need to get your Christmas Noun book preorder in before we cut it off.

The glossy book, nice prints, and cards are probably going to be a limited time only project, because I don’t know if we’re going to be doing future runs of this. (We might, but it just depends on how popular/profitable it turns out to be).

And to demonstrate why you need this in your life, here is some sample art from Christmas Noun 4: Occupy Christmas Noun (2011) which I believe is the first ever appearance of the now famous Wendell T. Manatee.


Updates: Charity Red Shirtings, Book Bomb
One Week Left on the Illustrated Christmas (Noun)!

15 thoughts on “Countdown for Noun!”

  1. Just call me the Village Idiot, because when I go to that link I see cards and posters, but no book. I want to order the book, I really, really do, because this is America, and I want to, dang it. So, if some kind soul, or unkind soul, whoever, would care to tell me what I’m doing wrong, I would appreciate it. No swearing. Children are around. And, sometimes I act like a child, so that counts. Thank you.

    1. Yeah, once you make a post, it’s like magic – and dreams come true.

      Figured it out, and looking forward to the book!

  2. When can we expect a Wendell book?

    I can really see him in a children’s bedtime book.

    And there’s another genre you could rock!

  3. Larry some piece of drek got into my debit card. Let me know if there’s any problem with my order, but it should be OK.

    1. (Jack here)
      Unfortunately we can’t do international sales. The shipping charges are bad enough, but when multiple orders never make it there with no way to recover the loss it just becomes too unprofitable…

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